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He's On Top reviews

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15 reviews

A fun introduction to something other than the vanilla erotica that is within adult stories. Personally one of my favorite collections.

It's a great book. I personally love it (once I got over that first hump known as the first story, anyways). The book has some great scenes that I am going to try to (nonchalantly) bring up to my husband to see if we can try. It is good whether or not you're into BDSM or if you're just curious. All in all, it is a really good bedtime book.

If you like being submissive (and possibly if you don't) you'll enjoy the stories in this book. Written in a variety of styles and viewpoints, all showcase the relationships between dominant men and their willingly submissive women. Overall, it's a hot read with many stories to savor.

The erotica contained in He's on Top kept me fascinated from the beginning to the end. It was obviously about male dominance over women, but more importantly it was loving. The women were actually lucky to be under the control of such men and I would definitely recommend this book for anyone shy of trying domination for the first time. You know, just in case you might think it would be hard to include love in fetishes.

I hoped this would be a collection accessible to those not into BDSM (i.e. me!) but I found myself unaroused by most of the content. There are a few gems nestled within, but I don't know if I can justify to others shelling out the cash when I dislike so many of the stories.

I expected hot, raunchy kink... and I got it. I expected dominance and submission, flings and long-term relationships, thrilling and suspenseful prose... and I got it. But I didn't expect the romance. I didn't expect to cry, to laugh, to love. And I got it nonetheless. If your idea of dominant men is one-dimensional, suffering from preconceived notions about misogyny or anger, egoism or self-centered attitudes, you need to read this book. You will never look at a man-on-top the same way again.

Even if one doesn't expect to enjoy BDSM fiction, I think everyone will find a little bit of pleasure from He's on Top. I thought I wouldn't be a fan because I usually don't like the hardcore whips and chains type of thing. But upon reading this anthology, I discovered through the well-crafted and sexually arousing stories that there's an emotional value to the fetish. I'm grateful to have been able to realize it and will definitely be trying out more of the genre in the future.

He's on Top gives a new look of male dominance. It takes away the bad rap they so often receive. The multiple contributing authors, both men and women, bring out the dance of master and slave. Men show their power in multiple ways. This book is filled with control, spanking, dating, sex, and desire. It will leave you breathless. I strongly recommend He's on Top.

Check out "He's on Top" for excellent stories of power exchange, not just (as the editor says) "name calling" and "come here, bitch." This is a well-done anthology by Ms. Bussel, as usual.

He's On Top is a collection of male dominance stories that high lights the sweet and considerate side of the dominant male. These aren't just hard and rough stories of the sex doms and subs have but the emotional connection and involvement they develop and share in the process.

This is a great book about men topping women. There is a variety of kink between the covers, and a great variation of both tone, and setting. Whether you are a man who loves to top, a woman who loves to be topped, or a voyeur who loves to watch it all go down, there is a story in this book for you. I honestly had a difficult time putting it down.

For those of us tired of the same old stereotype of male abuser, female sufferer that abounds in D/s literature this is a breath of fresh air. For anyone else looking for a good collection of stories about dominant males and their loving subs this is a sure fit!

I loved this book! Every story is told in a way that inspires me to evoke submissive play with my partner. I would highly recommend this. I am somewhat of a novice, but everything about this book makes me want to delve deeper into submissive play.

Overall I was pleased with this book and can see myself going back and reading it again. Some of the stories were very easy to get drawn into. If you have a fantasy driven mind and like submission you will enjoy this compilation of stories.

For pointers on how to expand your vocabulary in writing, the terms are very graphic, yet non-insulting in nature. Want a way to tickle your man's dominant side? Check out some of the humbled groveling of the submissive subjects.

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