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She's On Top She's On Top

Book by Cleis Press Inc.

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She's On Top reviews

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14 reviews

For me, She's On Top is what erotica should be. But this is very much femdom erotica where the woman is using the male as she wishes and over powering him in creative ways.

As the companion book to He's On Top this book is a good read. The characters are down to earth and believable, the situations are, likewise, believable. This is a flight of fancy that might just give you some ideas and those ideas won't get you or your partner hurt. I highly recommend this book for lovers of D/s literature and those who just love reading about strong women in particular.

I would not recommend this book except to those already mentioned above. It was for the most part bland and boring and wish I had not bought it.

This anthology weaves a complex picture of female dominance in a cerebral and suggestive way that will flavor your erotic imagination long after you finish reading the stories.

She's On Top is filled with stories about women dominating their men. What's not to love about that? Whether you are looking for something hot to set the mood or a hot fantasy to act out, this book has it just what you need.

Hot stories of female domination and male submission, this one should not be missed! I know my copy will stay on my shelf for a long time.

The novel has a variety of stories and situations, and is arranged such that you don't get stories that are very similar repeated one after another. Although some of the stories are more intense than others, none of them really push the boundaries of hardcore extreme play. The novel is good for beginners to FemDom and experienced FemDom participants.

If reading about women being in charge is something that turns you on, then you should definitely take a look at She's On Top. The stories run the gambit from professional dominatrix to women who just know what they want from their partner. There are a few stories for the kinksters out there, but there's also some more "vanilla" ones as well.

You always see female submission in erotica, not male submission. This book is all about the power of the female well as the willingness of men to surrender to it. I love the obscure genre, but there are definitely a few stories that are just a bit too much for me. Coming from a hardcore porn fan, that's saying a lot. If you can handle heavy whipping and cutting, you'll have no problem with this book. Otherwise, you might want to consider something a little less intense.

"She's On Top" is an erotic story anthology worth checking out if you love reading about females being in charge. While the sex isn't always kinky, there are some kinky aspects, and the plots are amazingly varied.

"She's on Top" is good reading for someone who isn't ashamed to be on a bus or airplane with their nose in a BDSM fiction anthology. It didn't personally work for me as a one handed read, but I found the stories compelling enough to enjoy reading them even if it wasn't masturbation fodder.

She's On Top is an anthology of erotic stories that covers a broad spectrum of approaches to female dominance. There's really a story for anyone who enjoys any type of female dominance in this book somewhere. It's well written and entertaining, a good read for anyone who enjoys erotic literature.

If you find some sort of value in bad porn, She’s On Top is an excellent choice. It’s bad, but so bad that it almost becomes good. Almost. At the end of the day, She’s On Top is an anthology of poorly-written, unimaginative stereotypes. It’s fine for a quick laugh, but those who genuinely enjoy good writing and creative erotica might want to look elsewhere.

She's on Top is a hot, fast read that will fire your dreams and your imagination. Kinky women will love it, but so will vanilla girls who like to get creative now and again.

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