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35 reviews

This vibe is compact and travels really well - I've toted it all over in my purse. It also has pretty good vibrations and power for it's tiny size. That said, it can be a little bit loud and requires a AAA battery instead of the standard AA. The biggest thing that makes it worth it is it's power and portability - for the price, I'd buy it again.

Spare yourself the disappointment -- don’t waste your money on this little toy. It is inexpensive, small, discreet, and easy to use, but just because something vibrates doesn’t make it a “vibrator”. With weak, buzzy, and dull vibrations and a loud “electric razor” sound, I’m glad this was a free gift. I would be incredibly disappointed if I spent money on this toy, even if I were a beginner.

I like the way this product looks, its color, and that it doesn't look like a sex toy. Unfortunately, it doesn't work very well as a sex toy either, but it does feel nice on the forehead.

I have very mixed feelings on this vibrator, I use it often because I find it to be good for warming up. It is a good teaser toy if you can be pleased by buzzy vibrations. However, it is disappointing for anything else. Too weak to massage, and possibly too weak to experience orgasm. In fact, it's more likely to stop you from orgasm than anything else.

Overall, as a free gift the Oui discreet vibrator is worth a try. However, if you're looking for something worth your money, you might want to pass on this one.

The Oui is far from perfect, but its discretion is a quality which few vibrators share. It is very travel friendly and great for beginners, though its vibrations are too buzzy to be enjoyed by some. It only has one speed, but is still relatively quiet and is wonderful for foreplay.

If noise doesn't bother you and you are looking for something that can give a light vibration over an area roughly the size of your palm, go for it! Otherwise, I recommend that you keep looking.

There are a lot of great qualities to the Oui. Cal Exotics did a really nice job on making a discreet, yet powerful, clitoral vibe.

The Oui is a one-speed, debbie downer. I didn't expect much of this toy, and while it didn't totally disappoint me, it didn't wow me either.

For a first time user, this might be a good first time toy. It is small, low cost and smooth, though not very strong. I don't think this would intimidate anyone. Use it wherever you might want a little vibration.

Sometimes something free isn't worth it. This is one of those times. This toy was simply disappointing. The loudness of the toy does not match the vroom power at all.

I was very pleased with Oui as a free gift, but I would not buy Oui. There are tons of multi-fuunction, discreet, powerful vibrators in this price range, all of which I would reach for first. Dispite the weak vibrations, Oui was pleasant during public panty play, which was a pro for me. If you need power, look somewhere else. If you want something quiet, discreet, and don't necessarily need the power, then Oui might be for you.

I didn't find much enjoyment for personal use out if Oui, but I did have fun teasing my husband during foreplay. If my Oui broke tomorrow, I wouldn't waste my money replacing it. Overall, I don't think this cube is worth buying. Maybe if it had more than one speed that would make it more appealing.

This toy could have been so much better, but Cal Exotics just did not give it their all for the Oui. I hope to get a better toy next time from them.

The Oui is perfect for a quick discreet interaction. It is a little loud, but it packs a punch. It isn't waterproof but I think it would be great for anyone.

I don't like it! NON NON NON! That is what I'm calling the "Oui" is Non now. It does absolutely nothing for me and I'm not feeling the love tonight. The shiny finish puts me off, the creases, it has only one setting and it's low people, and really did we need 3 batteries for such a weak toy? No wonder it's a free gift, I don't think anyone was buying it normally. Don't buy it if it's no longer a free gift, save your money for a better toy in this price range!

If I had to pay for this, I would be extremely upset. The vibration was not strong and it did not even arrive in an actual package, just a cheap, clear bag, stapled on top.

Although the Oui is not a strong, pinpoint kind of clitoral vibrator, it is relatively quiet and small enough to fit into your panties. For this reason, I would recommend this item as a teaser. Perfect for those individuals who can't get enough foreplay.

I'd say the Oui is suitable only for those who are brand new to toys. Even then I'd suggest a multi-setting bullet over this.

The Oui does not seem to live up to its name or description. It may be descreet- but its weak vibrations and harsh hard plastic exterior do not to the trick. For a free toy you could fin other uses for it like nipple play

For beginners just starting out, Oui is simple to use and the price tag of FREE with purchase is just right. For advanced users I wouldn't spend money on this one, get it for free as a massager or teaser toy but don't expect it to get you off for you will be dissapointed.

I got this as a free gift and I wish I had purchased one years ago! It is small and discreet, great for travel, fairly powerful, and easy to power with just a single AAA battery. It only has one medium-ish speed and I wish it had more, or some patterns-- anything to give a little variety, but I am okay with just one! This was a good free gift and I recommend anyone add it to their order, as I would have gladly paid the $17.99 for it.

This vibe is not what I would refer to as a clitoral vibrator. The weak one-speed vibrations and shape keep it from success in that area. It is a nice light vibe for nipples or to be used as part of a body massage. It is safe to use with massage oils. The vibe is very discreet and does not appear to be a vibrator. This vibe is very quiet and can barely be heard under the covers.

Now I know why this was a free gift. I'm pretty sure no one would actually spend almost $20 for such a weak toy. The only person that I can see buying this, is someone who has never used a sex toy. If you want to give someone a cheap gift then look at the High Intensity Bullet. That is cheaper than this and is way stronger. It's actually one of my favorite toys.

I'm glad this toy was free because I would spend 18 dollars on this. It was ok just want better and stronger vibrations.

If you need something with a discreet look that is easy to conceal, you might be interested in this. Of course if you require more than basic vibrations for your stimulation, you will likely be disappointed. It's small enough to tuck into a pocket or purse, so you can always have it with you for when the mood hits.

Oui certainly doesn't make me scream, "YES!"; and it probably won't for you either. The buzzy, weak vibrations are highly disappointing and are unlikely to bring anyone to orgasm. If you're extremely sensitive to vibrations this might work for you as a teaser toy, but for the average toy user, this won't be nearly enough for you. Such a shame too, since it's such a cute and compact toy.

Cal Exotics 'Oui' is an example of designers trying to come up with something new and failing. While it's fairly ergonomic and fits well in the hand, it doesn't really do much once it's there. With weak vibrations and no way to pinpoint where the vibes are going, I can only honestly recommend this to someone who doesn't already have any sort of clitoral vibe or to those who collect unusually-shaped sex toys.

The Oui is a great vibrator for the price. It comes in great packaging that works well for gifting. The Oui is also easy to store and clean. Personally, I believe that the vibrations could be a bit stronger.

I would have liked this toy significantly more if it had the current setting for light teasing and then a higher setting to finish the job. It's good to use for foreplay, but not much beyond there unless you're rather sensitive.

This toy just didn't do it for me. I expected much more "power" and I definitely had my hopes up too high. However, I think this is a great starting point for someone that is just getting into toys.

For a toy that is under $20 Oui is quite a steal! It is made of body safe materials, has a good medium intensity vibration, is very discreet and good with any kind of lube. The flat surface diffuses the vibrations turning the whole toy into a stimulator that is great for more surface stimulation. The sides of the toy can pinpoint vibrations as well making this a truly versatile toy.

The Oui has a cute design, very unique and it is easy to use with just a single push button. It also comes in a beautiful little package. But unfortunately that's about where its beauty ends. The Oui offered weak vibrations and a loud noise, not a good combination for me. Thin shape does work out well for certain uses but the lack of power causes its cons to far outweigh the few pros it has.

With the Oui you don't get what you pay for, you get more! There's no reason to say "no" to the Oui. It's style and extreme affordability make it an excellent first toy, or addition to any collection.

Tiny but tenacious, this one-speed vibrator knows how to get you off while remaining discreet. It arrives in stunning packaging and is exceptional for a toy in its price range.

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