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Beauty's Punishment

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Part Two Of The Beauty Series

Book two of the Sleeping Beauty series by Anne Rice is nothing to bat an eye at. Part of it will bore you sleep, but then you'll wake your ass up when there's cats suckling clits. For a second there we do find some character depth, but not with Beauty. If you've read book one and just can't help but read this one thinking it gets better, it really doesn't, and you'll feel bad. Just saying.
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As you may already be able to tell by my gleaming review of part one, The Claiming Of Sleeping Beauty, I am not a fan of this series.

This one's got dildos with pony tails and cats licking butter off of privates. Hold on to y'alls hats.

So in this one, we pick up where we left off in that Beauty was all dazzled by how fucked up the punishments were and wanted MORE so she thrust herself to the auctioning block over in "the village" where things are worse than they ever were in the castle. She and her love interest, Tristan are sold to the highest bidders and set to work, with Tristan being a horse-man-thing and Beauty ends up in an Inn and gets fondled and spanked by the captain of the guard.

But it's like OMG SOOOOO AWESOME! so the two end up loving the crap out of their new lives even though they're terrified and often beaten within an inch of losing consciousness. She ends up falling for this other slave-prince who, you guessed it, is disobedient and takes harsh punishments for his crimes. But it's totally okay because Tristan is now a true pony at heart and just can't tear himself away from his master.

And then OH THE NOES! The slaves are kidnapped!!!

But their masters don't try to retrieve them, probably because they're on a ship on their way to the Sultan and who can really do anything about that? So the slaves decide to accept their fate and hang out in their golden cages and wait until they are delivered.

Okay, so plot aside, this book actually has less sex and violence in it than the first book. Actually, much of the humiliating sex acts and spankings are a repeat of book one and nothing really shocked me. But, this book does go into the pony fetish which I had never heard of before reading this book. Edenfantasys actually sells the devices described in the book. Grab a tail and read along!

In this book the character depth improves for a little bit, namely because Tristan the ponyboy's story is told from first person perspective. Beauty's story is told in third person, as is the rest of the book, but the way Tristan speaks makes me care just a little bit about his feelings and thoughts. Beauty sort of takes a step down from being the main character and instead takes spanking after boring repetitive spanking, oh and she gets gang banged at one point.

Oh and a cat licks butter off of her clit and nipples. Against Beauty's will, of course. Only an evil mistress could make her suffer such cruel, hard punishment *heavy eye roll*

Please don't let Anne Rice fool you into thinking that any of these books have any sort of psychological insight to the folks who enjoy the BSDM lifestyle. They're not nearly this boring and dull and randomly shocking. Many even contribute to charities.

Onto the third book, where we will find the prince who gives Beauty her ultimate spanking and Dom's her in for good.

If you like it then you should put a pony tail phallus on it.
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  • namelesschaos
    Another good review in what is apparently a mediocre series.
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    Thanks for the review.
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    great review ty
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    thanks for the review
  • MissMori
    I didn't even get through the first book since I managed to hate it and be bored by it at the same time, but your reviews are fun to read! Also, I like the phrase "Hold on to y'alls hats" so much I am going to use it every chance I get!
  • Forever17
  • geliebt
    Thank you for reviewing!
  • hybridinsurge
    This review was very entertaining! More entertaining than the book it is about, actually...
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    This is a great review, thanks!
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    Thanks for the review!
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    I laughed so hard at your description of the plot. Thanks!
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