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Carrie's Story reviews

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16 reviews

Whether you're just starting out exploring kinky fantasies or you're looking for another kinky book to sate your desires, you'll enjoy Carrie's Story. But if you're looking to explore BDSM on a practical level, Molly Weatherfield is not the author you want to turn to for advice.

Carrie's Story is an erotic tale of a slave girl's development, told through the unusually analytical eyes of a doctorate student in literature. This book is sure to please those looking for a hot, easy, kinky read.

A novel about BDSM is not something I originally would have expected to enjoy. I'm not saying I like chains and whips now, but that Carrie's Story has provided me an appreciation and understanding to the fetish. Weatherfield's writing will have you crying by the end of the novel, and gripping your bedsheets during the sex scenes. Sex, paired with the danger of sadism, has never been more explicit.

I really did enjoy this book, and plan to keep it in my collection for some time. It was fairly well written and I am curious to see if the Author has any other books.

If you're interested in BDSM, Carrie's Story, with its well-drawn and intelligent characters and depictions and images of slavery and pleasure, is sure to be a delight to read. Carrie takes a journey to explore and become the slave she can be, and you'll find yourself lost in her world until the very end.

This book is an erotic novel about Carrie and her trainings as she moves from the sexual slave of one man to a slave preparing for an auction. It was my first S&M novel and I got sucked into it and really enjoyed the story.

My overall impression of this book's amazing! I cannot wait to read more like it. The next book in my list is "The Story of O" as it is mentioned in this book a few times. It may make a few references make a little more sense to me. Overall, I suggest this to everyone. Men and women. Take a crack at it and maybe it will take a crack of you.

Carrie's Story by Molly Weatherfield is a lovely novel about one woman's journey to self discovery through service. It is a rich BDSM novel that shows the author's commitment to safe, sane and concensual play. An amazing read I recommend this to anyone who is interested in exploring BDSM.

If you get off on the idea of being restrained or punished, if S&M is your bag, if you have ever dreamt of being entirely at another persons disposal for their sexual gratification or entertainment, you will almost definitely love this book. It is a rather gritty but personal look at the world of S&M through the eyes of a young woman who is taking a crash course in it. It is after all "An Erotic S&M Novel".

Try Carrie's Story for a well-written and very sexy BDSM story. You won't be able to put it down once you start. Get this book!!

Carrie's Story was a very interesting introduction to the world of BDSM for me. I feel the quality of the writing is very high, with plenty of input from Carrie, whether it is her enjoyment, confusion, or fear. The book is also put together very well with good quality pages. Due to the subjects of this book, including slavery, pony play, and humiliation, this may not be an enjoyable read for everyone.

Carrie's Story is a S/M erotic novel that features the life of Carrie, a ordinary girl that heads down a road of blunt submission. Carrie's story is 198 pages filled with the trials and tribulations of a S/M relationship.

Carrie's Story is a great read for those who enjoy BDSM erotica. It is easy to read, and not overdone as some books are.

Carrie's Story is a raw look into the world of BDSM. It shows aspects of the lifestyle that aren't always glamorized but always manages to keep the writing very erotic. A very easy-to-read book that has great descriptions and is very well-written.

For someone who wants to envelop themselves into the world of BDSM without reading a tutorial, this book is a guilty pleasure. It's an easy read and if you're prone to stay up and read a book you've gotten hooked by, this one will do it. Carrie is easy to get attached to and you'll find yourself bringing her to life.

If you liked Story of O, you’ll like Carrie’s Story. It’s a smart, engaging, well-written, extremely sexual journey into the many forms of power.

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