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She's On Top

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She's on Top

"She's On Top" is an erotic story anthology worth checking out if you love reading about females being in charge. While the sex isn't always kinky, there are some kinky aspects, and the plots are amazingly varied.
Great variety in plots, Very sexy women in charge, Mostly great stories
Disliked one story a lot
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She's On Top is a Cleis Press published book edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. The book has 194 pages, and in those pages, there are 18 stories. I've read a lot of erotica, and only one story is a repeat from another book I've read. The stories all focus on the idea of female domination. The book is average-sized, and the format follows all other Cleis Press novels. The text is extremely easy to read as well.

As many of you might know, I'm a female-identified as a Dominant. This means that the book mostly did apply to me. I really liked it for that reason. Many times, erotica books aren't that enjoyable to read or don't have too many arousing stories, but I really thought this one was a great selection of stories that had great, erotic sex while still having unique enough plots to keep you from feeling like you are just reading the same story over and over again. You read about the Pro Domme, the girl who just tries it, the girl who keeps oral sex "slaves", and all sorts of neat scenarios! It really makes it very amazing to read the book, and once I picked it up, I finished the entire book in one night since I couldn't put it down.

The book mostly focuses on females who are already in kinky and FemDom relationships. There are a couple stories about couples who switch or are just getting into the relationship, but for the most part, the characters portrayed in this book are already into the kink and already have set the female as the Dominant in the relationship. On that note, all of the stories are not hardcore. Some of them just focus on sexy female-driven sex where she isn't afraid to say that she wants. A couple of them include flogging or other kinky things like cuffs or queening chairs, but for the most part, the domination comes from the sex itself as well as the woman and man's attitude. Most of the scenes in this book focus on female/male couples, but there are a couple scenes in here that involve threesomes or foursomes.

She's On Top had a lot of amazing, sexy stories. I am always surprised when I find myself really enjoying quite a few stories in a book. Most of the time, I enjoy a couple, but when I have to go back through and eliminate some stories from my "favorite stories" list just because I can't list them all in this review, that's definitely a sign of a great book.

One of my very favorite stories was "Victoria's Hand" by Lisette Ashton. This story was about a young, Victorian-type girl who is along in a room with a boy who is asking her hand in marriage. She doesn't want him to think that she's going to stand-by while he runs the marriage, so she makes him prove himself, in that room, that he's worth her time and hand in marriage. This one is really hot, and I love the idea of the setting behind it.

Another of my favorites is "The Queening Chair" by Kate Dominic. This story follows a female Dominant of a Dominant/Dominant couple. Because of this, they express their kinky desires over third parties, and in this one, the female has three male submissives over for a queening party. She sits in the chair, and each one takes their turn while she calls her male lover up on the phone to let him listen in. There are lots of hot, sexy orgasms in this story.

Another hot story is "Room 2201" by N. T. Morley. This one is a story about a female Dominant taking her male client to a dark hotel room where she forces him to give a blowjob and have sex with this guy that doesn't even speak English while she gets off on the sidelines. (Of course, this is all consensual.) There's a neat surprise ending, but the story itself is very hot as well.

There is only one story in this book that I was completely turned off by. It's "Penelope the Punisher" by Stan Kent. This is a story about a woman who, after having been embarrassed by a male at a school, dresses up as the male's mother and taunts him with how much he wants to have sex with his mother. The plot in this one really confused me, and while I think a mother/son scene can be done in a really sexy way, the male pupil actually thought this was his mother in this story, so it was creeping me out a little bit.
Overall, I really think, where this book shines, is in the variety of plots. Yes, women are going to be in charge in each story, but the plot of each one really makes this book a joy to continue to flip through each page. Sometimes she's a Pro Domme, sometimes she's "blackmailing" him, sometimes she's just unwinding from work, and other times, she's being asked for her hand in marriage. The sex makes it hot, but the plots make me just come back for more.
Follow-up commentary
I still love the stories from She's On Top. A couple of the stories have really stuck with me, and unlike other erotica books, I actually have picked this up up again to re-read it, so the stories definitely stuck with me. If you like female dominant erotica, I think this one is worth picking up.
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  • Waterfall
    I haven't read much female dominant erotica, this seems like something new to add to my erotica library. Very nice review
  • P'Gell
    Great review, Kayla! Bussel is not my favorite editor, as I prefer Violet Blue or Alison Tyler who both seem much less vanilla in their choices than Bussel. Though Bussel does do some good work herself.

    I'm glad you enjoyed this collection. It's not really my thing (I like the flip side Male Dom ) but it may a good read anyway. Your suggestions always are.
  • namelesschaos
    great review as usual where do you find time to read so much.
  • ToyingCouple
    Great review! Love how you covered this book.
  • Anjulie
    Great review, thanks!
  • leatherlover
    Thanks for the great review.
  • bluekaren
    Awesome review!
  • zensgirl10
    great review!
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