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Vanity Vr1 reviews

8 reviews
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8 reviews

Not only is the Vanity VR1 amazing due to its material and overall size, but because of how many functions the tiny unit holds! The only major downfall that I really found with the toy was that it seemed as if I needed to completely train myself to be able to use it upon first pulling it out of the package, as it immediately began to switch settings on me before I could even charge it fully, and it could not be shut off without reading the product manual!

Jopen's Vr1 from the Vanity line is another Brilliantly made luxury toy. This one is a kegel exerciser! It's very unique compared to other kegel exercisers, as it has multiple modes for use; pleasure and exercise. It's effective in both ways. It makes my vagina do more work than any of the other sets I have. I am very impressed with this toy.

The Vr 1 is a flop. It was a good idea, but unrealized in execution. There aren't two motors, though it's billed as having two. The only motor is so weak as to not be felt at all during vaginal use. It eats up its own charge while in storage and won't last very long during playtime anyway. I suspect cost-cutting made the cord cheap, thin and poorly attached to the toy itself. Even more -- it just didn't feel good, it felt boring and uncomfortable. Pass on this one.

Love the rumbling vibration within me, the sensation is extraordinary, combine that with vibrations externally you can really rock just like Jerry Lee Lewis.

An ok toy and good to help you with your kegels. I just wish it had a stronger vibration to be able to possibly get me off.

The Vr1 is a great vaginal excerciser that mixes well as a vibrator. I'm hoping this is the future of vaginal excercise because, while it has some flaws, the design leaves hope for some great new products in the future.

Squeeze those muscles and feel the Vr1's vibrations. At least that's how its supposed to work. But this will only happen if you can push it down as you squeeze or otherwise prevent it from moving to a level higher than your PC muscles. The flexible neck makes using the Vr1 for clitoral stimulation less than satisfying also.

The Jopen Vanity Vr1 is a revolutionary new toy that bridges the gap between vibrator and kegel exerciser. Its sumptuous curves are designed to work those pelvic floor muscles all on their own - but the secret is in its touch activated panel. This panel, nestled comfortably beneath a thin layer of silicone, allows your Vr1 to respond to your vaginal contractions with bursts of vibration. This little vibrator proves that pleasure is truly the best incentive!

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