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Not Entirely Unlike Suction

This toy is well worth its low price for anyone with a little bit of patience who is looking for a safe way to experience suction as a prelude to other activities, whether solo or with a partner. I'm giving this one three stars because it does the intended job, but it does have flaws. It only gets one vroom because the vibrations are pathetic, but the suction is actually quite strong once you've mastered the toy.
Safely allows experimentation with suction, increases blood flow, & creates a unique sensation.
Requires patience to get the most out of the toy. Weak vibrations. Slider sticks.
Rating by reviewer:
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The intended use of this toy is to increase the flow of blood to the clitoris. With a little bit of practice and experimentation, it does that, and with a great deal of patience, it can also be used to apply a gentle sucking action that is quite pleasant.

It also has a vibrating function, which is too weak to provide anything but frustration, and distracts from the suction. I'm not big on requiring power in vibrating toys, but this is weaker than anything else I've used, including the Screaming Octopus, which runs on watch batteries.

If you choose to buy this toy, buy it for the suction.

Material / Texture

The body of the toy is a hard plastic, with a hard rubber bulb to provide the suction, and a removable ring of soft material to slightly cushion the hard plastic mouth. The "penetrator" piece, meant to apply the weak vibration to the clit, has a soft nubbed coating. All of the soft parts are made of TPR, so phthalates are not an issue.

Design / Shape / Size

The toy is a bizarre shape and you'll need to be somewhat creative in storing it discreetly. It fits in a small makeup bag I bought at a fair trade store, but it's too lumpy to shove in a sock or a standard vibrator/dildo bag. If someone discovered it, you could claim it's the snake venom suction tool from your first aid kit, but only if your lying abilities are fairly advanced. Store it without batteries if you expect to sell this cover story. You should store it without batteries anyway, lest they corrode and ruin the toy.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The California Exotics Clitoral Pump has flaws, and it will disappoint users who aren't willing to devote some time and energy into getting the most out of it.

If you position it exactly right, with a little patience, you can achieve suction. Quite possibly too much suction, in fact, and caution is advised or it could hurt a little. If you really put the effort in, you can master the exact science of gently squeezing the bulb to get it to do something not entirely unlike suction. If you do, that feels really nice. Eventually your hand will go numb, because the bulb is pretty hard to squeeze, but it's almost worth it.

I couldn't reach orgasm with it, but I'm not sorry to own this toy, because it provides a different sensation, and makes the clit more sensitive for whatever you choose to do next. Increasing blood flow in the area is the intended function of products like this one, and it works, making this a great foreplay toy. The vibration part is useless -- it's very weak. I don't even bother to put batteries in mine. The misleadingly named "penetrator" portion doesn't do much of anything and attempts to slide the head of the thing into position tend to break the suction.

The good part of this toy is the suction, because we're all lured into thinking that sounds great, and this toy is safer than a makeshift option, like a shampoo bottle with potentially sharp edges. The horror stories have kept me from trying makeshift suction toys, but I must admit to thinking about it, so this cheap looking plastic toy with its flaws is worth a little money in that regard.

It passes the sound test, because the vibrator portion doesn't really do anything. Turned all the way up and left on the bed, it could not be heard from through the closed door, or from across the room.

Recommended might be too strong a term for this toy, but it's fairly cheap and I haven't abandoned it even though I have some really nice things. I like it more than it deserves to be liked, and you might arrive at that conclusion as well. You should definitely buy this toy if you want to experiment with suction and are willing to deal with the flaws -- considering them before your purchase will remove the disappointment factor.

Care and Maintenance

Water based lubricant is recommended with this product.

It's a huge pain in the ass to clean, which I could describe in detail, but I'll just say that it requires q-tips and let you discover the joy of that on your own. Toy cleaner, or a mild soap and water, should be used before and after use. Take care not to get the battery compartment wet. Store it without batteries.


The packaging is moderately appalling. I'm usually careful to always recycle, but this box went straight into the fireplace. In the middle of summer.
Follow-up commentary
This is one of the cheapest toys I own, yet almost a year later, it has not been banished to the less accessible storage container. Despite its tacky appearance and plastic construction, it has not broken, and it sees regular use. Until a company like Lelo figures out how to make a classier version with less of a learning curve, I'll keep it, and it'll get replaced with the same product when some accident does befall it.
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  • LicentiouslyYours
    Ok, so I've never really thought that much about products like this, but your review got me wondering. Do these pumps result in increased sensitivity over time or just immediately after use?

  • ToyGeek
    @ LicentiouslyYours -- Just immediately after use, to the best of my knowledge and experience. (The case might be different with the expensive medical-looking pumps, but I don't know.)
  • Raven
    This was a great review. I also have never given these types of toys much though, but now I'm curious. I'm wondering how easy it might be to make the clit too sensitive.
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