He's on Top—in His Rightful Place

It's a great book. I personally love it (once I got over that first hump known as the first story, anyways). The book has some great scenes that I am going to try to (nonchalantly) bring up to my husband to see if we can try. It is good whether or not you're into BDSM or if you're just curious. All in all, it is a really good bedtime book.
Great intro for a newbie, stories get steamy, you may want to try these at home.
The first story is kind of boring, may not be something everyone likes.
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About author

He's on Top is edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. Note that I said edited by—she did not write the book. The book is composed of short stories written by other erotica authors about dominant men. I personally have not heard of this author before. But then again, I am new to reading these types of books. They are far different from the Harlequin-type books my mother owns.

The authors who contributed to this book are N.T. Morely; Lisabet Sarai; Debra Hyde; Gwen Masters; Donna George Storey; M. Christian; Mackenzie Cross; Lee Ash; Shanna Germain; Andrea Dale; Matt Conklin; Jason Rubis; Amanda Earl; Mike Kimera; Teresa Noelle Roberts; Thomas S. Roche; and the editor herself, Rachel Kramer Bussel.

I find it interesting that most of the authors are women. I would think that a book such as this would be taken from the male point of view. Again, this is interesting.
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Content / Style / Audience

In the introduction of the book, it says, "Dominant men get a bad rap in our society, being lumped in with so many scary, dangerous examples of male lust gone awry ..." She has a point. If you ask a person who is not in the BDSM scene about a dominant male and provide examples of some of the sex scenes, they would probably tell you it sounds like something out of the movie The Cell with Jennifer Lopez or something crazy on Law & Order: SVU or on some other criminal-like show. The editor also states, "When I conceived of He's on Top ... I wanted to pay homage to the power—physical, mental, and emotional—that goes into being a true top. Not one who's simply going through the motions, but one who cares about the context of their kinky actions."

What many "average" people do not know is that both parties agree to this; both parties love this dominance, and most live it every day. It's not "kinky" to some; it's just everyday life.

In my opinion, the book is geared to those who are new to BDSM—and who may not know anything except what they see on TV—to help them get a better understanding. I think it is also geared to someone who may be curious about the lifestyle and may be thinking about trying it out—this book is a great look into the life and can help someone make a decision. The book can also be great for people who are not into BDSM at all but are willing to open their eyes, broaden their horizons, and learn a little bit more than what the media tells them.
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Personal comments

I, personally, don't think I like the view from the male side. I guess I am definitely not a top. It's just not as attractive to me to hear about the man being dominant. I would much rather hear the woman's side to get an idea of what she is feeling. Don't get me wrong: one of my favorites in this book has to be "Confession" by Gwen Masters. The story line is basically that the woman does not love her husband anymore. She has been faking orgasms for years but has not cheated on him. She goes to confession and confesses that she had slept with someone she doesn't love and explains the situation to the Father. Later that evening, she asks her husband if he still loves her. He returns the question and asks her if she still loves him. He starts heading upstairs and says that they have been unhappy for a while, and he has been having an affair for a year. She says, "But you never try anything new in bed ... She obviously hasn't taught you much." (I love that line!) He then proceeds to get all dominant and starts telling her what to do, and she is as confused as she is turned on. He dominates their sex—especially in her ass, which she has never done but is turned on by—and then afterwards, the wife says, "Well, maybe she did teach you something." He confesses to her that he has not had an affair and that he just wanted to faze her. In the end, basically, they discover that they like this situation and imply that that's how it will continue. Personally, that's pretty hot.

The one I disliked the most was the very first one, "Not Until Dawn" by N.T. Morley. Seeing how it's the first story in the book, I was hoping it would open the book up and start us off steamy—but no, it doesn't. It's so unfair! Basically, in the story the woman really wants to have sex, and she is getting hotter and hotter, but he keeps saying, "Not now," "You're going to wait," and "You're going to wait all night." In the end they have sex, but the story is really boring. I kept hoping it would get hot and would pick up, but it just didn't. Maybe it's just me, but I, personally, did not like that story. I'm sure someone else will though.
Follow-up commentary
My feelings haven't changed at all. I stand by what I wrote in my original review. I've read the first story a few more times, and I still don't like that one, but the rest are still great.
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