Penetrating mini clitoral pump - clitoral stimulator by Cal Exotics - reviews

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Penetrating mini clitoral pump reviews

11 reviews
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11 reviews

If you can get this toy to work it can work well for the first use. When coming back for a second use, you will find that regardless how well you cleaned it before, it is still dirty.

All in all, this toy is worth the buy if you're looking to try a pump to spice up playtime. The vibrations aren't all that they could be, but the suction makes up for it. It is expensive though, especially if you're on a budget.

The Penetrating Mini Clitoral Pump is a beginner friendly pump. The ball that you squeeze, stops you form over pumping, which can be bad. This pump comes with vibrations and a small part that can be penetrated, but the vibrations are weak and the penetrable part is small. This pump requires too much patience for me to enjoy it.

I have a toy box full of clitoral vibrators that don't work for me. I was hoping this might be the toy that would make all those work for me. That didn't turn out to be the case. It did heighten my sensation, but not enough for me to orgasm from any toy that I couldn't orgasm with before. I had a hard time getting the suction to stick on top of that. More sensitive user may have better luck, but this was no match for my Clit O' Steel.

I got this low-priced, non-jelly clit pump as an experiment---but it totally worked! It increased my clitoral sensitivity and let me orgasm with a toy which had never brought me to orgasm before, and works well as a prelude to partner play as well. The suction bulb applies good suction (but not too much!) and can be easily released, and the seal holds even hands-free. This is an excellent proof-of-concept pump if you'd like to see how your sensitivity can be increased.

This is an interesting toy to get you started, but I'm not sure if it can finish the job. The suction really wasn't enough to do more than get me wet, but if you're looking for foreplay, definitely give it a try.

Still on my search for the ultimate clitoral pump/vibrator. The Penetrating mini clitoral pump was not worth it for me, but if you like a little suction just for fun, it's cheap and you may consider it.

I probably myself wouldn't recommend this pump to anyone. However to each her own, maybe this could be the right pump for someone. I got very little pleasure out of it and have tried it many different ways.

This toy actually grows on you the more you use it. The second time I used this wonderful toy, I played around more with the stimulator which slides in and out, and used the bulb pump more gently, and I was able to achieve an orgasm. The third time I used this toy was the winner!! It really grows on you (no pun intended, and hopefully this is not TMI here). I am going to highly recommend this toy to my friends and readers.

This toy is well worth its low price for anyone with a little bit of patience who is looking for a safe way to experience suction as a prelude to other activities, whether solo or with a partner. I'm giving this one three stars because it does the intended job, but it does have flaws. It only gets one vroom because the vibrations are pathetic, but the suction is actually quite strong once you've mastered the toy.

The Penetrating Mini Clitoral Pump is an awesome idea that could have made for an incredible toy. Unfortunately, its design doesn't life up to its potential.

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