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Not the Creme of the crop

I feel as though this product is highly dependent on one's body chemistry and preferences, and that it simply didn't work well for me. I really don't necessarily recommend against purchasing The Screaming O's Climax Creme, however I think that it should be bought with the knowledge that it may not work for you. Since it is quite a high price to pay for a small amount, if this ever does stock again, I suggest waiting for a good sale.
Gorgeous packaging
Easy application
Nice consistency
Did not intensify or increase ease of orgasm
Pricey for such a small tube
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The O Gloss Climax Creme, from the Studio Collection line by the Screaming O, is intended to function as an arousal creme for amplified orgasms. It contains natural extracts that intensify orgasms by increasing the blood flow to the clitoris after application. If you enjoy arousal-intensifying lubricants but are often overwhelmed by their sensations, you may find that this product is perfect for you. Unlike many other arousal gels, there are no menthol-scented ingredients, so a preference for unscented products would help to make this a good choice for you as well.

This is not recommended for use internally, on swollen or inflamed areas, or by those who have STDs, particularly if suffering from herpes. The product does not begin to work until a few minutes after application and must be massaged in, which means that if you are quite impatient and are looking for something that you can just throw on and go, this may not be the creme for you. As this is water-based, it is not be suited to use in the shower or bath. The product is sold in a 15mL or 0.5 fl oz tube, which is a standard lip gloss size and adds to the discreet nature of this product.

The packaging claims that the ingredients are all-natural, however I was quite skeptical about this, which led me to do some research. Containing purified water, propanediol, carthamus tinctorius (safflower) seed oil, catyl alcohol, polysorbate 60, L-Argenine, xanthan gum, ethylexylglycerin and phenoxyethanol, some of the ingredients sound iffy at best. After doing a bit of reading, I found that ethylexylglycerin is a natural alternative to parabens, though it is derived from glycerin. The product is glycerin-free itself, which I take to mean that either this derivative does not process in the body as a sugar, or they are being tricky. Propanediol is a vegetable-derived organic compound also known as propylene glycol, which is a possible allergen. Phenoxyethanol is a preservative with low-toxicity, and I could not find any indication as to whether it is or is not synthetic. After reaching this point, I decided that they simply must have used a very loose definition of the word "natural," and decided to proceed with caution and a spot test.

    • Foreplay
    • Masturbation
    • Sex

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The O Gloss Climax Creme is similar in consistency to most cremes and lotions - it is thick enough not to run in small quantities, like the pearl-sized amount recommended for use. It's creamy, silky and goes on very smoothly. Nothing about this product made me feel oily or greasy, and based on the texture only, I would have been content leaving this on my skin after use. After the three-minute application, most of the creme had been absorbed into my skin, leaving me with only a velvety, slightly moist clitoral region. It is very easy to apply, and because of the nature of the lip gloss-shaped tube, it is possible to accurately control the amount desired.

    • Creamy
    • Slick
    • Velvety

Taste / Aroma

Since I dislike the menthol taste and smell of most arousal gels, the unscented and unflavoured nature of this creme was a definite draw for me. Though I am always adamant that nothing is truly scent-free, the Screaming O did a superb job of keeping this product from having any sort of aroma. I did find that it had a slightly sweet taste, but there was nothing distinct about it.
    • Light taste
    • No smell


By the end of the three-minute application process, I was feeling a mild tingling sensation in my clitoral region. I do not feel that my orgasm was any quicker or more intense than usual, but I could definitely feel an initial stimulation after it was rubbed in. After bringing myself to orgasm, I continued to feel uncomfortably stimulated - the orgasm itself was one of the least satisfying that I'd had in a while, not because it was weak, but because I felt like I'd never reached climax at all even right after the actual orgasm happened. I decided to continue after my first orgasm, however after eight or nine more, the tingling feeling had not passed, so I gave up. My orgasms decreased in intensity as they increased in number, which is standard for me when climaxing multiple times, and I do not feel that the intensity or ease increased for these later orgasms either. The tingling was not painful, but it was certainly not enjoyable when it did not cease after climax. Were it not for this sensation, the O Gloss Climax Creme would not have necessitated cleanup - I washed myself with soap and water afterwards, to make sure that I got the tingling effect for as short a time as possible. The sensation lasted for about half an hour, and I would say that by the time I had washed it off, it was too late for that to do any good because the creme had already kicked in.


The packaging is one area in which this product really excels. The Screaming O designed this to be sleek and discreet from the box all the way in. This could be comfortably gifted at a party where there were children present, provided you told the recipient to expect something that likely shouldn't be passed around the room.

On its own, the creme looks just like a tube of premium lip gloss. This would not be out of place in a makeup bag or purse, which makes it perfect for travel and easy to hide in plain sight. The black color makes it seem very high-end, and the name "O Gloss" is inconspicuous. If anyone stopped to actually read the tube, they'd be able to tell what it is - it does say "climax creme" right on the front - however based on looks alone, there's no reason for anyone to pick this up.

This is easy to dispense with one hand, but will probably require you to use two to twist off the lid. It won't leak out if you leave the lid off, however, so after application, you can leave it uncapped until you are finished.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Travel friendly
    • Would make a nice gift


For use during masturbation, this creme is absolutely atrocious for me. It emphasizes the problem that I already have, which is that after I climax, I still don't feel like I'm "done." On top of which, if I'm masturbating with the intent of reaching orgasm, I don't want to be spending more than a minute or two doing so, since it's probably to relieve a headache. Having to spend three minutes massaging before going at it is the last thing that I want.

That being said, I purchased this product with the intent of making it easier for my partner to bring me to orgasm during intercourse. For that purpose, the application time and length of my arousal would not be a problem if I felt that this product truly did make it easier for me to achieve orgasm or increase the intensity of my orgasms. Unfortunately, I just get tingly and tense and there is never a real release, which makes it quite an uncomfortable, prolonged sensation for me to experience.

I have no problem with multiple orgasms in quick succession, so I am unsure of whether this would generally help in that domain - I certainly found it no more difficult than usual to reach my next orgasm. I did give this a go with my partner about a week after trying it myself, just in case, and I did not reach orgasm at all. This is not unusual for me, but I had hoped that the O Gloss might change things for my partner's sake.
Follow-up commentary
I haven't used this again, though I haven't yet thrown it out - perhaps one day, I'll actually get around to giving it to one of my friends so that they can try it out. For me, though, it's never going to happen.
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  • sunkissedJess
    Lovely review! Lots of useful information. Thank you for sharing
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    Great review, sorry to hear that it did not help you too much. Thanks for sharing!
  • ImaGodiva
    Thanks for the excellent, thorough review. I hate that feeling of itchy stimulation after orgasm. I will definitely not be trying this!
  • Wicked Wahine
    I had a similar experience with it not affecting my orgasms, but I could feel warmth, not tingling. I know I would have washed it off, too after an experience like yours. It's hard to recommend because it did do something, it just didn't help, plus it was uncomfortable! Thanks for such a detailed review. I am so annoyed with the sneaky labeling tactics! Besides the ethylexylglycerin, the propanediol, is another one. It is another name for propylene glycol!
  • Thea Gregory
    Thx for the review.
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