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The ben wa balls

Vaginal balls by Nasstoys

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Ben Wa Balls Review

I'm not really for or against this toy. I'm more neutral on it. It was fun to wear out in public, but didn't really do much for me sexually. For the price, it's worth a try! I think I'll still use it again.
Nice material, good size and weight, string allows for easy retrieval.
It just didn't stimulate me enough.
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I had looked forward to receiving the Ben Wa Balls by Nasstoys. I had never used ben wa balls before and had heard mixed reviews on how good they were. From my understanding they have two purposes. The first is to exercise and tighten your vaginal muscles, and the second is for arousal. Needless to say I was eager to test them out for myself.

When the balls arrived I was very pleased with their appearance. They are made out of a hard plastic coated with a smooth silky material. I found that this material was easy to clean. I simply washed them with hot soapy water (they are waterproof). They have weights inside them that seem to jiggle around a bit when moved--good for stimulation. Also, they have a string which attaches the two balls together and a string to leave hanging outside yourself. This allowed for easy retrieval.

I put a bit of lube on the balls and slipped them inside me and continued doing my regular daily activities. I did notice the extra sensation of something being inside me, but not as much as I would have hoped. The jiggling of the weights was very minimal and only really if I bent over or jumped up and down or something. I figured some more rigorous testing was in order.

Time for test two: wearing them out in public. I was very eager to wear them out somewhere knowing that only I would know that I had a toy inside me…what naughty fun! I wore them out to a social gathering with hopes of being turned on all night long. However, I found that once I got to the event I simply forgot they were even in me! The stimulation was virtually non-existent so I really didn’t notice them at all. Disappointing.

Test three: wearing them to the gym. I figured that since regular activities didn’t seem to move the balls around inside me enough, going to the gym might be the trick. So I put the balls inside and went on my way. But alas, my visions of running on the treadmill and becoming so hot and bothered I’d have to quickly dash home to masturbate never happened. I did notice them a little more with the increased motion, but really not much.

So my overall experience with these balls is that they didn’t really cause me that much arousal or stimulation. However, wearing them out in public was fun, even if only for the mental aspect. As far as the other purpose of tightening muscles goes, I do not really feel I am able to judge this. I don’t think I used them consistently enough to get any effects. Also I am fairly tight to begin with, so I don’t think the results would really be noticeable on me versus someone who just gave birth. So I will refrain from commenting on the toy's efficacy in this regard.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    So the string is coated in the same material as balls are? That makes for a slightly better safety profile. Given that the main purpose of balls (especially of this size) is exercise/toning, not arousal, it sounds like these might be a good basic choice. Also, muscle toning not just about tightening up, but having more muscular control, so can be equally effective for people at different life stages.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I also am curious about the string material. It seems if you forget the balls are there, you would like forget to -use- them.
  • AtlantisLovely
    Thanks for the comments. The string is mostly coated with a rubbery material. The string in between the two balls is fully coated. And the portion on the outside is half coated. I guess the idea is that the part of the string that would be inside you is coated and the part that would be hanging outside is not.
  • Digitalblakangel
    As a guy, I've never really understood these things... thanks for a little insight.
  • LavenderSkies
  • CynicallyYours
    thanks for the review!
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