Energie kegel exerciser. - vaginal exerciser by Natural contours - reviews

Energie kegel exerciser. Energie kegel exerciser.

Vaginal exerciser by Natural contours

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Energie kegel exerciser. reviews

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13 reviews

The Energie is an easy and effective way to achieve better vaginal health. Use the Energie just 10 minutes a day, for 2 weeks, and get noticeable results! It gives you tighter pelvic muscles, better bladder control and better orgasms. Exercising really can be quick and easy!

This kegel weight is worth the money. If you have advanced strength already and you are looking for the next level, it is a must.

It's come to most of our attentions that maintaining Kegel health/strength has a myriad of benefits; such as healing and preparing for child birth, bladder control, increased circulation, and creating more intense orgasms. Energie does what it says better than expected.

The Energie is a great tool for those who want to strengthen their PC muscles, and like to see some progress in their kegel exercises. It’s especially better than those you insert and walk around with and hope for the best.

The Energie is a product that I would recommend to everyone! If you are a woman who needs to strengthen your PC muscles due to urinary incontinence or before or after childbirth, the Energie will be fantastic for you! If you're a woman who simply wants to improve your sex life, the Energie will also be great for you! It is an all around well-made, high quality product that performs exceptionally well at strengthening your PC muscles.

Natural Contours' Energie is a one-pound vaginal exerciser that is definitely worth its weight in gold. Just lie back, insert and squeeze your way to tighter PC muscles, better bladder control, and stronger orgasms!

One of the best products out there to strengthen your vaginal muscles and to promote increased sensation and muscle tone.

I really wanted to try a barbell style kegel exerciser and I have to say I was impressed. This is a very small and easy to insert bar but it packs a lot of heft. The instructions are easy to follow and explain why you'd want to use a vaginal muscle trainer. I think this type of exerciser is better than the vaginal balls for those who really want to put in the effort and get good results. Even with just casual use you will eventually see results.

Energie is a simple vaginal muscle trainer that is both easy to use and effective. This exerciser actually results is slightly sore PC muscles and seems to be giving noticeable results already after a little more than a week of use. The two differently shaped ends offer two levels of workout difficulty.

I know you see so many infomercials saying try this product and that product and that product just makes you feel just downright disappointed. This one will not. Just remember that this is going to be the one workout that you don't want to miss.. not even one day. A for sure keeper.

The classy Energie is a beautiful and effective vaginal exerciser. Using it only 5-10 minutes a day for 1-2 weeks will produce results improving sexual enhancement and bladder control. I feel this product is much more effective than other similar products that offer stimulation with contraction. Skip the bologna , pass the Energie!

The Energie is a one pound, ergonomically correct, easy to use vaginal/kegel exerciser that actually feels good. It's smooth, heavy, cool to the touch and, unlike vaginal balls, actually makes you feel like you're working those inner muscles effectively!

Standing, I used a bit of lube and inserted the larger end about an inch into my pussy. I then gripped it with my kegel muscles, and slowly let go with hand to see if I was strong enough to hold the heavy weight inside me.

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