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Beauty's Punishment

Book by Dutton

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Beauty's Punishment reviews

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11 reviews

If you read and enjoyed "Claiming Sleeping Beauty", definitely buy this sequel which manages to be even more erotic. Flip through some boring set ups to just get to the truly sexy scenes and possibly skip over the brief bestiality sins.

I love reading books that take me to where the author is coming from. I could see the people and hear the spankings the slaves have went through.

If you're into very kinky erotica, this is the trilogy you're looking for. This book follows Beauty after her time at the castle. She is taken to the nearby village and becomes a slave for an inn keeper. While following Beauty's story, we also meet Tristan. He has several chapters devoted to him as well. Even with both stories, it all flows together very well, and is extremely easy to follow.

The second installment of Anne Rice's erotic tales of Sleeping Beauty answers your question of the plot from the first novel and leaves you hanging yet again for the third. This story delves even deeper in to the twisted world in which the characters live and will surely leave you wanting closure by reading the final novel.

This is an interesting book which would be intriguing to almost anyone. Through this book you divulge much more deeply into Beauty's mind and her heart. You also get to learn much more about the dreaded village. The male she yearns for in this book, Tristan, has his story nearly equally expanded as hers in this book, which I thought was nifty since they only gave Alexi two chapters in book one.

Book two of the Sleeping Beauty series by Anne Rice is nothing to bat an eye at. Part of it will bore you sleep, but then you'll wake your ass up when there's cats suckling clits. For a second there we do find some character depth, but not with Beauty. If you've read book one and just can't help but read this one thinking it gets better, it really doesn't, and you'll feel bad. Just saying.

Anne Rice really is a versatile writer and I love that she tackled erotica here. This book was very intriguing to me since I'm involved in the bdsm/fetish community.

This is a short but sexy story that has just enough to make it kinky. I wish that it was more descriptive and a bit longer. The story is fun and a fresh take on a classic tale.

This book is a good follow up to The Taking of Sleeping Beauty. It takes place in a lush little village where naked and humiliated royal slaves are a common sight. A very good read best sipped rather than devoured!

The second installment in Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy, this book follows Princess Beauty to what must easily be literature’s kinkiest village. Inn owners ply their customers with wanton slaves and human ponies pull the villagers’ carts – making the bizarrely erotic almost banal.

An exciting sex slave story based on the story sleeping beauty. This book has something to offer for everyone since it touches many different things such as same sex intercourse, bdsm, and anything you can think of.

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