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For first-time users of prolonging gel for men, this is a great product to use. This is also a great reference for comparison. It really does delay premature ejaculation longer than usual. If they come out with a big bottle, I will purchase it.

This item is worth it if you like the wait, because it does its job and keeps you going longer.

If you're worried about busting to soon, this gel is certainly a workable option. Just don't use to much or it will make it hard for you to enjoy sex.

Not Yet gel from Doc Johnson is a great idea but it just plain didn't work as intended for my man. However, the gel absorbs nicely and stays put. And it doesn't smell nearly as vile as others products I've tried.

It seemed like a good idea and may work for others---but it did not work out for us, because my skin is sensitive, and it did not take longer for my parter to cum.

Overall, this product is totally worth the money. It made my experience with my man so much more intense. He lasted much longer than normal. The pros are worth the cons.

This is a natural feeling lube. It allows your guy more control to allow for simultaneous climax. I would not recommend this lube for oral though because it does not taste good.

This gel uses the same active ingredient as Trojan Extended Pleasure, and other brands extended condoms, and is a topical number, not some natural or holistic scam. Works very well for those looking to extend their lasting time and fuck for longer.

This is a great product for anyone who has problems staying hard during intercourse. This is a numbing gel that allows both sides of the couple to fully enjoy the experience; if using a condom. If you don't plan on using one, then your partner will also become numb and in this case, using an alternative tool like a cock ring should be used.

The Not Yet Gel is perfect for those men having trouble controlling orgasms. The tube is small, but a little goes a long way. It gives the perfect amount of numbness and lasts long enough to be well worth the price! I would recommend this product to everyone!

Not Yet Gel allows someone to keep an erection longer, even through vigorous intercourse. But if you have a sensitive partner, they may feel the effects of the gel as well, making this product an iffy proposition for fluid-bonded partners who don't use condoms.

My man says I take too long. I say he's too quick. I'm sure most of you already know how that is. If you're tired of not getting yours and letting him have all the glory, then it's time you buy. Only $8.99 and it does exactly what it says.

Not yet gel was a good surprise. It is cheap, works, and you get a lot for the money. I would buy it and use it again. Don't lick it and don't get too much in the girl parts and you will be fine.

Not Yet Gel works. It can lead to longer lasting sexual encounters with limited loss of sensation and without using a cock ring. If you are needing a good prolonging gel, this one is worth a try.

Definately desensitizes and helps to prolong the erection, and the price of this gel is great! I would definately recommend giving it a try!

This gel did everything it promised to do. For the first time in 4 years my husband was able to control his orgasm even through vigorous sex. I would recommend every man who finishes sooner than he wants to should give this gel a try. It definitely worked for my husband!

I would highly recommend Not Yet Gel for those wanting to last longer during sex to please themselves and there partners. It is great to have around for those times you just want to play longer.

I found this product to be very helpful and it fulfills its claims. My girlfriend and I were very pleased with the results. Not Yet Gel is going to provide many couples with opportunities for good, long, quality sex.

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