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Rough can get you wet...

This DVD surprised me. I learned things that turned me on and others that turned me off that I hadn't suspected before. I'm very glad I watched it, even if not everything on the DVD worked for me, or perhaps because of that...
This DVD has a lot to offer...
The overall sound quality of the disc could use improvement.
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Tristan Taormino’s “Rough Sex” is an interesting DVD. There are 5 separate scenes as well as some safety advice on the topic of choking/breath play, which is in several of the scenes on this disc. There’s also a section on safer sex practices, along with a blooper reel and previews for other Taormino projects.

But these are just the extras. The meat of the DVD are 5 distinct scenes that are unique in my limited experience with porn. The scenes are designed by the women starring in them. They got to choose the parameters of the scene, their partners, everything. Taormino gave the women complete control over what was going to happen on film. I found this idea intriguing.

Adrianna’s scene was a post-shower intruder rape scene. She chose Marco to be her partner. Her only limit was pussy slapping. We didn’t get to see the negotiation between Adrianna and Marco, but the intro section did cover much of what I’ve been taught is important for negotiating a scene. My favorite part of the scene was him using her hair as a leash while she’s giving him a blowjob. It was hella sexy and a lot of fun to watch. Adrianna has an actual belly! Which, being a woman with a belly, is something I heartily approve! I really wish the sound editing had been more consistent throughout the scene. There were times when I couldn’t hear anything that was said. I would have liked to see her fight him more, increase the level of tension in the scene before capitulating. I would have liked to see them using protection.

Satine is into BDSM and is occasionally frustrated by the fact that her job as a porn star keeps her from doing the extreme scenes that she would really like to do, the kind that leave marks. The man she chose to partner with, Derrick, is also into BDSM and was very happy to work with her. Satine’s fantasy was to be accosted in a secluded area by a handsome and dominant stranger. Boy, did she ever get that. This was one of my favorite scenes on the disc. The choking was very hot. Derrick’s hand went all the way around her throat. I had a very hard time hearing what was said and it made the scene less enjoyable for me.

I really enjoyed the fact that Francesca was the dominant one in her scene. Especially given that Christian’s role was such an alpha male type. I was deeply amused by the fact that her collar said “Top”. The fact that she was able to put on her own corset impressed the hell out of me. Also impressive, her balance in those shoes! The height on those heels was scary impressive. Not that big on spitting, I’ve learned through watching these scenes. Also, humiliation play only works for me to a certain extent, then it doesn’t anymore. The breath play was deeply hot to watch. The flogging was also great. I got some very interesting ideas from this scene, ones I can’t wait to try out… Overall, the scene was great to watch, I could hear what was being said fairly well throughout.

Marie’s fantasy was to be caught cheating and forced into sex by her partner. She is into all different aspects of BDSM. At one point, she had been prepping a scene with this guy and they did practice slaps to gauge strength and during the scene itself, the guy went to far and she ended the scene right there. The idea of rape play is one that I find intriguing, and this scene plays it out very well. I’d like to find a guy who could hold me up while fucking. That looked like fun… I have to say that I found Marie to be a bit on the skinny side, and that detracted a lot. Also, the poor sound levels detracted from the scene for me.

Sasha’s scene was a lot of fun. We actually got to watch her negotiate with Danny for what was acceptable. She describes herself as more of a masochist/pain slut than a submissive. She goes for intensity and is into humiliation play. Both she and Danny are familiar with the lingo and consider themselves switches. Sasha’s never had to safeword, but likes having one. They switch control of the scene at least twice and it just added to the intensity of the whole thing. This scene was probably my favorite. Sasha and Danny have such awesome chemistry and work so well together, and we get to see them after all the rough sex and it looks a lot like what I do with my partners after we have sex and that made it just that much more real for me.
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  • Saraid
    Thanks for the review. I've heard so many good things about this and your comment about Derrick and Satine's scene only make me want it more. I'm totally in love with Derrick and love BDSM.
  • dudemeister
    Thanks for the review.
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