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Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex reviews

10 reviews
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10 reviews

If you love more hardcore type sex and want to explore that deep side of you and your partner, then this DVD is a must buy to see how you like it. It has different places in the scenes, such as the shower, outside, in the car, so it's not all in one spot.

A super hot start to Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex series, this DVD is chock full of consensual fucking and kink exploration. Some might argue that it isn't rough enough for them, but if you get off on genuine people doing what is genuinely arousing for them, you'll probably love Rough Sex.

If you like Rough sex, then I think you will enjoy this movie. This was the first porn I ever watched with rough sex and Tristan Taormino. I am excited about seeing what else she has on the market after watching this. I think it's the best porn I've seen. It didn't have any gimmick story lines; it actually seemed like real scenes that real people could do at home.

This DVD disappoints me so severely, I could not even masturbate to it. Seriously, the poor camera angles and lack of significant rough sex makes this DVD seem almost soft core if not for the deep-throats.

I would not put this on a list of must haves. If you want something different for your collection, sure, but sadly not made to keep your interest.

This DVD surprised me. I learned things that turned me on and others that turned me off that I hadn't suspected before. I'm very glad I watched it, even if not everything on the DVD worked for me, or perhaps because of that...

Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex is an enjoyable movie that greatly illustrates how enjoyable rough sex can be when done in safe, sane, and consensual scenarios.

I know this is just the first in the series, though, so hopefully that some of that stuff is coming up on the next "Rough Sex" DVD. It's a good start, but I'm excited to see a lot more roughness in the subsequent releases.

This is a fantastic DVD about how individuals, but particularly woman are interested in rough sex. How they trust there partners, and what they want. The sex scenes are incredibly well done, but not as "rough" as you might expect in all cases. It covers primarily slapping, spitting, choking, scratching and verbal play.

Taormino's "Rough Sex" is the product of an empowered woman searching to empower her performers (and by extension, her viewers), with the well-meaning strategy of consensual and informed rough sex. Interviews abound in this two and a half hour long feature. Somehow though, the lack of tension and high-stakes in this well-intentioned film dooms it to a rather predictable, over-thought death.

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