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Pink Silicone Based Lubricant

Pink is a great silicone based lube. It comes in an attractive glass bottle, works well in water, and has Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to make your skin feel silky smooth and moisturized. I would recommend this to lovers of silicone lube and people looking to buy their first bottle.
Attractive bottle, velvety feel, works great in water, leaves skin feeling soft and silky
Too much friction for my personal preference
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I have been a big fan of water based lubes and after reading all the hype of silicone based, I decided to try some out for myself. I did my research and asked around. One of those said lubes that I found came highly recommended was Pink. I must say that I still prefer the slipperiness of a good quality water based lube|Lubricants Water based lubricants, but silicone does have its advantages. Those advantages include being water proof, hypoallergenic (as long as it’s pure silicone lube), long lasting, and doubling as a really good skin moisturizer (as well as hair defrizzer, and shaving aid).

Pink is marketed as a lube for women, but it works well for any gender. The sleek and attractive 4 fluid ounce glass bottle has simple pink lettering on it and features a small pump for dispensing. I would say that this pump is more akin to what you would find on a makeup or facial moisturizer bottle versus a large lotion bottle. It dispenses a small dime sized drop and has never leaked on me yet. There is a clear plastic cap that fits over the pump to keep it from getting pressed accidentally and to keep the pump clean. The pump does require occasional cleaning as the lube becomes very slippery on the pump and bottle; making it nearly impossible to hang onto as well as depressing the pump.

I found the feel of this lube to be more velvety than slippery, and a little thicker than the other silicone lubes I have tried (those would be JO premium anal|System JO personal anal lubricant and Eros Basic|Eros Bodyglide review). Mind you, this lube is still fairly runny. When I put a small pump on my hand then hold it vertically, the lube will run down my hand. I am used to the water based Maximus which does not run or drip, so this was a little bit of an adjustment for me.

The ingredients in this lead me to believe that this is indeed a high quality lubricant. Dimethicone, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Dimethiconol, Cyclomethicone. Dimethicone is the more expensive of the three liquid silicones used to make lubricant, and creates the more velvety feeling. Being first on the ingredient list tell me that there is more of it than the other two which is why this lube is thicker than some other silicone lubes. The Vitamin E and Aloe Vera do wonders to my skin. I love using this lube for clit and labia massage because it leaves my skin silky smooth, sans the greasy feeling of course or I wouldn’t use it.

I found the water resistance to be adequate. My husband and I used this in a Jacuzzi and it lasted better than I was expecting. I though I might get 5 minutes use before I would have to reapply, but it took approximately 30 minutes before reapplication was needed. We were both wrinkly and ready to get out of the water by then anyway. Through those 30 minutes this lube stood up to a rather heavy hand job, sex, switching positions (often), fingering, and more sex. Because it lasts in water means that you will need a little soap to help clean it off. I found that hand soap is adequate for this task as some of the lube soaks into your skin (the non silicone ingredients).

This lube doesn’t really have a taste or a smell to it. The biggest thing with oral is that it will leave an odd silicone like coating in your mouth, but that happens with any silicone lube|Eros Bodyglide. I would not suggest ingesting silicone lube on purpose. I have read conflicting information as to whether it can be harmful or not, but I would err on the side of caution…no drinking the lube please! Also remember to not get silicone lube on your silicone toys because it could melt them. I've also heard it can melt some cyberskin and jelly toys too. So if you aren't sure it will go with your toy or not, just do a small spot test in an inconspicuous area. Silicone lube is also condom safe.

For those of you that already own and love Eros, this lube is quite comparable to it. The Vitamin E and Aloe Vera are pluses of course, and this lube is a little thicker. I found that they hold up in water about the same and they provide nearly the same about of slickness although I think this feels a tiny bit more velvety. If you love Eros, then you will most likely love this too. I also found the price to be quite comparable to other premium silicone lubes|Silicone based lubricants, and that is always a plus!
My personal preference makes this more of an occasional lube than an everyday one. Many people prefer some friction during intercourse, but I prefer as little friction as I can get for penetration whether it is vaginal or anal. I have found because of the friction produced while using silicone lube, I would not recommend them for anal use. If you like friction than go ahead, I just don’t find it as comfortable as Maximus|Maximus review.
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  • Beautiful Dreamer
    I've been looking for a silicone lube strictly for use in water & after your review, I will definitely be getting Pink!
  • Oggins
    I think this could almost pass as a perfume bottle... Thanks for the review!
  • Bulma
    Beautiful Dreamer, that's why I bought it! Thankfully I wasn't dissapointed! Hope you like it a lot :)

    Oggins, ha I thought so too. This is the only lube I have currently that is in a glass bottle. The bottle certainly doesn't look like a lube bottle at first glace, perhaps it was intended that way to be more discreet. Either way, it certainly looks classy!
  • I like how it has to be Pink because it's for women, lol.
  • Dame Demi
    I've wanted this for a long time just because the bottle's so pretty, but like you, I prefer water-based lubes. Knowing that this is a thicker silicone lube, though, makes me definitely want to try it out!
  • Jimbo Jones
    Another excellent and thorough review, Bulma. Pink sounds like some pretty good stuff, I might have to pick some up. Thanks!
  • Bulma
    Dame Demi, the bottle certainly is pretty :) Glad I'm not the only one who prefers water based lubes.

    Jimbo Jones, thank you! I've certainly been enjoying it :)
  • Fun Lover
    My bottle of pink got opened at the airport on my last flight. The airport screener said nice bottle with a smile, and passed me threw without a problem. My face was about as pink as the bottle, after it being shown to everybody in line at the airport. Great review! Glad it worked for you in the water.
  • Bulma
    Ohhh, that sounds pretty embarrassing. Suppose that person went and bought themselves one too? ;)
  • Always up for IT
    I think you've talked me into a new lube. It sounds excellent.
  • Bulma
    I hope you enjoy it :)
  • YukiNoMiko
    This was the first lube I bought, your review talked me into it. I must say it lived up to the hype and left my hands feeling great.
  • Evoluchun
    wow didnt know it would melt silicone toys grr not for me with my toys then but still might check this out thanks
  • wondertoes
    Very helpful, thanks!
  • Kiskis2
    Nice review
  • fredacarl
    thanks for the review
  • IndependentlyHappy
    Thanks for the review!
  • lovebites
    thanks for the review!
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