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She's On Top

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18 Ways to Dominate Your Man

She's On Top is an anthology of erotic stories that covers a broad spectrum of approaches to female dominance. There's really a story for anyone who enjoys any type of female dominance in this book somewhere. It's well written and entertaining, a good read for anyone who enjoys erotic literature.
Stories of female dominance of all types, good quality construction
Some story lines may not be to everyone's taste
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About author

She's On Top is a compilation of stories by eighteen different authors, all centered around the them of female domination. The book was edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, a common name in the literary erotica world. She is a writer, editor, journalist, and blogger and really knows her way around some erotica. The book includes a section entitled 'About the Authors' that has short pieces on each author included in the book as well as a section 'About the Editor', so you can get info on everyone involved in this book.
    • Engaging
    • Multiple contributoring authors

Content / Style / Audience

The entire focus of this book is female dominance over men. It could be enjoyed by both men and women but seems to be aimed more at the female reader. The writing styles, while varied, are all at a good level. I never thought while reading 'Wow, soo cheesy'. There were things that you would expect in stories like these but they were presented without being to cliche. And they were sexy.
Here is a listing of the stories included:
1. Suit and Tie by Donna George Storey- A story about a secretary dominating her boss.
2. By a Firm Hand by Debra Hyde- A wife teaches her sissy maid husband a lesson, much to both their enjoyment.
3. The Mistress Meets Her Match by Kristina Wright- A professional domme finally meets a man who challenges her enough to allow her to be dominated but allows her to fulfill her own needs to dominate.
4. Waiting For me by Mina Rose- A peek into the life of a lifestyle Femdom who has a stay at home husband who is always ready and waiting for her when she comes home.
5. The Inner Vixen by Saskia Walker- A story of a woman who discovers her love of dominance through a chance encounter that leads to a lasting D/s relationship.
6. Victoria's Hand by Lisette Ashton- Set in 1890, Victorian dominance, a 'lady' makes her suitor bend to her will before accepting his proposal.
7. Mark of Ownership by Teresa Noelle Roberts- An exploration of female dominance with cutting, marking of the submissive and the end of an arrangement.
8. Pinch by Tara Alton- A woman's discovery that she enjoys domination through a man's request for some sensual pinching in an elevator at work.
9. His Just Rewards by Rachel Kramer Bussel- A woman binds and dominates her boyfriend as a final parting gift to them both.
10. Why Can't I Be You? by Alison Tyler- A woman dresses as her man and then takes him as though she is the man, being in charge and in control.
11. Room 2201 by N.T. Morley- A professional domme 'treats' her client to his first male/male encounter, all orchestrated and directed by her.
12. Working Late by Andrea Dale- A husband and wife with a lifestyle D/s relationship have electronic trysts while he works late, but the wife has arranged for a special surprise.
13. Ottoman Express by Noelle Keely- A woman discovers she likes to act as a queen in a throne with her husband as her ottoman. Wonderful fun follows the discovery.
14. City Lights by Kathleen Bradean- A dominant woman punishes her selfish and pouting submissive for his bad behavior. (can't say much more without giving it all away)
15. Feeder by Adelaide Clark- A woman's story about her lust for feeding her man, and his enjoyment.
16. Penelope the Punisher by Stan Kent- A woman uses her dominance to punish a man who has wronged her.
17. Shades of Red by Lisabet Sarai- A young woman on a trip to Amsterdam decides to rent a window for the night and try her hand a dominance.
18. The Queening Chair by Kate Dominic- A dominant woman married to a dominant man gets permission to try out a queening chair with three male submissives.
    • Erotica
    • Fetish
    • Fiction


She's On Top is a 195 page paperback book. The first part of the book is the table of contents which is followed by an introduction from the editor. The eighteen stories follow the introduction which is then followed by the info about the authors and the editor. The paperback cover is thick enough to stand some transport in a purse (as I did), but not a ton of abuse. It's glossy and the thickness is just a little bit more than a standard printed picture. The front is not discreet. There is a picture of a woman's legs in black stockings and black high heels with a man down at her feet almost kissing the tip of her heel. Below the picture is the title in pretty large letters: She's On Top: Erotic Stories of Female Dominance and Male Submission.
    • Not very discreet cover
    • Soft cover

Personal comments

Some people may not enjoy a few of the stories because they involve married men cheating on their wives. This was not a problem for me as it is fiction and I can remember that when reading. But, for those who find that kind of thing unappealing, I thought it worth a mention.


So there were eighteen stories in all, and I read EVERY SINGLE ONE. While most of them had at least some aspect that I found to be appealing or arousing, some definitely stood out more than others. My favorites were Shades of Red, By a Firm Hand, and Why Can't I be You?.
Why Can't I Be You?, as I stated above, is about a woman who dresses up like her man. The main character of the story talks about how she has fantasized about what it is like to be him and one day she goes and gets the supplies she needs. She gets clothes like he wears, a strap on with a cock, a hat, sunglasses, and gel to style her hair. She goes into the bathroom and comes out dressed as a man and since her boyfriend is turned on by it begins to take control as though she were him and have her way with him. It's really written much better than I'm making it sound, but something about a man kneeling in front of you and sucking your 'cock' before you peg him that is totally hot to me.

Shades of Red is about a college aged girl who goes on a trip to Amsterdam with a friend and finds she is turned on by the idea of working in a window offering to sell her body. She decides to rent a window for the night and buys supplies at a local shop. Her friend tries to talk her out of it but she goes through with it. She experiences the thrill, risk, and power of putting herself up for sale, picking and choosing her customers by raising or lowering her price. She finally settles on a customer and has a wonderful time trying out her hand at a flogger. I think the allure of this story for me is the forbidden and danger of the situation she's in.

By a Firm Hand is by far is my favorite. In this story, the wife, who is dominant in their relationship, is out on the deck enjoying a good book while her husband is inside cleaning as his punishment for leaving dirty magazines out and a pair of her underwear that he has soiled through masturbation. The wife has ordered him to wear only a woman's apron while doing his chores and soon orders him out onto the deck to iron the laundry where the threat of neighbors seeing him ups the ante. After he completes the ironing, she has him bring her a wooden spoon, then has him lay across her knees and spanks him for his indiscretions. The last thing she has him do is give her oral while she continues to read, waiting to make enough noise that her neighbors just might notice. I think the reason this story appeals to me is that it is the closest to the type of domme I would enjoy being. I find her complete control and his complete submission very sexy. It's sexy because, yes he's being punished, but he also gets rewards in the form of submitting and getting his sexual needs met.
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