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Let's watch it Rough! Safeword - RED

This is a fantastic DVD about how individuals, but particularly woman are interested in rough sex. How they trust there partners, and what they want. The sex scenes are incredibly well done, but not as "rough" as you might expect in all cases. It covers primarily slapping, spitting, choking, scratching and verbal play.
The sex scenes include various degrees of mildly rough sex, but are portrayed well.
Some scenes that actually left more than a red ass or scratches marks to demonstrate "rougher" sex.
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Trisan Taormino, who, someone at I met at a party recently told me, is rather insistent that when pronouncing her name there is a "mean" in it because she IS mean, is an award winning author and filmmaker. She designed "Rough Sex" and produced it with Vivid Entertainment. This is one of my favorite porn DVD's that I've seen in years. I loved it! It also could have still been even better.

The premise of the DVD is unique. The women DESIGN the scene, they CHOOSE their partners, and they CONTROL what happens.

The DVD is long, and set up with brief interviews with the actors/actresses before each scene. These are a couple of minutes each. They describe what each individual likes with rough sex, why and what there limits are. It's also very apparent that the scene is minimally scripted. This allows the natural sexuality and rough play of the actors and actresses to unfold. I'm sure that statement is met with some skepticism, but it was apparent when watching, and some of the extras including "behind the scenes" reinforced that conclusion. In some of the scenes this played out astonishingly well, in others it was nothing more than the visual role play of a fantasy. The film quality itself is outstanding, although we were often joking that they were having a threesome with the camera man. You can't always hear dialogue though.

"Adrianna: Breaking and Entering" - 23 minutes
- Adrinna Nicole and Marco. Adrainna is just finishing her shower when Marco breaks into the house. They don't even bother with much dialogue here. Just a "don't scream, OK," so it's not too apparent if it's someone she knows or not. He likes her ass. Likes to hit it and likes to fuck it.

"Satine: Stranded" - 34 minutes
Satine Phoenix and Derrick Pierce. This one is out in the dessert. She's stranded, and at first he's a nice guy who's going to wait with her. Some nice consensual flirting and he can do anything he wants to her. He scratches with nails and slaps hard enough for her skin to turn red and for her to cry out.

He leaves lots of yummy marks. The end of this is beautiful where she's laying on her back in the dirt.

"Francesa: Taking Over" - 34 minutes
Francesca Le and Christian. Christian has been just a bit too involved with work lately and she's had enough. He's a very large man, so when you see Francesca take on the role of Dominatrix it is a switch. A lot of this is verbal and he's just obedient. She's creative though, and definitely looks like she's in charge. There is a lot of slapping and spitting in this scene. There is also a flogger and what appears to be a tawse. He doesn't react much. He barely reacts. Her favorite line is "You can come anytime you want."

"Marie: Caught" - 30 minutes
Marie Luv and Julius Ceazher. She's always heard that make up sex is the best so she wants a scene where she's guilty. So naturally he finds a condom by her bed and accuses her of fucking, but wants to fuck her anyway. These two are fucking before her clothes are off and she's still swearing and saying no. He's controlling her body and her head to put her exactly where he wants her. I do like that he can just pick her up and fuck her standing. Marie is also quiet the screamer.

"Sasha: Switched" - 30 minutes
Sasha Gray and Danny Wylde. Sasha requested Danny because she's seen how he's worked before. It starts in a pool hall with "I think we're supposed to talk." No pretense of a scene. A discussion of what they like, limits, safewords, and how to play the scene. He takes control initially, but when he forgets one of her limits she's instantly in charge. They like choking, spilling, and slapping, but only play with each other no toys. They also want to keep the intensity going, but it's natural. These two get it, are pure dynamite.

The Extras:
Behind the Scenes- This was fun. Little bits and pieces of conversations and scenes with the actors/actresses after or before the shooting of the scene. It gave a sense of the filming etc.

Choking and Safety Extra with Penny Flame- I loved this. I've had someone try to choke me and leave a bruise on my neck for over a week. This is a very clear way to understand "choking" so it can be threatening, feel it and still not hurt someone.

Safer Sex - I think this is the standard Vivid entertainment feature on Safer Sex that includes condoms, dams, oral sex and analingus.

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This DVD is hot. Not because the sex is particularly rough, but because it's very real. Any porn is going to include the fucking in multiple positions and weird angles so the camera can see, but this also includes when they change positions, the intensity between them, the soft words, the expressions, etc. It reminded me of some of the longer and best sex sessions I ever had. They can move between actual fucking and blowjobs or kissing. Sasha actually stops fucking Danny and puts her knees on his chest when he forgets her limit.

As for "rough" there is a lot of slapping, some scratching, spitting, and hair pulling. This is not a movie about really rough sex, and if you're looking to be able to use it to explain why you like a good flogging it won't even go there!

I wanted more of everything.
Follow-up commentary
I keep going back to scenes from this DVD in my mind, and I know that I'll watch it again and again. I've already told about three people about it, and one was instantly buying it.

I looked up Sasha Gray. She's been porn star of the year. She's 21 and already has 200 films to her credit. She looks like she really enjoys sex- no matter what the flavor!
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  • Dragon
    One additional note. This is a "no condom" dvd. I know the reality of condoms in the adult industry, but I did enjoy the fantasy in this film. Most of the scenes were set up as if they knew each other, and at least one they had worked together before..
  • Epiphora
    I love this DVD too. I wanted more of it as well. Hopefully Tristan will give us more soon!
  • Saraid
    I might have to buy this for Derrick Pierce alone.
  • Purple Foxglove
    This looks so hot, I just bought it and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival in my PO Box, lol Big smile
  • Dragon
    Derrick and Satine were fantastic. Those two have worked together before and he wasn't afraid of being a little bit rough.

    Epiphora - I'm glad to see that you and I were thinking the same thing. MORE!
    Purple Foxglove - Hope you have it and are enjoying it by now!
  • dudemeister
    Thanks for the review.
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