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Rough Sex Revs My Motor

Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex is an enjoyable movie that greatly illustrates how enjoyable rough sex can be when done in safe, sane, and consensual scenarios.
Consists of good examples of consensual rough sex, good production values, good bonus features.
Lack of safe sex practices may be a turn off for some.
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extremely useful review
Tristan Taormino presents five women and their rough sex fantasies. Each scene begins with the actress describing the first time they played roughly, what they like, what rough sex means to them, and which male actor they wish to work with. Tristan even talks to the men about what they like in rough sex. It's obviously meant to show that the sex is consensual. Putting the women in charge drives the point home that they are not victims of abuse, which is still the general consensus of the "vanilla" population.

The first scene is a nice one called "Breaking and Entering" with Adrianna and Marco. Marco "breaks in" while Adrianna is still nude after having a shower that we, of course, get to see. And let me just say that it's nice to see that Adrianna has curves. She’s also a very enthusiastic fuck. She really gets into it and her pleasure is evident in her moans and facial contortions. The dirty talk is fair and there's not a lot of verbal degradation. What there is, is plenty of is smacking, hair pulling, saliva, fellatio, and ass fucking. While the sex is fairly hot, there is one bit that I found to be a huge turn off. I don't know if the shots were done in sequence or what, but at one point the impression is given that Marco has taken his condom-less cock from Adrianna's ass to her mouth.

The next scene is my favorite. Satine is "stranded" in the desert and Derrick is the attractive stranger who offers his cell phone (hers has no signal) and company. What starts off as flirting and mutual kissing and caressing soon turns into Derrick taking control of the situation and using Satine as he pleases. Satine and Derrick are my favorite couple. Their flirting and rapport is believable; they'd got good chemistry. Derrick manhandles Satine well and he's great at verbal degradation. There's lots of slapping in this scene, from her face to her ass and thighs. He also scratches and digs his nails into her a lot. I won't tell you how it ends, but I find it to be the most humiliating and exciting.

In the third scene the woman, Francesca, is the dominant one to her "corporate asshole" husband, Christian. He's always busy with work and has no time for her, so one day she decides to teach him a lesson. Christian is at least a good foot taller than Francesca, so I find her handling of him to be rather comical. It wouldn't or shouldn't matter if she was a strong enough dominant, but I didn't get that vibe from her, and he seemed more passive than submissive.

One form of play they engaged in that grossed me out was spitting: Francesca would often spit in Christian's mouth and then order him to swallow. While I know that it's technically no different than french kissing, the act is still a turn off. But there are some satisfying moments in the scene where Francesca is believably dominant.

The fourth scene with Marie and Julius is my least favorite. Like in the other scenes, the dialogue is improvised and both actors fail horribly here. There's no chemistry between the two, either. And to be perfectly honest, I don't find Marie attractive and I don't like her voice. Regardless of my personal preferences, they engage is some fairly rough sex.

The fifth and final scene, "Switched", pairs Sasha with Danny. Sasha’s heavily into verbal degradation whether she's giving or receiving it. She chose to work with Danny because he's been submissive before and yet he can give as good as he receives. Unlike all of the previous scenes, the actors don't have a storyline. The scene takes place while they're playing pool and discussing their likes and dislikes and how they want to play out the scene.

Like the title suggests, they switch back and forth during the scene although Danny takes the lead most often. Like Adrianna, Sasha is an enthusiastic fuck. I like the mutual choking and verbal degradation in this scene. It's dirty, intense, and hot. There's a moment where Danny gets lost in the heat of the moment and performs a move that Sasha had said beforehand was off-limits. I like how Sasha deals with this. As with the other scenes, things end once the guy has popped.

The production values on this movie are better than your typical porn movie. Even the music is a few cuts above. There's a behind-the-scenes feature that's fun to watch, especially as you get to see Tristan talking with and directing her actors. The best bonus features are rounded out with a bit on Safer Sex, Penny Flame's brief guide to proper choking and Vivid previews and products.
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