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Pink sex toy review

This has the ability to go the distance (if you keep it in place) and the added vitamin E is a nice touch.
Convenient bottle, absorbable vitamin E, stays slick longer than non-silicone based lubes
Takes more time to clean up, would not recommend for use with oral
Rating by reviewer:
somewhat useful review
Although I use non-silicone based lubes more frequently than silicone ones, when I need something to go the extra mile... I reach for this. Silicone based lubes just last longer than any other type of lube I have used. What makes this lube nice is for one... the convenient bottle. It looks nice and is slightly less messy than all the Pjur silicone lube|Eros bodyglide review - Lubricant by Pjur bottles I have tried. I still find Pink|Pink Lubricant to be a little messy when fumbling around in the dark for it. I'm not sure there is any improvements to the bottle that can be done to alleviate that. The second reason, which is a very important one, is that it contains vitamin E. I used to almost exclusively use Pjur silicone based lube. Upon a trip to an adult store to restock, I was advised to look into alternative silicone lubes for frequent use. Since silicone cannot be absorbed by the body (hence it being able to go the distance), there are some health concerns associated with using a silicone lube on a very regular basis (more than 3 times a week). But when the silicone lube is paired with something the body can actually utilize (vitamin E)... you don't have to worry as much about overuse. That being said, I still only reach for this lube during extended sessions.

I mainly used this lube externally. If you don't accidentally distribute it to unintended body parts (your's or your partners), it keeps everything slick. It feels heavier or thicker than non-silicone based lubes and I find it doesn't as easily get sticky. I usually need to do some more extensive clean up after using this lube compared to other non-silicone based lubes. I wouldn't particularly recommend this lube if oral is going to be involved. Not that it tastes horrible, but other lubes are much more agreeable in that department. I find that since it is thicker than other lubes... the lube residue is more noticeable during oral.

Overall... it is a good addition to the nightstand.
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  • Since this is silicone based, is it safe to use orally?  Also, what kind of health problems arise if a silicone based product (in this case lube) is used more than three times per week?
  • Silicone cannot be absorbed by the body and is not broken down by water. I was told that using a silicone lube daily internally that does not have anything additional that your body can absorb does not give your body enough time to flush the silicone out on its own. Some physicians worry about the effects building up over time. Exactly what type of changes this would lead to the  in the internal environment  I'm not sure. It was some scary word like calcification. I'm sure there are risks to using all lubes in excess. Nature's lube seems to be the best anyways :)

    Yeah... the chemically taste of silicone lubes certainly leads me to believe that they shouldn't be tasted even if there isn't a warning on the bottle.
  • Essin' Em
    Silicone lubes should not be ingested.  If you get a tiny dab on your tongue, it is nothing to worry about.  However, I wouldn't go slathering it on someone, and lapping it up.

    Also, something to point out; never use silicone lube with silicone toys, even high quality ones.  It would be really sad if it melted/broke down your shiny (and costly) toy! 
  • Dame Demi
    I've considered getting this lube many, many times, but generally tend to prefer water-based lubes.  Your comments on it being thicker than most silicone lubes may have changed my mind, though!  Thanks!
  • Just leaving a note about calcification.  Calcification causes hard calcium salt deposits on the body which in turn can cause irritation, discomfort, and hardening of the effected area.  While the above product is rather safe, please read all labels of lubes to make sure that frequent use is safe. 
  • Nashville
    I like the name, but the fact it's messy isn't appealing. You'd figure it coming in a spray bottle would help prevent a mess.
  • Kimmie1980ca
    The idea or a spray sounds nice, but the fact that it's messy kind of makes me want to search for another one. Thank you for the post.
  • Beaners
    I like the idea of a spray bottle...but that it's kind of messy turns me off.
  • Lady Neshamah
    good review
  • Valentinka
    good review, thanks
  • al16
    Cute bottle.
  • IndependentlyHappy
    Thanks for the review!
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