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Vaginal exerciser by Natural contours

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Give me some Energie!

The Energie is a great tool for those who want to strengthen their PC muscles, and like to see some progress in their kegel exercises. It’s especially better than those you insert and walk around with and hope for the best.
Good instructions, weight
Small end should be smaller
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The Natural Contours Energie is a kegel exerciser. Really everyone can benefit from doing kegels, but they are especially benefitial for women who have given birth or those going through menopause. Stronger PC muscles means you are less likely to suffer from urinary incontinence, and some even say stronger PC muscles improves their sex lives and gives them better orgasms. What’s not to love?

According to the instructions, you should lie down on your back with one or more pillows under your head and relax. Bend your knees with both feet flat. Relax your muscles and insert the Energie with the curve turned upward placing it just inside the vaginal opening. Insert which ever end feels more comfortable to you. However, it is recommend you start by inserting the larger heavier end, as it is easier for the muscles to grip and hold on to. After working with the larger end inserted for a period of time, and muscle strength has been increased, insert the smaller end for a more advanced workout. Take a deep breath, and as you breathe out, pull up with the vaginal muscles surrounding the Energie, as if you're trying to pull it in. Hold for 30 seconds and then release. Then pull up again. Do 10 repetitions. Imagine pulling the ENERGIE' up towards your belly button. This is how to engage the vaginal muscles.

Material / Texture

The outer coating of the Energie is made of plastic, and inside is metal. This is actually a very good idea as you don’t have to worry about any rust. You can use any type of lube you wish with plastic.

The Energie is 1 lb, so it is a bit lighter than the Pure Wand. If you are new to doing kegels, then the Energie is good to get, but if you are looking for a more intense workout, then go with the Pure Wand which is also great for using as a dildo.

Design / Shape / Size

Each end is quite curved, so be careful when pulling it out that you don’t catch your pubic bone. The edges are nicely rounded, but each of the sides has been flattened so it looks kind of like a telephone receiver.

In total, this is 7” long. The larger end is 4” in circumference and the other end is 3 1/4” which is the same size as the small end of the Pure Wand. Every woman is built differently and I think the smaller end should be a bit smaller.


I’ve tried various styles of kegel exercisers and I must say, I prefer this style. Rather than insert something and hope that it doesn’t fall out, the Energie allows you to be more involved by trying to pull it inside you with your PC muscles while you hold the other end. I’ve done this sort of thing with glass dildos and obviously the Pure Wand, but I wanted something a little more narrow with a good amount of weight and this fit the bill.

You can feel the Energie move when you flex your PC muscles which is really cool. This certainly helps if you want a way to tell if you are making any progress. Personally, this isn’t something I use daily because I’m already in the habbit of stopping the flow of my urine when I use the bathroom which is a really effective way of exercising the PC muscles.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning is easy. You can use any kind of soaps and toy cleaners you want on it. To disinfect it, rub it down with isopropyl alcohol.


The Energie comes in a nice case you can store it in. It says "vaginal muscle trainer" on the lid but you can cover this up with a pretty sticker for more discreetness. Included is a sheet of paper with all the instructions in english, spanish, french and german.
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