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A Weighted Wonder

The Eclipse is a two sphere, weighted for resistance, vaginal exerciser. It is comfortable to wear and is an alternative exerciser that can be used to increase orgasmic intensity. Made of silicone and plastic, it can be used in or out of water and clean up is easy. The weights within the spheres add more resistance when used, and the movements of the weights add increased sensations when moving around.
Silicone, smooth, easy to clean.
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California Exotics has created the Couture Eclipse collection which is a great addition to their collection. The Eclipse is a double, oval shaped vaginal ball set. I have several other sets of vaginal balls and have used them but tend to forget to insert them. They do no good when laying in a drawer. I have been working really hard on an exercise program, and decided that I would make myself incorporate the Eclipse into my program. The Eclipse consists of graduated spheres of inlaid silicone and is weighted for maximum results. The spheres are about the size of small eggs and are similar in shape. The spheres have inlaid smooth area on each side of each sphere. I ordered the lavender color and they are a light, soft shade of purple.

The Eclipse is made of plastic and silicone. The texture is smooth and the spheres are phthalates free. The overall length is eight inches and the insertable length is four and one half inches. The Eclipse weighs in at 0.3 pounds. The tail is longer than other vaginal ball sets that I have. It is about three and one half inches long and has several small “bumps” at the end of it to add in retrieval. It is also covered in the plastic/silicone material to prevent bacteria and germs from growing on or in it. This vaginal set can be used in or out of water. Clean up is easy with warm water or antibacterial soap. Water based lube should be used with this item.

When I received them and opened the box, there was no smell of plastic. The spheres were in a paper/cloth bag and when removed, I washed them thoroughly in warm water and soap. The bag can be used to store the spheres in. I did not notice that the spheres attracted lint or hair (human or pet).

Prior to insertion, I applied a small amount of water based lube to the end sphere. Insertion was fairly easy. The shape of the spheres aided in the easy insertion. The second sphere also lipped in without any problems. The weights inside the sphere add for added resistance with used for muscle strengthening. They also provide extra stimulation when moving around. I began my exercise program by lying down on the bed and concentrating on working my muscles. I did this for ten minutes twice a day. It has been four days of training now and although that isn't a long time, I can feel an increased resistance when pulling on the tail. The spheres can easily be removed by relaxing the muscles and pulling gently on the tail. An alternate method is to squat and pull gently on the tail.

Like with any muscle toning, it doesn't happen overnight. The best way to increase the tone and strength is to start by lying on the bed and working the muscles for about ten minutes a couple of times a day. You can then increase the exercise to being up in a chair, standing, or during your daily routine. The Eclipse can be used at anytime and adds more resistance while working the muscles.
While I have only had this exerciser for four days, I have used them faithfully twice a day. Even in that short time, I can feel more strength in my vaginal movements. I can feel more resistance when trying to remove the spheres. I do like the smoothness and the feel of the silicone spheres and clean up is quick and easy.
Follow-up commentary
This is the first set of vaginal exercise balls that I have actually continued to use. While I don't use them everyday, I have used them more regularly than I have any other set. I can tell a difference in the strength of my vaginal walls and hubby says he can also tell a difference. While the muscles are not back to what they were pre-baby, they are better than the once were. The Eclipse has held up well without any deterioration.
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  • Femme Mystique
    These look nice!
  • Mamastoys
    They are very nice...smooth and almost danity..thanks for the comment
  • Sammi
    These do look nice - almost like mini barbells Smile
  • Mamastoys
    LOL @ Sammi... barbells..good exercisers!
  • spicywife
    I really need to get a set of vaginal exercises. I want them to just increase muscle tone. I imagine some was lost after having a child. I was told to do kegels but I never remember, shame on me.

    I work other muscles so it makes sense to work my vaginal muscles too!

    Do you think this is a good set for beginners? Thanks for your helpful review!
  • Mamastoys
    I know what you mean about forgetting to do kegals..and yes, we all lose that muscle tone with those kids!! I took the same apprach that since I have been working out I might as well do the vaginal muscles too. These really do seem to be a good set to start out with. They are heavy enough to give some resistence but are comfortable and easy to insert. Good luck and thanks for the comments!
  • spicywife
    Thanks Smile
  • dhig
    Thanks for reviewing
  • TheSlyFox
    Thanks for the review!
  • travelnurse
    Thanks for the great review, and for including your husbands input it helps me to make informed choices as to what mine might like. appreciate your reviews
  • edeneve
    great review. I'm still looking for some Kegel or Ben Wa balls that create internal sensations. I've yet to find a set that do.
  • karenm
    Great review, thanks!
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