The ben wa balls - exerciser for vaginal muscles by Nasstoys - reviews

The ben wa balls The ben wa balls

Vaginal balls by Nasstoys

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The ben wa balls reviews

15 reviews
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15 reviews

This was a great product that met my expectations for having never used a toy of this nature before. It was fun

While this may be a great toy for a beginner because of the retrieval string its poor design may be a turn off to the more advanced users. The best function of this toy is that it can be worn in public completely discreetly but make sure you have some privacy for removal as they are noisy.

This item is worth the amount of money one would pay for it, but my experience didn't last long with it and was suddenly and disappointingly terminated. I liked this toy, and though I won't buy it again, I still recommend it for others.

I would DEFINITELY use this product. It gets the job done and I feel sexier when I use it because I know my sex will be more intense.

After doing my research I have come to the conclusion that these are actually made of a Realskin type of material, which is very porous and needs to be taken care of properly to prevent infections. These balls are good as far as performance goes, but the material isn't what they are labeled as and they are very porous. I give them 3 stars now.

These are great for beginners, unfortunately they fall apart very easily if this didn't happen I'd probably like them. I do not recommend them.

Over all I really did enjoy these. I'm scared of just about everything, so I'm sure I over thought about them becoming stuck. The smooth plastic feels just divine, and the style of the balls is very simple. Being a beginner myself, I think these make fantastic balls for beginners! Just a big of drag and resistance coming out, but with a bit of lube, they slide in easy! Wish the string was a bit shorter, but still great.

I really have committed myself to using these everyday to get a better idea of how effective they are for strengthening the vaginal muscles. They are comfortable and easy to care for.

Overall, I do believe the ben wall balls will help tighten the muscles of your vagina. My partner and I experimented with them. He would pull the string while I would tighten my muscles to try and keep them in. I think that if we do this often and I wear them a couple of times a day, I will regain a strong pelvic muscle floor as I had before two children.

This toy is not expensive so if you end up hating it you'll only be out a little bit of money and you can just play with it by swingin' it around and shaking it. It has an interesting feeling to it, fun to play with, it's cute, you can choose between buying pink or purple, and it's small. I say definitely try them out, they're interesting! What's to lose?

The Ben Wa Balls were my first experience with a vaginal exerciser. The perfect size for a beginner this toy is easy to store and care for. While the drag of the material made removal unpleasant, the slight vibrations I felt while this toy was in me made it lots of fun.

As far as pelvic exercisers, these are just fine. But use them in foreplay, and you've got yourself a fun little game!

When used daily, or at least regularly, these balls can strengthen the vaginal walls. They are easy to use and easy to clean.

These Ben Wa Balls are fun to experiment with for the price, but if these aren't your first I pick something else.

I'm not really for or against this toy. I'm more neutral on it. It was fun to wear out in public, but didn't really do much for me sexually. For the price, it's worth a try! I think I'll still use it again.

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