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Eggstraordinary Disappointment

The Vr 1 is a flop. It was a good idea, but unrealized in execution. There aren't two motors, though it's billed as having two. The only motor is so weak as to not be felt at all during vaginal use. It eats up its own charge while in storage and won't last very long during playtime anyway. I suspect cost-cutting made the cord cheap, thin and poorly attached to the toy itself. Even more -- it just didn't feel good, it felt boring and uncomfortable. Pass on this one.
Travel lock
Poor battery life
Weak cord
Only one motor, not two as advertised
Weak vibrations
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I wish the Jopen Vr 1 did what it's supposed to. As it is, the Vr 1 is meant to be a dual egg-kegel exerciser system, for female-bodied people. Unlike other Kegel exercisers that boast only duo-tone balls, the Vr 1 aims for being a true vibrator in order to provide direct stimulation.

Other toy comp

Ways to use it:
You could use the Vr 1 as a reward system for doing your kegels -- every time you bear down with your pelvic floor muscles, it responds by turning on some vibes. The vibes even respond to the strength of your squeeze: a stronger squeeze from you will elicit a stronger vibration from the Vr 1.

Or, it's an insertable egg. Set the Vr 1 to "pleasure mode". Choose whatever strength vibration you want, insert it and let it vibrate away.

Do not:
The Vr 1 is not designed for anal play, even though a retrieval cord is present. Feasibly, you could insert just the first ball of the toy, since the narrow neck may make this kind of insertion safe.

The Good News:
The Vr 1 is totally waterproof, 100% silicone and rechargeable. This makes cleaning, traveling and play-time easy.

The Bad News:
The Vr 1 is a such a good idea, it's truly astonishing how much of a let-down it is in execution. Someone realized and elaborated on a sexually rewarding Kegel toy...then didn't follow through. The Vr 1 won't work for most people who want to be pleased by an egg vibrator or who want a Kegel exerciser. In addition to this, despite claims in the manual, I can neither feel nor detect two motors. There's just one, buzzy, weak, disappointing motor in the head. Combine this with a truly horrendous retrieval cord and you have a toy that was possibly never tested on real people.
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Material / Texture

The Jopen Vr 1 is much like the other Jopens in the Vanity line -- fuschia! It's a gorgeous color in person that I've grown really fond of -- plus the silicone in each Vanity vibrator is touchably smooth and matte to your fingers, let alone your important parts. The entire toy has no give to it, though the neck is slightly bendy in all directions. This doesn't inhibit insertion, however.

I think the cord might not be silicone based on feel alone and the fact that it tends to kink up like some of my TPR toys' cords. Certainly, since it's also an incredibly thin cord and there is no kind of anchoring system to the base of the toy, I sense some cost-cutting in Vr 1's design.

Vr 1 had no smell or taste right out of the box. The shape of the toy is entirely smooth, though some writing on the back of the toy did make me feel a slight 'scratchy' sensation during insertion. No, this wasn't very pleasant. But at least this vague texture wasn't nearly as unpleasant as the ridges on the Teneo Duo.

Writing on back

Since the toy is essentially two parts, this will provide sensation upon insertion. The first head is not tapered, which makes using lube and going slow a must. A cone-shaped head would have made insertion easier. In addition to this, the girth of the second part of the toy is not insubstantial -- know the measurements before you buy.

foreshortened view
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Measurements annotated

As you can see, the Vr 1 is smaller than the Teneo Duo and feels significantly easier to insert based on size alone. As I mentioned before, however, the first part could have been tapered. But that's really not why the Vr 1 flops. The Vr 1 flops because:

1. There aren't two motors
2. The existing motor is weak and buzzy
3. At some point, you will rip the retrieval cord
4. You'll be charging the dang thing constantly

What two motors?
This is my biggest disappointment. Take a look at the manual, where it indicates two sources of vibration:

Manual Vr1

Now, take a look at the water test pictures. First, notice how incredibly buzzy the Vr 1 is; this is on par with the Leaf Bloom's handle, which I hated. Leaf and Jopen, by the way, are made by the same company.

Buzzy head

This buzzy head merits a very sad 2 - 3 vrooms on my clit but when inserted, it's lost. I can't feel it at all because buzzy, surface vibrations will not travel through your body this way. So it's main purpose in life is sadly stifled.

Two motors or not

And the above speaks for itself. I wish the Vr 1 wasn't billed as having two motors, because that was a integral reason in my decision to buy it.

Sadly, this toy just doesn't even feel good to use. While trying to 'learn' how to use the toy, a feeling probably familiar to anyone who uses sex toys, I realized that I wasn't having any fun and it wasn't due to a learning curve. It just didn't feel good. And I was definitely never going to orgasm. At best, I was uncomfortable.

The Retrieval Cord:
Other reviewers have mentioned that they have ripped the cord and now I see why. Pulling on the cord with your finger while the toy is in your hand is apparently enough force for you to see the cord's base lifting away from the small socket it appears to be 'anchored' by. Ripping the cord here will open up the entire silicone skin, invalidating its waterproof abilities and oh, and it's right next the DC port. Poor design, here.

Cheap cord

The Ami system by Je Joue, by comparison, has a neat little plastic base that actually looks secure. The Teneo Uno and Duo systems have big, thick silicone cords that are actually one piece with the rest of the silicone outer. I don't know about other ladies, but my bear trap of a vagina needs to be wrestled with -- this cord is an accident waiting to happen.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Vr 1, at least, makes good on its touch-sensitive claim. It's fun to play with, really! Holding the Vr 1 in your hand, you can locate the touch-sensitive panel on the second part of the toy, just behind the neck. It's a patch only about 1 cm x 1 cm. My guess is that it might be a button, since you can hear it click slightly underneath the silicone skin.

A mild squeeze in your hand will trigger full vibrations; I imagine the muscles in your hand are easier to control than those in your vaginal canal, but I explored various strengths of squeezing to suss out the Vr 1's levels of vibration. I would guess there are about 4 vibration levels and no patterns. However, when inserted, I can only get the toy to either turn on full power or not at all.

A real button for the travel lock system exists towards the end of the toy, with a lock icon on it. Click this four times fast to lock the toy for travel or four times fast to unlock it. To access pleasure mode, make the Vr 1 vibrate at the level you want in your hand, then click the lock button once.

Like Jopen, Leaf and Lux toys, a DC port is located in the back of the toy but is totally waterproof. The Vr 1 should charge completely in 3 hours. A red LED shows that the toy is charging and will turn off when the toy is fully charged.

red charging light

While I was using it in pleasure mode, I noticed that the Vr 1 lost all power and turned off after a disappointing 30 minutes. In addition to that, after charging it completely and returning to it after a few days, it had drained itself of power just being storage. Setting the Vr 1 on travel lock seems to help with this, but I'm really incredulous about these flaws.

Care and Maintenance

The Vr 1, while the cord is still intact, is totally waterproof. This opens up areas of play to include the bath tub or hot tub. It also makes cleaning a cinch, since you can full immerse it to clean every nook and cranny, though the Vr 1 doesn't have much texture to harbor bacteria. Be sure to clean thoroughly around the raised letters on the back of the toy, though, as these are small ridges.

You could also use a 10% bleach solution to fully sterilize the toy. However, boiling or using the dishwasher are not safe modes of cleaning, as this will damage the motor in the toy.

The Vr 1 comes very well presented in a glossy, white, textured box. The Vr 1 is handsomely presented in a cardboard insert of its own shape. Underneath is a compartment to store the manual, black travel bag and the charger. Even though some complain about Jopen's packaging, I think it's a sleek, clean packaging set that still serves storage purposes and maintains some discretion.

Box front
Vr1 in box
total pack
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store
Follow-up commentary
Unfortunately I haven't used the Vr 1 since my original review. The buzzy vibes, cord that's in danger of ripping (and ruining this 145$ toy) make me turn up my nose. Unfortunately, not using it is the same as having wasted the money spent on this high-price tag toy. A vibrating Kegel exerciser was a great concept in theory, but such a flop in practice -- it's too good to be true, spend your money elsewhere.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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