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Super soft c-ring reviews

26 reviews
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26 reviews

If you're looking for something to spice up your sex life, then look no further than the Tantus 1.5" super soft cock ring. Both you and your partner will love what the Tantus brings to the bedroom.

You cannot go wrong with a toy like the Super Soft C-Ring. It's a high-quality product at a very low price.

Cock rings enhance your lovemaking experience, make solo time fun and are visually stimulating. They should be in everyone's toy box.

This is the best C-ring I have seen on the market for the price you are paying. It is a definite must in someone's sexual life.

This ring really impressed my partner when I gave it to him for our anniversary. I bought it with two other toys and he was ready to use it almost immediately. Make sure that your partner doesn't get excited too quickly, otherwise this thing will not be able to get onto his shaft.

The first time I used this ring, I was very impressed. It did something that no ring I've used before it had done... It caused my penis to become incredibly firm and made the veins pop out. With any other ring I've used, my penis was slightly firmer than normal but they had no other effects. If the one I have ever breaks, I will definitely buy another one! Luckily, however, this ring is VERY durable and reliable.

This is a cheap stretchy cock ring. It is extremely soft to the touch, has no odor, and is hassle-free. Despite being stretchy, it is not *very* stretchy, so this can be either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your size and use. Definitely worth the try, though, whether you are looking to buy your first cock ring or are just looking for something new.

We enjoyed using our super soft c-ring, and I would recommend it to men who are average size. Larger men should look at the measurements though, it could be to small. It worked well for us, and we'll be using it a lot!

Tantus' Super Soft C-Ring is not only a great cock ring for beginners, it's also a great addition for the more experienced user's bag of tricks. Simple, effective and easy to take care of, the price alone makes this a must have for anyone who has ever wanted to explore rings and erection-enhancers.

The super soft ring from Tantus is the prefect beginner ring for any guy looking to get into cock rings. To try out the experience of a cock ring for the first time or enjoy a more mild sensation, there's no better starter on the market.

Overall I'm giving the device a 3 on the rating scale. Not only because of my experience but also as I think they could have done a bit more to put some simple usage and care instructions in the package. I would still suggest that anyone who is looking for a ring take a look at this one. I don't think any ring on the market will have directions with it, and the quality of the product is quite impressive.

This cockring is just what I have been looking for for years now. It is silicone, that is soft and stretchy, can be added or removed with an erection, placed around both the shaft and balls, and it can be safely cleaned without worrying about germs and bacteria attaching to it. I found a winner!

This is a very good quality cock ring by Tantus. I love the colors and the fact that it is stretchy and made of silicone and has a good sized band. It is a bit tight for me personally and I wish they came in more sizes. It does what it is supposed to do though. The price was very reasonable too.

This is a great beginner to advanced cock ring. The finish is soft and comfortable against the skin. It does not get in the way when you are having sex.

Whether your a 20-something stud - or an older guy looking for an edge, the Super Soft C Ring is something you should consider. The premium quality silicone ensures safety for both you and your partner. Putting it on isn't hard - but you will be - and that's what cock rings are for!

"If your like it, then you should have put a ring on it."~~ Beyonce As the diva says, if you really like your man, slap a cock ring on that-- or at least, give that experience a try! Well, I tried, but this was the wrong size for me! It is still a perfectly fine cock ring, one that would be used if I had just measured correctly to begin with. If this ring fits, get it now! It's a great buy for your new escapades!

If you are looking at a cock ring for the first time this is a great pick. The material is super stretchy meaning the toy is easy to put on and take off. Silicone is super easy to clean up and is going to last a long time. The toy has a low cost, so if you do not like the sensation of a cock ring, then you are not out much cash. Overall a great toy for those looking for some new sexual sensations.

Overall, you can't go wrong for $9.99. If you have yet to try a cock ring, do yourself a favor and find out how to last longer and have the hardest orgasm in your life.

Overall, this is a great all-purpose ring, especially for a beginner. It is a well-built ring with the right high-quality features for an inexpensive price. More advanced users may want a tighter ring or a ring with a specific size and with a lot less give. Some users may also prefer a sleeker look with a thinner ring than this wide rubber-band-sized ring.

Super Soft C-Ring by Tantus makes an excellent purchase whether you’re a newbie in the world of cock rings or an advanced user. Everyone will be able to find some use for it no matter what their penis size is or the type of constriction they desire. It is especially a great investment for those who are not sure about whether they will enjoy cock rings or not — for a price less than two cups of Starbucks coffee it makes a worthy purchase to find out! So stop thinking about it and buy it!

This is a very basic cock ring that will be amazing for the right person. Unfortunately, neither of my partners were the right size to use this. This is made from a premium silicone from Tantus, so it is super safe. No special bells or whistles on here; it is just a basic ring.

It is worth the money but for me it restricts my orgasm, so i give it a 3 star. Make sure with this that you are careful with removal so that you do not grab any hair.

The Tantus super soft c-ring is an excellent cock ring that as the name suggests is made of soft and stretchy silicone. This stretchiness allows this ring to be safe, comfortable, and easy to put on while keeping all the hygiene benefits of silicone. The design is simple but effective. The band is thick enough to avoid the rubber band feel many cock rings have and it works well whether placed in front of the balls, behind them, or on them like a stretcher. A superb choice for most all users.

With all of these crazy cock rings that come out with all of their fancy attachments and what not, it's getting harder to find a simple, solid, high quality cock ring. This is the rawest form of cock ring with the perfect material for long lasting use. Silicone is awesome, this cock ring is awesome. You really can't go wrong with this, I've no complaints at all!

Tantus has raised the bar by making a soft silicone ring so guys can enjoy the benefits of a great cock ring without the worry of getting it on and off. We all know that silicone is one of the best materials out there for sex toys, right? What could be better than a cock ring made out of made out of soft, stretchy silicone or course! This ring does it all, looks good and will out last most sitcoms.

This basic, stretchy and super-soft silicone c-ring could be considered a beginner ring, but I know that people of all experiences sometimes just want a simple ring to prolong sex, without the fancy gizmos. This c-ring is JUST that ring, it's a MUST c-ring for every nightstand.

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