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I have a toy box full of clitoral vibrators that don't work for me. I was hoping this might be the toy that would make all those work for me. That didn't turn out to be the case. It did heighten my sensation, but not enough for me to orgasm from any toy that I couldn't orgasm with before. I had a hard time getting the suction to stick on top of that. More sensitive user may have better luck, but this was no match for my Clit O' Steel.
Provides decent suction
Will probably work well for sensitive or moderately sensitive users
Hard to attach
Weak vibrations
Probably won't work for those who aren't sensitive
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The Penetrating Mini Clitoral Pump is exactly what the name implies...a clit pump. What is a clit pump? Well, a clit pump is a device that is applied to the clitoral area. It is then pumped (in this case via a suction bulb) to increase blood flow to the area. After a period of time, the pump is removed, leaving the pumped area more sensitive. This pump even vibrates. The most sensitive of users may be able to achieve an orgasm from the pump alone. For most users, the pump will be an aid in achieving an orgasm with a partner or toy after using the pump.

This can be used if you’re looking to heighten sensitivity for any reason. If you have trouble orgasming from certain activity, this may be the missing piece to the puzzle. It can also be just a little something extra for those days you want to feel a little more sensation.

The pump can be used before play with a partner or solo play. It can be especially useful before oral sex, and even more useful if you’ve had trouble orgasming from oral sex in the past. There are multiple situations this pump can come in handy. Since it creates a slight pull to the skin, it could even be incorporated in some light BDSM play.

Material / Texture

The product page lists the material as TPR Silicone. TPR Silicone is a 6 on the safety scale. It’s a silicone based rubber compound. Now, I’m guessing this is the material that the actual part that touches the clit is made out of. The handle itself is made of plastic, unless I’m really starting to lose my material judging capabilities. There’s also the bulb that is used to pump the device. Since there’s no manual to this, I can’t say with 100% certainty what the material is. My best guess is a rubber of some type. The inside of the pump also has a little nub inside the pump that has an outer coating of TPR Silicone.

TPR Silicone is a squishy material. The ring that surrounds the pump is flexible. If removed from the pump, it can be pushed completely together. It’s basically a super pliable O ring. It’s also a very draggy material. Since you won’t be moving this around on you in up and down motions, the drag shouldn’t be an issue.

The nub that rests inside the pump has circular droplets on it for texture. I can feel these when I rub my fingers on the nub. They are every so slightly noticeable in use, but not much. They are only slightly raised from the base of the nub.

Overall, I found that the material worked well for the product. For pumps, there is usually some type of squishy material that surrounds the pump at the part that attaches to the body. This was soft and comfortable to keep on for the time period I did (a little over ten minutes). The material on the nub felt pleasant and the texture should be something that both beginners and advanced users can enjoy.

Design / Shape / Size

This clit pump looks like drug paraphernalia to me. I don’t know if that says something about the makers of the toy or about me. I’m just calling it like I see it. The product page lists the total length at 6 inches. As usual, I got something different. At my measurements, I got 5.75 inches total length. For width, the product page lists 1.5 inches. I’m guessing they were measuring the bottom because that’s no where near what the top of this measures. The attachment itself is 2.25 inches wide.

I think this actually would have worked better for me had the suction cup been smaller. I had a really hard time getting the suction to stay. It seemed like any way I put this, there was always a gap of skin somewhere. I tried suctioning my labia majora with my clit centered underneath. I tried suctioning it directly onto my clit - both with my clit centered and then with my clit at the tip of the suction. I could get suction but it always seemed the second I took a breath the wrong way my skin would move and the suction would break. I’m rather small in the vaginal area, I suppose. That’s just my guess. I haven’t gone around measuring lots of girls’ vaginas to test this theory. So, at least to me, I think the major reason this didn’t work as well as I wanted was the size of the suction cup.

I know Antipova wrote a review of this where she had great success. You might want to take a look at her review where she discusses her anatomy. My assumption is that if this pump will work for you will depend heavily on how large your labia is. It would appear that, in the case of this pump, the larger it is, the more successful you will be with the pump getting suction and sticking.

I’m not sure what I’d call this in terms of discreet factor. I don’t know that a ton of people are aware of clit pumps where they would know what it was if they saw it. However, as usual, I’m awful at coming up with secondary functions for sex objects. I’m still going with drug paraphernalia. I mean, come on. Look at it. If you don’t want to go with that, perhaps a kitchen supply item.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There is a vibrating function to this pump. It is operated by a twist knob at the bottom of the pump. This twist pump causes the numb inside the pump to vibrate.

This numb is also supposed to be able to move up and down for “penetrating” fluctuations. This should be operated by a circle knob on the side. Mine doesn’t work. It’s attached firmly to the toy and does not move. So no penetrating for me.

The vibrations on this are weak, to say the least. At their highest setting, they still are maybe a high one vroom/low two vrooms. Unless you are very sensitive, it won’t actually bring you to orgasm in and of itself.

I would say this is buzzy, because it certainly sounds that way from the noise it makes. Honestly, it’s hard to say with such a weak vibration. My best guess is that these are buzzy vibrations but that they are so weak they probably won’t annoy anyone. Worst case, you can just turn them off. They likely weren’t going to do anything for you anyhow.

The one use I found for the vibrations was to use them as a sort of timer for the pump. In other words, when the vibrations started to feel slightly less sucky, I knew I was getting closer to being fully pumped. If it went from feeling like one vroom to feeling like two, I knew to leave it on a minute or two more and that would be my finishing time. This worked out to usually 10-13 minutes, just for reference. The vibrations were certainly not enough to bring me even close to an orgasm.

For all that lack of vibration, it is noisy for what it produces in power. It’s not loud or anything - about the same level as a cell phone - it just seems like for such low power it could have been more quiet. You can slightly muffle it through covers and cannot hear it through a closed door

This takes two AAA batteries, not included. These insert in the handle of the toy, seen here:

I had a hard time getting the battery compartment off. My husband did it in one second, so it could just be me.

Care and Maintenance

This is not a waterproof toy. As such, care should be taken when cleaning. I’ve found that toy wipes have worked best to wipe down the ring and internal nub. You can remove the ring and wash it with soap and water or toy cleaner. The toy itself should not be washed down in the same manner. You could spray the internal nub with toy spray and then remove the toy spray with a dry cloth.

You should use only water based lubes with this due to the TPR Silicone of the ring and nub so as not to destroy the materials.

You can store this in the lewd box it came in, if you like. You can also just throw it in a drawer. I don’t think it will fit in a standard toy pouch.


This is by far the worst packaging I have seen in a very, very long time. It’s pink packaging with “Penetrating Mini Clitoral Pump” written on it. It has a picture of the pump. Then, best of all, it has a picture of a woman in a bra with no bottoms actually using the pump! You can see all her junk! I get that this is a sex toy, but jeez. I like just a little bit of class with my toys. I guess I’ve been spoiled by my higher end purchases. The back is no better, featuring the same woman using the pump. It has some generic info and falsely advertising the penetrating ability of the internal nub.

I’m so horrified to have this packaging in my house. If you want discreet packaging, look elsewhere. If you have children, don’t open this package in front of them!

You could use this for storage. You know, if you don’t mind the porn.

It comes with a little booklet that has generic battery instructions. It does not go over anything specifically about the pump or how to use it. Some information on how long one should use this would have been nice. I’m still not sure if there’s a max time on this that I should be watching for.

Personal comments

I have tried a number of times and been unable to get this to really fully work for me. However, I know that Antipova has made it work very well for her. In light of that, this gets a somewhat mild recommendation from me. Did it make things feel better? Yeah, a little. Did it break down my Clit O’ Steel and make me orgasm from all my toys that have otherwise been useless to me? Not so much. I think this will be most effective for those who are already somewhat sensitive to moderately sensitive. Those who need super powered devices to orgasm probably won’t get as much out of this.

Remember when using this to keep an eye on this and make sure nothing starts turning shades of purple. If it does, remove the pump immediately!


After reading Antipova’s review where she was able to orgasm from Sasi, a toy that she previously had been unable to use, after using this, I knew I had to have it. I have a trunk full of clitoral vibrators that do nothing for me because they are too weak. My test subject for this experiment was my Zini Seed, which comes close to making me orgasm but doesn’t quite get me there. It’s just a hair short of where it needs to be power wise. I figured that this was my best shot rather than testing with something that was a full two or three power levels lower than what I need.

The first problem, as mentioned, is that I had a hard time getting suction. I tried every configuration I could imagine and every time I moved it would come off. Since Antipova’s review will tell you the best way to tell you’ve done this right is to let go and see if it sticks, I knew something was going wrong. Out of all the times I tried this, I got it to stick one time well enough for me to actually let go and have it remain standing on its own. I lost count of how many attempts were made, by the way.

What I basically ended up doing was suctioning and then holding it down with my hands to hold in the suction. This didn’t provide as much suction as would have been accomplished if I was actually able to let go, I think. I’m not really 100% on that, it’s just my feeling. So I held this against my body and just kept checking to make sure it was still pulling everything up to make sure the suction was still active. I was also able to feel the suction to a certain extent. It wasn’t unpleasant. I really hardly noticed it, even the time I got a more intense suction and was able to keep it standing. Then again, I’m not very sensitive down there.

The first time, I only left it on for one minute. I had forgotten how long Antipova’s review said she kept it on (10 minutes) and was worried about over doing it. After one minute, I noticed a slight increased sensation, but basically no real difference.

Every attempt after that, it was left on over ten minutes. The same basic thing happened. I was able to feel a somewhat heightened sensation, but it wasn’t anything magical. Things felt better, but not good enough for me to orgasm from anything I couldn’t orgasm from before. The Zini Seed still left high and dry.

I also tried this with my husband for oral. I don’t really like oral sex but my husband enjoys giving it. I’m always looking for a way to be able to allow him to without me getting bored or uncomfortable. It was much the same - things felt every so slightly better but not enough to make a huge impact.

Overall, this gets three stars from me. It’s average in quality and I did like the way it heightened my sensations, even if it didn’t heighten them as much as I would have liked. My husband seems to really like the idea of the pump for whatever reason and asks me to use it often. I guess he likes the idea of everything being plumped.

On another note, this has gotten me more interested in finding a more intense clitoral pump. After this one didn’t work as well as I’d hoped, I ordered another pumping set that’s supposed to be stronger. So this also gets points from me for getting me more into pumping in general.
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