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A Torrible Disappointment

Tor is the first cock ring me or my partner have ever used. After looking at all the options available, it seemed like the best one to try. It's rechargeable, made from fairly safe materials, has multiple speeds and functions, and according to the other reviews, it's pretty powerful. When we tried it, I was extremely disappointed. The vibrations are nowhere near strong enough for me, and it doesn't seem to work for either of our bodies.
Rechargeable, multiple speeds and functions, body safe, attractive design, storage case, lockable.
Weak, doesn't reach my clitoris, edges dig in, rattles.
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Tor is a vibrating cock ring, or "gentleman's ring," as Lelo refers to it. It's supposed to increase the size and hardness of a man's erection, while the vibrations provide hands-free stimulation to his partner's clitoris. Unfortunately, Tor was unable to accomplish any of these things for my boyfriend and I.

I would only recommend Tor to a couple where the man has already tried and enjoyed wearing other cock rings, and the woman doesn't require very strong vibrations and has a short distance between her vaginal opening and clitoris.

Material / Texture

Tor is made from food grade materials, is hypoallergenic, and doesn't contain latex or phtalates. There is no odour.

The vibrating portion of Tor is made from hard plastic. The Lelo logo is engraved in the top, but won't be felt during use. Other than that, it is totally smooth, with no texture to add extra sensation.

The ring is made from TPE. It's stretchy, but not as stretchy as I was expecting. It has a grabby surface that will pick up lint, and could pull on pubic hairs if you're not shaved. There is a small seam than can be seen but not felt.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

Tor's design is much more attractive and classy than many other cock rings on the market.

It's made up of two parts, the vibrator and the ring. They slide together when you want to use the toy, and slide apart for charging and storing.

This design made a lot more sense on Tor's brother, Bo, where there are no buttons to control the toy and it's turned on by sliding the two parts together. On Tor, this was more of an annoyance than anything else. When I press the "-" button located on the side, the vibrator will start to slide off the ring unless I hold it in place.

Tor has an unstretched diameter of 1 inch. According to the product page it's able to stretch up to 3 inches, but I can only get it to stretch to about 2 inches. My boyfriend is average girth (1 1/2" diameter, or 5" circumference) and he found it to be a snug fit when placed around his penis. He wasn't willing to try it behind his balls because he thought it would be too tight and painful. The inside edges of the ring are raised, which dug into his flesh. When we took Tor off, there were two red lines where the edges had been. He isn't used to the feeling of having something around his penis, and it really bothered him. People who are experienced with cock rings might find it less uncomfortable than he did.

The vibrator extends about 3/4" from the ring. My clitoris is about 1 1/2" away, so it wasn't able to reach. It is 1 1/2" wide, which I found a little too wide to fit comfortably between my labia. The only position where it even came close to hitting my clit was with me on top, leaning forwards. The vibrator has hard, sharp edges and they dug into me a bit in this position.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Tor's vibration are controlled by "+" and "-" buttons located on either side of the vibrator. Pressing the "+" turns the vibrations on, and increases their intensity. There are about 10 levels of steady vibrations. It's hard to count them since there are so many and there is very little increase in power from level to the next. After you reach the highest level, pressing the "+" again will take you into the 5 vibration patterns: slow pulsing, fast pulsing, escalating, roller coaster, and random. The "-" will take you back to the previous setting, and eventually turn the vibrations off. The controls can be locked by holding both buttons down for 5 seconds, which is great for travel.

Tor isn't very loud, but it does tend to rattle at times. The sound level will also increase and decrease as your bodies move during sex. It didn't really bother me, but my boyfriend found it distracting and commented on it.

The vibrations are high pitched and buzzy. They numbed my fingers in the minute or two I held it to check out the vibration patterns. They are also not very strong. Even when I held the toy to my clit, they were barely enough to start to arouse me, let alone bring me to orgasm. Since the vibrator didn't reach my clit during sex, it didn't add much to my experience. I was able to slightly feel the vibrations conducted up my boyfriend's shaft, but again it was too weak to add any enjoyment. He also didn't get any extra pleasure from the vibrations.

The patterns seem pretty pointless to me. I could only feel them if we were staying still so that I was pressed up against the Tor. During thrusting, using the patterns meant that sometimes the vibrations were turned off when they came into contact with my body.

Care and Maintenance

Tor comes with a case that can be used for charging and storing. It keeps your toy clean, protected, and out of sight.

To charge Tor, you have to seperate it into it's two sections to expose the DC port. After placing the two parts in the case, you can snap it shut and insert the charging cord through the opening in the case. It uses the same cord as any other Lelo toys you may own. An LED on the base of the vibrator blinks while Tor is charging, and glows steadily to let you know when it's fully charged. It will also glow red to let you know when they battery is low and you need to charge it again.

Tor should be fully charged before your first use, and the first charge can take up to 6 hours. Mine came partially charged and only took half an hour. After your initial use, a full charge will take about 2 hours and will last up to 2 hours.

Tor is compatible with water or silicone based lubes, and you will want to use lube to make it easier to put on.

According to the manual, Tor should be washed with warm water and antibacterial soap. Since the charging port isn't covered, I wouldn't want to wash it under running water. I use a washcloth or a toy cleaning wipe. The material is slightly porous, and can't be fully sterilized.


Lelo always has great packaging, and Tor is no exception. There is an outer box made from thin, glossy black cardboard. It says Lelo Homme on top, and has a product description on the sides. Inside is another black box made from heavier, matte cardboard. It is attractive and discreet, unless someone recognizes the Lelo name embossed on the lid. Inside is the toy, it's case, the charger, an instruction booklet, and a warranty.

The instructions explain charging, operating, and cleaning the toy, as well as explaining it's intended benefits, and providing a few simple tips for use. It comes with a one year warranty, and a 10 year quality guarantee. If your Tor breaks within the first year it will be replaced, and for the next 9 years after that you will be able to return it to the company and receive 50% off another Lelo product.
Follow-up commentary
We haven't used this again, and I'm sure we never will. It added no pleasure for me, and lots of discomfort for my boyfriend. I might contact Lelo and see if I can return Tor and take advantage of their 10 year guarantee to get a discount off another toy.
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