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The New Topping Book The New Topping Book

Book by Greenery Press

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The New Topping Book reviews

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13 reviews

The New Topping Book is a great guidebook for doms and tops to better understand themselves and become better at their craft. In accessible language, Easton and Hardy trump any top's guilt over their fantasies with explanations about why tops kick ass in all the best ways.

If you are interested in the BDSM lifestyle or considering attending a play party, this book can be of a huge benefit, as it discusses what a top needs to do to become a great top. But if you are not into sceneing, and looking for information about a D/s dynamic, then you'll be disappointed. For what it discusses, it's a fantastic, easy to read guide. Even though it wasn't what I was looking for, I'm not upset it's on my bookshelf.

There is a reason this book is in its second edition. There is something of real value here that is worth looking into. You don't have to be a top to get a lot of inspiration and joy out of reading this book.

The New Topping Book is a great book for those who are interesting in strictly doing scenes, or going to lifestyle events. But if you are looking for information on how to live a 24/7 lifestyle, or are an intermediate or above when it comes to BDSM, you might want to pass.

This book actively works to be as open minded and non-stereotyping as possible. It's a fantastic introduction to how to create a safe environment for people to explore their fantasies regarding BDSM. It is the most thorough and easiest to read and understand book. This isn't in anyway a technical book. It's not going to teach you rope bondage or the ins and outs of all the different types of spanking implements.

This book is great for someone who is just getting introduced to a D/S relationship, and wants to know the basics of how a relationship works and the needs of the bottom.

"The Topping Book" makes it easy to understand what is expected of a top in a scene and how to fulfill your duties easily. It does not teach technique, but it teaches how to run a scene with professionalism and ease.

The New Topping Book is a good way for a new top to learn the ropes and a vet to freshen up on things and even learn new things. I would suggest The New Topping Book to anyone that has ever or will top.

Overall, I found myself repeatedly loving two things about this book: its emphasis on the connection between top and bottom, that fucking hot dynamic that makes power exchange so worthwhile, and its examples of scenes with detailed descriptions of bottoms' reactions and what they could mean. The best tops are empathetic tops, because they are tuned in to what their bottoms feel and want and need, and this book tries to show tops how to cultivate empathy in a perfectly sexy, toppy way.

The New Topping Book is a comprehensive book that provides good information on how to be a top, improve at being a top, and help you understand your bottom. It's easy to read and has some great real life stories that provide great examples while also giving you some erotic entertainment.

The New Topping Book is a book about BDSM that is written from the framework of creating a safe emotional and physical play space for sex that may cross traditional physical, sexual and emotional boundaries. It includes many personal examples and educational information. It is not a technique manual for learning how to use BDSM equipment.

The New Topping Book is the ultimate guide for the aspiring, or already accomplished, top. Great for Dom/mes, Daddies, sadists, switches, and all curious people. Well-written, informative, and friendly, this book was written by a pair of ethical play partners who want you to play well, play fair, and play as hard as you want. It won't make you into a great top, but it gives you all the tools to set out on that journey yourself, or to refresh your ideas about the scene.

The New Topping Book is a wonderful guidebook that you can take and apply to your own relationship if you're curious about the world of BDSM. It's easy to read and contains basic yet useful information for beginners and curious minds.

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