Energie kegel exerciser. - vaginal exerciser by Natural contours - review by Tuesday

Energie kegel exerciser.

Vaginal exerciser by Natural contours

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Squeeze... Relax... Grow stronger

Energie is a simple vaginal muscle trainer that is both easy to use and effective. This exerciser actually results is slightly sore PC muscles and seems to be giving noticeable results already after a little more than a week of use. The two differently shaped ends offer two levels of workout difficulty.
Actually results in muscle soreness (i.e., it works well)
Instructions could be more clear
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Energie is designed to help women strengthen their vaginal floor muscles. Using it from five to ten minutes each day is all that is needed. Stronger pelvic floor muscles result in several benefits, including:

- stronger orgasms
- increased sensation
- better bladder control

It also works surprisingly well as a G-spot toy, especially the larger end.
    • Kegels

Material / Texture

Energie weighs almost a pound. Its made mostly from metal and has a coating of ABS plastic. While it looks plastic, it is much heavier than you expect when you first pick it up.

The surface is completely smooth and feels similar to ceramic. It has a wonderful feel as you move your fingers over it.

There is a seam that runs around the sides and there are also two small circles on the concave, inner part of it, but you can't feel the seam nor the two circles during use.

It has no scent or taste.

Design / Shape / Size

Energie is 7 inches long. The larger end has a circumference of 4 inches. The circumference of the smaller end is 3 3/8 inches. These modest dimensions should not be too big for anyone.

The color is a much warmer green than what is pictured on this site.

The smaller end curves up more than the large end.

The inside of the curve is flattened, as is the length on the outside of the curve.

It is completely smooth and easy to insert. Although its small enough that you may not need it, keeping Energie well lubricated during use will make it easier to pull it up inside you as you squeeze.


The instructions say to lie on your back with your head propped up and feet flat. Then relax and insert Energie just a bit. As you exhale, contract your kegel muscles, concentrating on trying to pull Energie up toward your belly button. Squeezing alone without trying to pull it up may not be enough. Hold for thirty seconds, then relax. Repeat ten times or for ten minutes.

You are supposed to "continue with this process until you achieve full penetration." This will exercise different layers of your pelvic floor muscles. Its not clear to me whether you are supposed to pull Energie inside you entirely with your pelvic floor muscles or by pushing it in gradually with your hand. I emailed Natural Contours about this. I received a response immediately that did not sound like an automated response telling me they would look into my question and get back to me. I haven't yet received a follow-up response but I've concluded that you are meant to pull Energie inside solely with your vaginal muscles.

Energie only moves in partially for me, squeeze as I may. It may be awhile before I graduate to the smaller end. When I do try to use the smaller end, I can't feel it inside me as well. It feels like a less intense workout even though the small end is supposed to deliver a more advanced workout.

I sometimes feel just a little bit sore after using it. I take this as an excellent sign that it is helping me accomplish my pelvic floor strengthening objectives. It also feels like it has succeeded in strengthening my orgasms and the ease of achieving them. But I've been trying a variety of kegel exercise toys lately so the results may not be entirely due to Energie. The slight soreness is definitely from Energie though.

I recommend using a tool that helps keep track of kegel exercises as you use Energie. I installed a free app on my phone that allows you to set a kegel exercise program, then gives you visual and auditory signals when you finish a clench or relax sequence and when all ten repetitions are complete. Otherwise its easy to lose track of where you are in your repetitions and how long you've been squeezing during any one repetition.

I also tried holding it in with the large side inserted while standing. I can keep it inside if I squeeze with all my might. While the instructions don't mention using it this way, if it happens to be the right size and weight for this, it can give you another way to strengthen your muscles.

Care and Maintenance

Energie is an easy care product. Simply wash with soap and water after use and towel dry. Store it in the included box or leave it out. Its durable enough to not require special care and handling.

Any lube is safe to use with this toy.


Energie comes in a sturdy plastic box with a cutout inside to hold Energie in place. You are meant to use the box for storage.

A cardboard sleeve with photos of Energie and product information envelopes the box and can serve to keep the top in place.

I personally prefer minimal packaging that can discarded. Now I feel obligated to store it in its box. Energie is durable enough that it can be stored by itself among other toys without extra protection.

Also included are detailed product information and instructions. The instructions did leave me with a question about how to use it though. I'll write a follow-up review if I receive a response from Natural Contours.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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