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The Ring's the Thing

Cock rings are a varied bunch, so it's delightful to find a product like Tor - which excels in just about every area you need a cock ring to perform in. It's got the right stretch, tightness and intensity of vibes; the rechargeable battery and classy packaging are just icing on an already delicious cake.
Possibly - probably - the finest cock ring available today.
Only the price would dissuade anybody from purchasing this amazing product.
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When I was a child, growing up in the wilds of Dartmoor, England, I would spend my days clambering on the mighty granite 'tors' that littered the moorland. That's how I knew what the word 'Tor' meant - a rocky peak or hill.

It's actually an inspired name for this incredible product from Lelo - as Tor is a cock ring designed to get your erection as firm and towering as any of the rocky peaks on Dartmoor.

Tor consists of two parts - a stretchy cock ring that clings to the shaft of your cock, either above or below the balls. A rechargeable, vibrating unit clips onto the top of the ring and offers powerful stimulation; both to your cock and the clitoris of your partner (assuming you're positioned correctly.)

Cock rings can often be tricky things - some of them (like the Macho Stallions Double Cock Ring) require stamina and dexterity to wrangle onto your cock. The beauty of the Tor is that it's simple to slip on; perfect for beginners.

Material / Texture

Tor is made from a stunning combination of TPE and plastic. The ring itself is made from stretchy TPE, which perfectly balances stretchiness (making it easy to put on) and tautness (giving you a firm, throbbing erection) and it a beautiful purple color, plus utterly odorless: WIN.

On top of the ring, a hard plastic insert blends seamlessly with the stretchy TPE and houses a slot to connect the vibrating head of the ring. That's totally rigid; although when you clip the two together, it's as if they were a single piece of molding. It's really a terrific job; the quality of construction shines through.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

I'm fairly well-endowed, so I've never quite met a cock ring that fit right until I came across the Tor. It was PERFECT; snapping neatly around the root of my dick, below the balls, and rapidly giving me a super-hard erection throbbing with promiscuous potential. Even better, the ring felt utterly comfortable and was perfectly sized not to get in the 'way of the action' (some cock rings limit penetration.)

It was also easy to get on and off, without lube. All in all, absolutely ideal. I think the stretchiness of the TPE means this will be a superb fit for almost any penis - it certainly was for mine.

Functions / Performance / Controls

In common with other Lelo products, the Tor has incredibly simple controls that betray the sophistication and complexity of the functions it offers. A (-) and (+) symbol switch on and off the vibrations, and adjust the intensity. There are six different settings, from a 'light flutter' to an intense and continuous pulsation - perfect for almost any taste.

The best part, of course, is the fact that Tor is fully rechargeable. A cleverly hidden clip covers an DC socket which enables you to charge Tor up and keep it vibrating powerfully without exchanging those fiddly little watch batteries so many cock rings rely on.

Care and Maintenance

TPE and plastic mean this toy is pretty safe - it doesn't contain any nasty chemicals. It's not totally sterilizable, though, which means you can't share it with other partners unless you're fluid bonded.

The advantage of the TPE ring, though, is that it's detachable from the vibrating part, so you can soak it, swab it, swish it and clean it utterly thoroughly - making this one of the most hygienic and easy to look after toys even if it isn't made from the optimum material, silicone.

Storage is a breeze - it comes with a neat little plastic case which neatly contains both parts of the ring and has a hole to allow you to recharge it in the case. Perfect!


In keeping with other products from Lelo, Tor comes in a simply stunning package. Sleek, glossy purple packaging hides a stylish, black velvet box - making the casual observer more likely to suspect that it contains an expensive eau de parfum or jewelry than a vibrating sex toy.

The only downside are the instructions, which are limited, badly translated and cluttered amongst the same paragraph in about a dozen other languages. In all honesty, though, there are two buttons and a single DC socket to get your head around, so this isn't a huge problem - especially not considering that most cock rings don't come with instructions at all.

Personal comments

No two ways about it, I LOVED this product. It was by far and away the best cock ring I'd ever used; easy and effective and adding an enormous amount of pleasure to sex.


My wife and I found it particularly exciting during a recent bout of anal sex, when the Tor made my cock engorged, rock hard and throbbing. When I was balls-deep inside my wife, she moaned that she could feel every beat of my pulse, and squirmed because of the intensity of me being so hard and thick.

I also appreciated the fact that I didn't pull out any pubic hairs when I wrangled the Tor off my sated cock - just one more reason why I feel this is the finest cock ring I've ever used.
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