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Original butterfly kiss reviews

35 reviews
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35 reviews

If it takes you a while to warm up, this toy is going to disappoint. It's cheap, but find something that has more than a ten minute per use lifespan. A simple bullet or a classic plastic vibe is a better bang for the cost.

If you are an experienced toy user bypass this item, unless you are buying it for a friend who doesn't have toy experience. Then what a great friend you'd be! This item is a must for first time vibrating toy users. The price point is great to start experimenting with vibrating toys.

Great toy and great price! If you enjoy G-Spot/Clitoral orgasms, then this is your toy! It is the best toy for the price value.

This is a great toy that makes it easy to be pleasured and orgasm. If you're looking for a true penetration experience, this is not the toy for you. It is worth the easy price and more for the very quick orgasms, though!

I really tried to like this toy and gave it multiple chances to see if I would eventually find my G-spot or have an amazing clitoral orgasm. It failed on both, however I don't regret buying it. Overall, I believe it's a good toy to buy if you're just starting out and are still unsure of your preferences.

For the price, I think every woman needs to try this. It gets my G-spot every time so much that I bought two very similar toys.

I recommend Original Butterfly Kiss – g-spot and clitoral vibrator for those beginning exploration of adult vibrators. It's perfect for G-spot and clit stimulation as well as for foreplay or masturbation. Solo use or using with a lover can become more than stimulating. Let this vibrator skip and play all around your pussy and clit. New to vibrators? Begin your exploration with Butterfly Kiss and let it lead you to your next amazing vibrator experience.

With this product, you will have an exhilarating experience as a first-timer. This toy will tickle all your fancies and even more! The surges of power will overwhelm you, and you will fall victim to how amazing it feels your first time with it. The sensation of something penetrating you while your clitoris is being hit with pulses of vibrations will take over your body. The experience with this toy has left me satisfied and I'm sure it will for you, as well.

This is an excellent product. With strong vibrations and multiple speed settings, it makes getting off extremely easy. Be aware of the size if you like things larger, this could be too small for you. But it's a very comfortable toy for beginners.

If it works for you, the Butterfly Kiss may just end up being one of your favorite toys. Unfortunately for me, this one just wasn’t meant to be.

The original butterfly kiss is a pretty simple, easy to use vibe. It has three speeds and is water proof. You get internal and external stimulation with this non-intimidating vibe.

Overall, it's a great toy if you're on the go, new to the vibrator experience, or are on a budget, but don't want to give up on quality!

I purchased this item not really knowing what to expect, and I have to say that this has become my absolute favorite toy. I use it almost every day, and I cannot remember my life without it. It is cheap, excellent fun!

This toy is a great price and made of safe materials. It is waterproof, so its easy to clean. But it lacks the proper design to reach the G-spot and it is too limp to give me the proper stimulation.

This vibrator is great for beginners. It has 3 settings with a wonderful clit tickler and it is small enough to be travel friendly. Sometimes it is hard to clean around the butterfly clit tickler and it can't be used in showers, but other than that it is a great toy. I have recommended it to friends and they loved it. I recommend it to any women looking for a small pleasurable vibrator.

I was rater disappointed when the antennae on the butterfly broke off after only a couple of uses. This toy is also quite loud.

Instead of dual-action, this vibe is at best a constant struggle between one or the other. Don't let your first vibe experience be like mine- save for something a little more substantial.

This toy is for anyone. It is affordable so those on a tight budget can still have fun with their partner. Great for your money, it can get almost anyone off. I love it and would highly recommend it to anyone.

The best toy. Even though it's been around for a while, it's still the best toy ever made. I would recommend that everyone own at least one.

The Butterfly Kiss is a cute, dependable, gentle, and effective toy for g-spot and clit stimulation. Though it falls short in some areas, I think everyone can find something to like about this delightful little rabbit vibe. Bonus points: If you're looking for a toy that'll make you gush, this might just be the one. It makes the experience simple and enjoyable every time.

Overall, I would highly recommend this product to any beginner as a great way to get their feet wet and find out if they prefer rabbit to stand-alone clit vibrators. The fact that the product has intense vibrations, is waterproof, and has good battery life make it a great value at an already low price.

I'm glad this was a free gift because knowing what it's like now it just isn't worth the money. I'm not totally unhappy with it and glad to try a new experience. In its own small way it has provided me with even a little pleasure I was unable to enjoy from much pricier toys, believe it or not. As a result I'm rating it at two stars, I was after all able to get some good vibes from it.

Overall, this product is okay. It didn't wow me or give me multiple orgasms, but it got the job done. As cheap as this product is, I would say it is worth the price for beginners, or those who prefer a smaller toy. I wish it had a texture, or was a bit bigger, just to add more excitement to the toy. I was a bit disappointed not only in the toy, but the packaging and lack of product information included, as well.

Great toy for the collection for self pleasure, not a g-spot vibe, pretty loud and eats batteries. Good first toy for the beginner.

The Original Butterfly Kiss is a unique, waterproof vibe that is designed for both g-spot and clit stimulation. The three speeds offer variety and the fun shape, texture and color of the toy make it into an ideal gift.

The butterfly kiss hasn't let me down even once since the day that I got it. I try other toys, and sometimes they take longer to do their job, but the Butterfly Kiss is on a mission every time I pull it out.

Simply put, I love my Butterfly Kiss. It is worth what I paid for it, with the clitoral stimulation alone. It's quiet enough, so it does not to wake the whole house.

The Original Butterfly Kiss would be a fantastic toy to introduce beginners to the world of G-spot play. Unfortunately, this one just did not work out for me. I have a deep G-spot and it did not reach where it needed to. Just because it did not work for me doesn't mean it isn't the right toy for someone out there.

Overall I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, not even a beginner. It is nice and small but if I tried this as a beginner it would turn me off to toys like it. It was too small and loud plus the TPR is sticky and I just didn't like this product. Being cheap is a pro and a con for me. It would be good for someone on a toy budget, but I find that the cheap toys, while helping the pocket, don't help me where I want to be helped.

The butterfly kiss is what I would consider an average toy. It isnt bad and it isn't great. I would say that for the price you can't go wrong.

A great toy for a beginner, or for someone who enjoys clitoral stimulation. I have enjoyed this toy, and I definitely feel that I have gotten my moneys worth!

All in all, this product was an exciting first experience, but there are more items that give a lot more VROOM.

The Original Butterfly Kiss by California Exotics is a cute little clitoral and g-spot vibrator that is sure to please many with its powerful vibrations and discreet sound level. It can be used under water and in a dorm so it really opens up the possibilities! Just be sure to clean it thoroughly and keep it covered to protect the lint magnet from hairs and things collecting on its surface.

My overall impression of The Butterfly Kiss is it is a great toy for those just starting out but it's just a bit too on the small side for me to enjoy. If it was just a little bit longer in the length of the g-spotting shaft I may have liked it a bit more. The butterfly clitoral attachment also seemed to completely miss my clit altogether. This toy is just very frustrating to me and I wouldn't recommend it to any friends.

I love this toy, but it is made of TPR. It's doesn't quite reach m G-spot though, and it's not a big toy. It is an amazing clit vibe, and a great rabbit because the vibrations carry through to the head and the little butterfly.

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