Metallic massager - traditional vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by oliverHyde

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Was it something I said?

It's great for it's price, but it breaks easily. If you're looking for your first vibe, this one is great but be prepared... it's fickle.
Moderate power for a very low price, easy to fine-tune the power and it's pretty.
Easily broken, eats through batteries quickly.
Rating by reviewer:
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It felt so good! And then... it didn't. The shape of it focuses the power very nicely for clitoral stimulation and it wasn't that bad on my G-spot either, but after about five uses it started acting strange. The power dropped off significantly and it started making a loud buzzing instead of the quiet hum it had when I took it out of the box. It was loud that I'm fairly sure my roommates could hear it downstairs. I changed the batteries several times and even switched to a different brand of batteries to no avail. About a week later the controls started acting odd as well. Where it used be able to smoothly dial up from slow to very fast it now barely turned on and off. A week after that it stopped working altogether.

My little friend had turned frigid.

Fortunately, my wife has a super power that involves resurrecting dead vibrators. Two months after I had given up, we heard a soft rattling sound coming from her dresser. My little friend had come buzzing back to life! Although not what it used to be, it still works. It makes the same odd noises and it has an odd habit of changing the speed we set it at (probably because it feels ignored) but it's a useful vibe nonetheless.

I'd be very careful cleaning this toy. Since it broke so easily on us, it's probably not water-friendly. If you're washing it with soap and water make sure you take out the batteries and let it air dry for about 24 hours before turning it on again. I wouldn't be surprised if ours broke because of how it was cleaned. In addition to the finicky motor, after using it for two years the metallic paint has faded in some spots, so I'd be very gentle when cleaning it if you want to keep it pretty.
Before the falling-out:

The shape focuses the power very nicely, making it easy to put the power of approximately three bullet vibes right on the clit and a nice warm hum on the lips. The long smooth shape felt decadent going up and down my inner labia and the sharp-intense power on my clit felt so good I cried. It's also a very attractive toy. The picture really doesn't do it justice. It catches light like chrome finish on a car. It's not hard to find matching crotch-less panties to go with it. I feel very pretty and sexy when I use it.

After the falling-out:

It's kind of an odd-duck. It's really loud at times, but then sometimes it's quiet. It also has an odd quirk where it will switch to high-power of its own accord, once when it was sitting on a desk and we were across the room from it. We're pretty sure it has a mind of its own. Quirks aside, it's still a fun toy. I've used it in a few rope scenes with very good results. It's very easily tied into a rope harness. The quirks actually added an nice twist to our usual play. Since there was no telling when the toy would switch to high power, there was a lot more suspense.
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  • J's Alley
    Great info on how it broke and it was awesome that you added in trying different batteries (most people don't try that).

    I would add more info on the material and how to clean it and sharing safety (as well as a warning...NO anal play because of no flared would be surprised).

    Overall just add some more information, you have great details here.
  • oliverHyde
    I always forget that I shouldn't assume people remember not to use un-flared toys for anal play.
    As for how to safely clean it... I'm not sure...

    It's hard phthalate-free plastic, so it should withstand 10% bleach cleaning or soap and water just fine. It's the metallic paint I'm worried about. There's a few chips in mine and I have a friend with a similar toy who had a VERY bad experience. ALL the paint came off of hers the first time she used it.

    I'm thinking it's probably an incompatibility with a lube.

    I'm going to test a few right now! (busily puts on lab coat)
  • J's Alley
    I had one like this and the paint came off it was all pretty and rainbow-y...I was sad. We used the cal-exotics toy cleaner (can't go wrong there). I wonder if it is an incompatibility with lube? Huh.
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