Studio collection O gloss climax creme - arousal lube by The Screaming O - reviews

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Studio collection O gloss climax creme reviews

9 reviews
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9 reviews

I would recommend anyone trying to find a topical arousal product to try this discreet one first. It only has the one active ingredient & that makes it easy to tell what may or may not work for you. It doesn't have the usual ingredients that cause trouble, such as glycerin, menthol, peppermint or cinnamon, nor does it have a scent or leave any residual feel on the skin.

I feel as though this product is highly dependent on one's body chemistry and preferences, and that it simply didn't work well for me. I really don't necessarily recommend against purchasing The Screaming O's Climax Creme, however I think that it should be bought with the knowledge that it may not work for you. Since it is quite a high price to pay for a small amount, if this ever does stock again, I suggest waiting for a good sale.

If you're looking to warm up your sexual experience, whether alone or with a partner, a tube of Studio collection O gloss will warm and excite your intimate lady parts with pleasure.

This product wasn’t disappointing, but it didn’t reach the expectations that I had set. While I did feel a slight sensation, it frustrated me a little because I was unable to bring myself to completion.

The O Gloss is a nice product for women looking for something to stimulate the clitoris by giving a cooling that fades into a warming feeling. It can help women reach arousal and it lasts a long time.

It gives a nice tingly sensation that gives a little boost, but I'm not sure that it gave me a "screaming orgasm."

This small, unassuming bottle contains a powerful gloss that started out with a warm tingle and ended with multiple orgasms, stronger and longer than ever before!

This product isn’t worth the money it is priced at; you are really just paying for the packaging — which is very nice — but the product doesn’t live up to its brand name of the Screaming O. There was no oohing or screaming over this product at all.

This all natural, glycerine-free climax creme with the amino acid l-arginine is a discreet, orgasm-enhancing creme that promotes sexual sensitivity in women to help them jump start arousal.

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