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Petite, discreet, and oh so sweet.

Tiny but tenacious, this one-speed vibrator knows how to get you off while remaining discreet. It arrives in stunning packaging and is exceptional for a toy in its price range.
Beautifully packaged; light and small; easy to operate; cheap; no smell.
Only one speed; not entirely silent; not waterproof.
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If you're looking for a powerhouse of a vibrator that can get you off in less than a minute, turn back now: this isn't it. If you're looking for a relatively discreet vibe that's super-cute and definitely worth the price, then look no further: the Oui is your choice!

The Oui arrives in absolutely beautiful packaging. The cardboard box is black and adorned with dark grey swirls (although the color scheme may vary based on what color the actual toy is--mine was black), with the word "Oui" written in elegant silver cursive. Lift the lid to reveal your Oui, wrapped in plastic and nestled atop a sheer holding pouch and a small sheet of instructions.

The Oui itself is surprisingly tiny; I could fit it in the palm of my hand (and I have tiny hands!), and it's between 1/2 and 1 inch in thickness. My friends all pointed out that the toy is shaped "like a pair of lips," and I have to agree. This vibe is hard plastic, so it's easy to clean, which is a good thing, because it collects fingerprints like it's going out of style. The Oui does not give off any sort of scent.

I doubt you'll need the aforementioned instructions, because this toy is super-easy to work. There's a battery catch on the back of the toy that pops open and requires 1 AAA battery. There are three screws visible on the back of the toy, but they do not protrude and do not cause any irritation. The on/off push button is located on the side of the toy, where the "cupid's bow" of the "lips" is.

The Oui is surprisingly powerful for such a tiny toy, and it was more than sufficient to get me off. Because it's so small and light, you can fit it in the palm of your hand and press it up against the length of your vulva. Fellow pressure fans, this is where the Oui excels! Of course, you cannot use this toy for penetration, and you have to make sure you keep the side with the battery pack up against your palm; otherwise, you may scratch your vulva. Also, this toy only has one speed, and while it's a sufficiently strong 3 bees (I'd say a 3.5 if we could have half-stars), it may not be strong enough for power queens.

This is not a perfectly discreet toy in terms of sound. It IS relatively quiet when it's unmuffled and is virtually silent when it's under a blanket, but it still makes a decent amount of noise. I doubt you could hear it through walls or a closed door, but people with roommates may want to take a pass on this toy.

The Oui knows what it is and what it wants to do: it wants to be a tiny toy that can pleasure women without causing too much of a hassle to their privacy or their pockets. It is moderately quiet, moderately powerful, and well worth the $15-20 most websites advertise it for. The beautiful packaging alone makes this toy worth the price.
I honestly cannot get over how tiny this toy is, or how lovely the packaging is for such a cheap vibe. Two of my friends who are normally very shy about handling my toy collection thought it was absolutely adorable and loved the pretty box it came in, and they weren't afraid to hold it and play with it. (Not like that, you pervs, minds out of the gutter!) I actually put my Oui in the carrying pouch AND kept it in the box, it is that damn cute.

This toy is also very, VERY light. Even when all of the packaging is put together, you could whip this baby--box and all--down the hallway at the speed of light. Considering how heavy some of my favorite toys are, I found the Oui 's weightlessness quite refreshing.

This vibe is not intimidating or expensive, so if you're new to vibrators or just want something that's easy to hide, I'd definitely recommend it. You could stick this toy in the provided carrying pouch and hide it in a sock, and I doubt anybody would ever find it.

The Oui is not waterproof, so please avoid taking it in the bathtub, or you might kill the poor little thing!

For pictures and a video of the Oui in action, please visit my blog entry on this darling toy.
Follow-up commentary
The Oui has been passed on to a new user. In fact, it's become my friend's very first vibrator! Hurrah for sweet, simple toys. :)
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