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Metallic massager reviews

24 reviews
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24 reviews

The metallic massager is one of my most powerful vibrators. Whenever I really need a quick orgasm, this is my go-to toy. If it wasn't for the loudness of the vibrations, the irritating etching along the shaft, and the fact that the shiny coating chips off over time, I would've given it five stars.

Just skip this vibrator. EF offers a variety of traditional vibrators so I'm sure that some must be better than this one. I love the style and the size. That's it though. It doesn't work all of the time, which is incredibly frustrating when you're horny. Plus I find the vibrations that it gives off to be both too strong yet somehow non arousing.

Give this a miss. It has weak vibrations. It broke in a few months. There are so many better toys out there that aren't too pricey.

All in all I would recommend this toy to anyone. It is a great toy for the money and I have had no problems with it.

This was a good product for beginners who are looking for something simple and semi-powerful for solo play. It's a decent, cheap vibe and you get what you pay for with it.

I really recommend the Metallic Massager for beginners or experienced users who are looking for something simple. It’s a really nice product that I find very pleasurable. The strong vibrations can be something to watch out for. This vibrator is really nice for solo or partner play. The Metallic Massager is just a really good, really simple vibrator.

This item was worth the money spent for it, and will not be forgotten in our small collection. It wasn't incredibly exciting, but it was definitely a nice addition and good for us as beginners. It will definitely be used even as we become more advanced users.

This is a good starter toy. Once you get more comfortable picking out toys, you will forget about these type of toys quickly, unless you find other uses for them (for me it is using them anally).

This is a powerful vibrator, but the negatives are so annoying that they overpower the single positive of the Cal Exotics Metallic Massager.

This is our first and favorite vibe. It's not a battery guzzler, and its batteries have only needed to be changed once after almost 4 months! Although it's not waterproof, it's basically easy to clean, and it has three easy to use, but loud controls, two of which are too strong for us...

This toy is very much worth a try. It is easy to use and a very simple design. It is very powerful and doesn't eat batteries. It can be a little noisy but doesn't sound like a chainsaw either. I am very happy with it.

I love this vibrator! It's purple, sleek, powerful, of good length, and easy to clean! It takes 2 C batteries which aren't hard to find, and it has some great packaging. I recommend this product for all users!

Over all this is a great little vibrator, it gets the job done. I would be careful with the battery cover as it can be easily broken.

It's great for it's price, but it breaks easily. If you're looking for your first vibe, this one is great but be prepared... it's fickle.

Simple, straightforward, and steadfast. If you're a beginner who's grown tired of your very first toy, this may be a good step up to the next level. If you're a vibrator veteran, you may also enjoy this traditional addition to your collection. No matter what your experience level, this toy gets the job done. Deceptively powerful!

Personally i wish i had chosen a different toy. Though money efficient, i just wasn't too entirely impressed with the toys achievements. I would definitely suggest buying something with a little more vibration.

For a beginner I think it is worth it. It is something you can learn on, something to help you figure out where and how things turn you on. But for someone a little more experienced, I think something different would be a better option.

the product does get the job done. but i really dont think it is that exciting by itself. long time to reach that point.

It is inexpensive but gets the job done in a big way! You can't judge a vibrator by its cover!

This item if definentley worth it if you like the sleekness and the three setting vibrations, without all the extras.

I give this toy two very enthusiastic thumbs up. It's versatility helps keep sex and masturbation interesting. Give it a ride today! You won't be disappointed.

This vibrator was simple and cheap but it provided the necessary stimulation. I would definitely suggest this to my friends.

A great massager for the person who wants to add a little more to your personal experiences and love life..

I am extremely satisfied with my purchase of a Metallic Massager. I have already recommended it to a friend who asked if I knew of anything cheap yet effective.

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