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Groovies slimline Groovies slimline

Traditional vibrator by Shaki Toys

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Groovies slimline reviews

24 reviews
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24 reviews

The Groovies Slimline is a great toy for starters who are looking to try something new, whether just for you or for playing games with your partner. The price is great, and it is very simple to use.

There is nothing really good I can say about this other than the fact that it has a nice velvety texture. That, however, was not enough to save it from the waste bin in the end, since it lacks any power of measure.

Overall, this toy is an EXCELLENT value. It has enough power to deliver wonderful orgasms while having relatively quiet vibrations and a discreet design. I would definitely recommend this to both beginners and experienced users.

Overall I was disappointed with this toy. I have a hard time being too negative since this was a free toy for me, but it wasn't what I was expecting. I ended up getting 2 of these from different orders and I opened one, used once, and haven't had either out again. However I would not let my review turn away any beginner users, but if you are experienced you would probably be disappointed like myself.

It's a great product for stimulation and penetration. It's strong and discreet, especially for the price. Gives me an orgasm every time I have put it to use.

In my opinion, the Slimline is a bang for your buck. It is only thirteen bucks, yet hits your pleasure zones with a powerful vibration. It is easy to clean, easy to hide, and perfect for a first vibe. It is a great classic go-to when you just need to get your orgasm on and go on with your day, but is also great for couple play.

While this toy won't be winning any awards for its quietness or its strength, it makes up for its shortcomings in plain and simple usability. Even though this was being offered for free, I'd be willing to pay the $13 it's listed for in a heartbeat.

So this is a great product that is inexpensive for a beginner when you are trying to decide if you are ready to use toys. You won't be out much if this is not what you expect. You can use it for vaginal thrusting as well as clitoral stimulation. The biggest issue that I found was that it is very loud and the motor wear pretty quickly. When the motor gets tired it gets even louder!

This toy overall was a decent toy. The vibrations were good and steady, though not quite what I'm looking for in a toy. It is travel friendly, easy on the hands and wrists, and has a good steady vibration. It is waterproof, for that ever-so-fun romp in the shower! It is also phthalates free and hypo-allergenic. Another nicer note is that it is latex free, so users who are allergic to latex, can safely use this product.

The feel of this toy is worth the purchase, but if you're a size-queen and you need strong, consistent vibrations, this toy will not be your best friend. If you're toy-shy and looking for something wallet-friendly, this is an excellent first toy.

The Groovies Slimline is a good starter vibe if you haven't played with one before. It's not very powerful, and this is why my husband likes it. But it was far from strong enough for me. Still keeping around though.

This traditional vibrator is very smooth and satisfying. The smoothness makes for an easy clean-up which makes it more fun to use.

Affordable, easy to care for, and a stock item for any toy box. Even if it won't be your favorite you'll find yourself pulling it out every once in awhile.

I wasn't "Ooh-ing" or "Aah-ing" when I first opened this toy; however, after using it, I discovered that it's a satisfactory bargain toy which should get things going nicely. If you can ignore the touchy control knob long enough to get off, then it's a decent way to start exploring in the realm of sex toys.

It is definitely worth it for the price. It would be worth it even if the price were a little higher. I did not like the loud vibrations because it is very indiscreet. But, I did like the texture and the girth of this toy, and it was great for vaginal play (not too big, not too small). I gave this vibe four stars because of its loud vibrations; if not, it would have definitely received five stars.

Overall, I really enjoyed this toy. It's nice, slim, simple to use, and silky smooth to the touch. For the price, any beginner user can't go wrong.

The Groovies Slimline was a large disappointment, especially after just trying the Groovies Wave which was much better. This vibrator is weak and does not have consistent vibrations. The construction is poor and it isn't even worth the cheap price.

In short, this was a nice toy and I enjoyed it. I'd recommend it for everyone. It's not too big to be used and not too small to be felt while being soft enough to not deaden nerve endings.

It's a basic dildo and vibrator. We have had ours for a few years now, and it has never let us down. There are more advanced toys out there, but this does the job just fine! Taking the price into account it's a good deal!

All in all, I think there's a better place your money could be spent. This toy isn't amazing and there's other toys you could spend 20 bucks on and get your money's worth. If other toys look intimidating to you, then I suppose yes . . . you should get this one. You can count me out though.

This product is worth the money. Even if you are an expert. The vibrator would work great with or without a clitoral stimulator. It would just add to the excitement. The packaging was nice in that is shows you how to insert the batteries.

Nice toy for beginners and couples for foreplay. For people who don't mind the noise. Not for roommates, or campus living. Really a simple, easy to use and clean vibrator.

They don't call it the Satisfied vibe for nothing. With just enough girth and a velvety coating over it allowing for some drag to the toy, this vibrator offers more than just vibrations. Thrusting is a wonderful option because of the thickness, yet it isn't so thick that someone who has never had a toy wouldn't want it.

It is worth it for people who want to spice up there relationship or just spice up. it noisy if you wanna be in the bed next to your boyfriend.

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