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My First S&M Novel

This book is an erotic novel about Carrie and her trainings as she moves from the sexual slave of one man to a slave preparing for an auction. It was my first S&M novel and I got sucked into it and really enjoyed the story.
Nice combination of information and erotic scenes
Well written
Cover is not discreet (although I read it once on the train)
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About author

This novel was written by Molly Weatherfield. I do not have any previous experience with this author, but her writing style makes me eager to read Safe Word, which is the sequel to this book.
    • Engaging

Content / Style / Audience

Carrie's Story is about a young woman and her "initiation" and progress in the world of S&M as a slave. It opens up with her master, named Jonathan, telling her that he wants to sell her. The story then goes back to the beginning to discuss how they met. It continues with how he "trained" her and the intense pony training she, and a group of other females, had to endure in order to be sold at an auction. Throughout all the training I kept wondering about whether Jonathan would be able to sell her and what would come of their relationship. I don't want to tell you what happened, so you will have to read it for yourself.

I feel like I learned a lot about some of the intense examples of what goes on with this type of "lifestyle" and sexual play. I personally have no experience with any of this, so it was interesting to get details about pony training and other aspects about slave life. Anyone who is new to this will learn something, although I am not sure how realistically this one is written because as I mentioned, I have no experience in this area.

The story is told through the voice of Carrie, the main character, and tells the reader a lot about her thought process toward the whole ordeal. I really enjoy knowing what goes on in the characters' heads when I read a novel, and with this type of book I found it very enjoyable. It was especially interesting to see how Carrie felt during the whole week that she spent at the farm/ranch going through intense pony training. Some people may not enjoy the fact that although there are a good amount of arousing erotic scenes throughout the story, they are not the entire focus of the book. If you are looking for constant sexual scenes then this may not be the book for you.
    • Bdsm


This book is a standard paperback size. It has a glossy cover with a picture of the back side of a woman who is on her knees shackled to something. You can see her uncovered ass, so this one is not discreet for reading on the morning or evening commute if you take the bus/subway. If people happen to miss the ass, they might also see the large "An Erotic S/M Novel" description on the front as well. I have not had this one for very long, but I have had it in different bags and it has held up well.
    • Not very discreet cover
    • Soft cover

Personal comments

This novel offered, for me, a nice combination of erotic scenes and information about one type of S&M lifestyle. I wasn't sure how much I would like this, but I found it pretty arousing and it was a very easy read for me.


As I was reading Carrie's Story I was thinking a lot about whether I could see myself in Carrie's position. Some of it was very arousing and sounded interesting, particularly her early time spent with Jonathan. However, I could not see myself making it through the pony training without running away and forgetting the whole arrangement. Even though this part isn't something I would do, I still found it a turn on to read about. This was a book that I really liked and if I had friends who were into reading about something like this then I would definitely recommend it.
Follow-up commentary
This is a good book for exploring an intense side of the S&M world for those curious or those who want to get some ideas. It is easy to put yourself in the place of Carrie because the book discusses most of her thoughts and feelings about everything that was occurring. Even though I really enjoyed reading this, I wish there was more actual sex in it, but if you read this one and wish there was more then just hold out for the sequel.
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  • Lady Venus
    This has been on my wishlist for a while now. Sounds like a great read.
  • Shellz31
    Awesome review.
    I'm not big on reading, but I'm getting this in my next order!
    Pretty rough being sold though, huh. I'm curious to find out about the pony training Carrie goes through. Not sure it would be my thing though.

    You've sold
  • Waterfall
    Thanks for reading ~Venus~, I hope you get a chance to read this one

    Thank you Shellz31 I'm glad I could sell you on this one. You know I am always up for a good book!
  • Daniel & Brittany
    looks like a great book
  • Selective Sensualist
    I'm with Shellz: this will definitely be in a future order. Between your review and another review I've read on this book, I'm sold, too!
  • Andromeda
    Great review! I've heard a lot of good things about this one. May have to wishlist it now
  • Waterfall
    Thanks for the comments!

    @Selective Sensualist- I'm happy to hear that you are interested in reading this one, hope you enjoy it

    @Andromeda- I think you should put it on your wish list
  • Midway through
    Great review!
  • Waterfall
    Thank you
  • M121212
    I loved this one too! Can't wait to see what happens with Carrie and Johnathan in the sequel. Thanks for the review ^.^
  • Waterfall
    Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy the sequel! I liked it even better than this one.
  • fromazoo
    Thank you for the review
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