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Couture collection Eclipse reviews

24 reviews
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24 reviews

If you really need balls, these probably will not do what they are supposed to do. However, if you are using them for preventative health, and have not had children, you might just love them.

This little guy is a lot more stimulating than he looks and really knows how to stir you up inside. The internal metal balls are a perfect weight for beginner kegel training, and their movements add a little difficulty to the exercise. Amazing for discreet teasing while out in public and adding a little extra to the bedroom. Just letting your partner see your reactions to the toy in public will drive them crazy!

I definitely think this item is worth the buy and I would definitely purchase it again! I was not disappointed at all. In fact, I was completely satisfied that it met all of my expectations! I do not see it as a "pleasure item", though I expect that I will have an end result of more pleasure with my stronger kegel muscles!

Although at first the cord is uncomfortable, it can be maneuvered so that it can be enjoyable. The cord does make it easy for an extended exercise plan and easy removal. Depending on how sensitive you are, the Eclipse Balls can also be arousing. Altogether, I would say the product serves its purpose and is a good investment!

These attractive lavender kegel balls are a good place to start for those new to vaginal exercisers and they provide a pleasurable workout. For the average woman, this set may not prove enough challenge for the vaginal muscles as smaller, more heavily weighted balls might, but they are hassle-free and do provide results. When moving on to smaller, heavier sets, these can still be enjoyed as a fun sex toy.

This is an AWESOME product! These balls are fun for both sexual stimulation and Kegel exercises. Plus, they are easy to use and even easier to clean.

I really do love these now that I have figured out the best way for me to insert them. I think they would be a great starter set for someone who has never used vaginal excercise balls before.

This is an inexpensive, greatly made toy for beginners to kegels. Go spend the $20 now and try it for yourself. Wear them while at work and practice tightening your kegels.

Great product that works to strength your kegels muscles anywhere. Weighedt balls to maximum your results. Easy to clean non-porous material.

The Eclipse is an excellent vaginal tool. It is made of high quality materials, and is a lot of fun to wear. Compared to the other three pairs of vaginal balls I own, this one stood out in its own right.

My experience with these were great. Today is my second day purchasing these, as I lost my first pair. They were so great that I just had to buy them again. Absolutely love this product, and the fact that it has so many uses is just outstanding. I recommend these to all women! (And even men who love anal play)!

These are high quality. Don't get me wrong. They just did not work for us. If they made a mini version of these, I would not think twice about purchasing them.

These ben-wa balls were satisfying. I was surprised to feel any movement from the internal balls, and the rumbly sensation was very nice and noticeable. Even if it doesn't strengthen your kegals, it is a subtle pleasure that you can enjoy literally anywhere.

If you don't have issues with the comfort of the product, then give it a try. It's great if you are looking for a toy that's discreet and easy for on the go.

This is a great product. I can understand how they work. They are comfortable to wear and there's nothing to do for maintenance (i.e., batteries).

This product is definitely worth the money because it's fun to use, comfortable to wear, and effective. Overall, I love this product!

Overall, the Eclipse is comparable in quality to vaginal balls that are more expensive. The only true differences from more expensive sets are that the Eclipse is not pure silicone (it contains plastic parts), and the the retrieval cord is a different design. I've set these aside in favor of simpler balls that are easier to clean, but if you're in the market for vibrating balls, these are a good choice. Shake your pelvis maracas, sexy mamas!

The Eclipse is a nice vaginal exerciser for anyone with a vagina. It is body-friendly and totally silent, and can be used in ways that produce multiple workout intensities. Vaginal sweatband and legwarmers not included.

If you're looking to be reminded to do your Kegels, this might be the right exerciser for you. It won't force you to do them, and don't expect to be able to weight lift with your vaginal muscles afterward, but it might help to tighten up to increase orgasms.

This is a great toy for women who want to get in a little more exercise. It is very well constructed, and it vibrates to give you a little fun in the process. You'll enjoy the benefits of exercising, and this toy makes it that much easier and quicker to get in shape.

Well designed, easy to use and clean. Effective in strengthening and tightening vaginal muscles. After one use, I noticed a difference in the feel of penetration. A sexy way to add to kegel exercises and bring some excitement back into household tasks.

Overall, I have no complaints what so ever about this product. It was fun, easy to use, easy to clean, visually appealing, and well-made. I really enjoy the sensation of ringing bells in my vagina during use, even though there is no actual sound. After only a week I have started to notice the benefits.

The Eclipse balls are made of high quality medical grade silicone. Weights inside provide subtle movement as you wear them. Performing kegel exercises while wearing them can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and might even arouse you. The Eclipse balls are a nice way to add variety to your pelvic floor exercise routine, although they didn't provide the boost in sensation I was expecting.

The Eclipse is a two sphere, weighted for resistance, vaginal exerciser. It is comfortable to wear and is an alternative exerciser that can be used to increase orgasmic intensity. Made of silicone and plastic, it can be used in or out of water and clean up is easy. The weights within the spheres add more resistance when used, and the movements of the weights add increased sensations when moving around.

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