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Pink reviews

29 reviews
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29 reviews

Pink is fabulous, you won't need another lube once you try it! The dispenser is low-key, so it can sit right on your dresser and nobody will know what it is unless they pick it up and read it!

Pink silicone lube is a lot of fun. It has made me fall in love with silicone lube. This lube can be used anywhere from your bed to your bathtub. It's simply beautiful so you can give it as a gift. This lube doesn't need to be reapplied when in use. I'm a little heartbroken that it has been discontinued; I'd love to order a couple more bottles.

This product does everything I need to do it to with just ONE application, and it won't wear off until it gets washed off, which makes it worth the price. It's hypoallergenic, long lasting (even in showers!) and feels luxurious. I will buy this product again and again!

This is a great product that every girl (or guy) should keep on hand. Its thick consistency and smooth texture on the skin is great for hours and hours and hours (because it will last that long) of pleasure.

Pink is a great lube for women looking for something that comes in a cute and discreet bottle, won't dry out, is non-sticky, odorless, flavorless, and safe to use with condoms. It doesn't make a mess and is great for all kinds of play time. It contains vitamin E and aloe vera to keep you moist naturally. Pink is not meant to be used with silicone toys.

This is definitely my favorite lube that I own. I would recommend it for anyone, especially first time silicone lube users. Cute packaging, easy to use pump, great texture, tasteless, and perfect for use in the shower!

For years Pink has been my go-to lube for shower/bath and marathon playtime. It's long-lasting, and it's hypo-allergenic. I'm extremely sensitive, but this lube doesn't sting, and doesn't promote infection.

If you want a fair-priced lubricant you can use ANYWHERE, Pink is for you. It will do what you want, when you want it to, and for as long as you can handle. Fantastic product!

It's perfect for me. I have a hard time getting wet at times. This helps me. It has an easy to hide bottle.

I think that this lube is amazing. Very easy to use, slippery and does not dry out fast. Needs a lot of soap and water to clean up after use.

There are better lubricants for vaginal intercourse but is definitely worth the purchase for anal sex and will likely become your go-to product for its slickness, longevity and unobtrusive neutral sensation.

This product is a great lubricant. It feels very slick and clean, and is easy to bring out with a partner. It's high quality and gentle on the skin. It works very well for manual, partner and solo sex with a (non-silicone) toy. It lasts a long time without reapplication, and does not need to be washed off. Pink is versatile - it can be even used as a skin moisturizer or a frizz tamer.

I enjoy silicone lubricants for anal play or anything where we are going to need to be nice and wet for. I’m always looking for something new and exciting, and I found Pink to be a very amazing product. It was just what I was looking for. Pink comes in a beautiful bottle and is a beautiful product.

I think this is worth it! This is the best lube I've tried so far! It makes sex feel so much better especially if you have trouble getting wet!

Worth every penny, the perfect lube for women and great for men too! A tiny bit will go a long way and you do not need to reapply multiple times.

we love this Lubricant Since we tried it we cant use any other lubricant its great for hand jobs and also do the trick in other departments.

Pink has staying power in water but it easy to clean up. Buy it, use it, love it... don't drop it!

Who doesn't love the healing properties of vitamin E and aloe? It's hypoallergenic, long lasting, and perfect for anything from foreplay, to the main event. A completely water proof masterpiece, that any user can appreciate.

Condom safe, body safe, long lasting and beautifully packaged; Pink is a wonderful addition to any toybox. It is great as a lube and a massage oil. It lasts forever and is well worth the price.

This is the most gentle, long lasting, reliably slippery lubricant I've found so far and it really does work in all situations.

Overall this is an amazing silicone lubricant. A must have in my toy box and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great silicone lube.

This is a product for romance and not a one night stand, it's for the special nights with that beautiful partner or mate.

I think this is a bit expensive for a lube that didn't end up enhancing sex. But it was a good lubricant for hand-jobs, though I feel there may be better options out there for that. Not too exciting, but still satisfying.

This is a long lasting lubricant; usually one or two pumps (which gives you a pea or dime sized portion) will last through an entire hour long session. Instead of wasting time and passion applying more lube, Pink gives you the luxury of only having to apply it once so that the rest of your time can be spent pleasing your partner (or being pleased).

Pink is a beautifully packaged, feminine silicone lubricant for those who like their accessories pretty as well as functional. Despite its feminine appearance, though, it is one of the better silicone lubes out there, and works wonderfully in water.

After trying Pink for the first time I knew that I had found the perfect lube for me. Simply put, Pink makes my vagina happy!

Pink is a great silicone based lube. It comes in an attractive glass bottle, works well in water, and has Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to make your skin feel silky smooth and moisturized. I would recommend this to lovers of silicone lube and people looking to buy their first bottle.

This silicone lube is people friendly, it also has multiple uses. It is also price competitive with other silicone lubes. Very easy to use.

This has the ability to go the distance (if you keep it in place) and the added vitamin E is a nice touch.

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