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15 reviews

This item is a bit high priced due to its brand name, but is a good addition to the bedroom. It may not be suited well for a large penis, but does provide strong vibration for an average man and woman.

This product is a great addition to anyone's treasure chest. With so many features built into such a small package, what's not to like about this TORriffic product? While I have found this product to be difficult to clean, I think it is well worth the money for a intermediate or advance user.

The shape of the Tor did not align with my clitoris, or fit comfortably with my vulva. I spent a lot of time trying to find a good spot on the Tor where I could grind myself to orgasm. I never found that spot, and I resorted to using my hand to reach orgasm.

I don't think I can recommend this toy enough. We love this toy and even with the higher price I am pretty sure that if we use this toy so much that it fails we will probably have to go out and purchase the same exact model to replace it. I enjoy how well it is designed, how well it works, and that it is rechargeable. If anyone ever asks me what Cock Ring to buy I will deffinately steer them in the direction of the Lelo Tor!

If you want a high quality cock ring that can be used on a man of any size, and get the job done good... here it is! It doesn't get any better than Tor, believe me. We've tried cock rings far and wide with little success... and NO success when it comes to the vibrating ones! Take advantage of this opportunity and get yourself a Tor!

Though the Tor is a pretty expensive toy, it's one that needs to be tried at least once. The sensations experienced from it are heavenly! This, along with the included 1 year warranty and 10 year quality guarantee, make it a solid product that I'd definitely recommend.

Tor is the first cock ring me or my partner have ever used. After looking at all the options available, it seemed like the best one to try. It's rechargeable, made from fairly safe materials, has multiple speeds and functions, and according to the other reviews, it's pretty powerful. When we tried it, I was extremely disappointed. The vibrations are nowhere near strong enough for me, and it doesn't seem to work for either of our bodies.

The LELO Tor is the most versatile cock-ring I have found, not only because it can fit most men, but also because it has many vibration modes and patterns built in. This product may seem pricey to some, but when you factor in all of the features, the amazing build quality, the one year warranty, and the 10 year guarantee, this product does not seem expensive at all. My fiancee and I both enjoy the LELO Tor a lot, and we think it is worth every penny! He says: 5/5 She says: 5/5

Lelo offers two vibrating cock rings. The Tor draws you in with its numerous stimulation modes and hefty price tag. But the question is: How much better is it? If you have a vast collection of toys, this is a valuable addition. If you'll be using a single cock ring often, this is close to ideal. However, I don't use it for all that long at one time or every day. I'd say go with the Bo. You'll save some money, and the vibrating ring itself will provide something new, without needing six modes.

I really do love this product. The best thing about it? I will almost guarantee you that this item will make your night or day, which ever you prefer. She will orgasm a lot more for you. And if she is in the mood and you aren't, all she has to do is stick her two fingers in the middle and she can use it on herself. One thing guys, make sure you use lube because getting the ring on and off can be a pain.

Lelo's Tor is touted as a powerhouse-style cock ring, but in my opinion its high-pitched vibrations make it fall short of being able to claim that title. But if you don't require super-strong vibrations in order to have an orgasm, you'll probably love the great fit and feel the Tor can provide.

This is the best cock ring I have used to date. It is convenient and offers variations that should be able to accommodate just about everyone's pleasure sensors. The only thing that I can think that would improve this device is if it came in a waterproof version. It really surpassed all my expectations and is well worth the investment.

The Tor is an amazing cock ring, stretchy enough for nearly any size penis and with enough variation and intensity to the vibration to please just about anyone. It's not a power tool but it makes the penis flutter and rumble, giving pleasure to both partners - while being rechargeable and body safe. A must have.

I really like this toy. It is an excellent vibrator for focused genital stimulation for both you and your partner simultaneously (or alone). Beautifully designed and manufactured from the finest materials. Very discreet to carry in its little case, easy to use and care for. It delivers a variety of vibration and pulsation patterns directly where they can do the most good for both you and your partner.

Cock rings are a varied bunch, so it's delightful to find a product like Tor - which excels in just about every area you need a cock ring to perform in. It's got the right stretch, tightness and intensity of vibes; the rechargeable battery and classy packaging are just icing on an already delicious cake.

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