Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex by Vivid - review by mama2007

This DVD is too rough for my liking.

If you love more hardcore type sex and want to explore that deep side of you and your partner, then this DVD is a must buy to see how you like it. It has different places in the scenes, such as the shower, outside, in the car, so it's not all in one spot.
Great acting.
Good scenes.
Rough sex scenes.
Rough oral sex scenes.
Too hardcore for my liking.
Rating by reviewer:
somewhat useful review

Content / Genre / Audience

The content of this DVD includes a good bit of the following actions, even though all consentual:
- Choking
- Hair pulling
- Slapping
- Spanking
- Rough anal and vaginal sex
- Pushing head down or yanking head up during blowjobs
- Degrading comments sometimes

The genre of this DVD is definitely rough sex. I personally am not into THIS rough of sex, but I think it's geared towards more open minded individuals who truly trust and/or want to experience some more hardcore things in their sex life. The camera angle is great during sex right upclose to them.

The scenes are in the following settings:

Breaking and entering: Scene 1
Adrianna is in the shower alone, so she thought. She gets out of the shower and uses some mouthwash and then looks up to the male putting his hand on her mouth and saying "Don't move". He is personally not very appealing to me, just in the way he is but you may think otherwise. He puts his one hand around her neck and kisses her, then licks her. He is creepy in the way he does everything in his facial expressions. He then removes his clothing and grabs her head and pushes her into a blowjob, and then while she sucks on his balls, he's manually getting himself going with his hands. She then begins to give some serious deep throat which is hot because I'm wanting to learn how to do it better. They move to the next room, and he takes her from behind and she's laying on my stomach, while he's standing in postion. They switch positions to her doing another blowjob on him, and spits to use more saliva on him. They change positions several times, and next he's on top and holding his hand at her throat. She then grabs under her pillow for what looks like her Hitachi wand and uses it during sex, does another blowjob, and this scene concludes with him finishing in her hair and mouth.

On a desert road: Scene 2
Satine is stranded on a desert road until a good man comes to her rescue and helps. I personally love this scene best. They start out talking and asking about tattoos they have and then they have a really passionate/hot kissing scene. He then pulls her top of dress down a little bit and plays with her nipple and she looks around to make sure that no one is in sight or coming, and he reaches under her dress to find no underwear to remove, so he starts to finger her a little bit and rub her clit. They talk a little more, and then she drops his jeans and starts to give him a blowjob. He then slaps her after a little bit of a blowjob with his hand in her face. He's got her hair in his hands and he's leaning back on the jeep. While she's trying to remove her dress while giving him head, he slaps her breasts (ouch) and she makes a squealing noise. Once he removes her dress completely, he grabs her neck with one hand and she's leaning against her jeep, and spanks her, licks 2 fingers and fingers her a little before going from behind while standing up, and he spanks her again and pulls her hair. You can hear how rough the sex is by the noise of their bodies together, as well as her moaning. He then turns her around, grabs her neck, and smacks her face again, kisses her, and pinches her breasts and she lets out a yelp. They then move to the jeep where she lays back and he's on top. He slaps her, and as he's going faster, he grabs her neck again and while he's thrusting inside her, he begins to scratch her from her breasts all the way down to her crotch. She stands back up and he begins to spank her again, but this time she doesn't seem to like it and yells, he then holds her hands behind her back with one of his hands. They go back in the jeep and she holds onto the post above and has some really rough sex on top, and he slaps her face again, and then he rubs her clit again, and they end with her laying down on her back and he finishes on her chest, but he rubs it into his hands and puts it in her mouth and slaps her face.

Businessman: Scene 3
A businessman is at home and his woman is home and is tired of being told what to do and wants to change the scene and make him know "what it feels like", so she gets dress in a corset and stockings, and waits for him to get off of the phone. She asks him if he's ready to change things, he says "I don't know". She puts her hand on his mouth and says he talks too much. She takes part of his shirt off and asks again "Are you up for anything?" He says "Yes", and she bites on his nipple and sucks on it and he lets out a groan. She slaps his face a few times, then demands he get on his knees for her. She calls him a slow dumb fuck, and spits on his face as he kneels down. She pushes her ass into his face and he licks her and then she says "You're gonna do what I want, right?". This girl is more fake from the way she comes across in general. She tells him to take hr shoe off, then puts it on his shoulder and tells him to lick it. She seems to get really turned on once he starts sucking on the heel of the high heeled shoe. She then puts his belt around his neck and says "You like that don't you?". His pants drop down, and while her one hand with her belt is up, she lowers down to give him a blowjob, and then slaps his cock and he moans and she spits on it a little bit. Then he demands him to hurry up and kneel again, and with the belt still around his neck, she drags him while he's crawling to go into the other room with her, and then she pushes him back onto the bed and she gets mad she's the one who took off his shoe. He lays back and she begins to suck on his cock, then his ball sack, and starts to suck on his stomach up, and sucks on his nipple again. Then, she tells him to open his mouth and she spits in his mouth and tells him to swallow it, he does and says "mm". She releases her corset and has her breasts all in his face while he's sucking them and in between. She seems to love to be bossy, and ends up on top, and he finishes.

Jealous Lover: Scene 4
Her boyfriend finds an opened condom wrapper and starts getting really defensive and accusing her of cheating on him. They have some rough oral sex as well as sex and degrading comments to her.

Pool table: Scene 5
They LOVE to slap each other, and she ends up kind of smothering him and stopped because she wasn't sure what else she should do. They do a lot of sex positions really rough, that she's never done before but has wanted to, and loves that someone else has control over her, and at the end, he finishes in her mouth.

If you like big time hardcore rough sex then this DVD may not fit your liking. If you're newer to the rough sex life like I am, then this is a good one. I don't find most of what they did very appealing with chocking, hair pulling, etc but a lot of people do. It won't ever hurt to see what you like in this one, so try it out and have fun!
    • Anal sex
    • Rough scenes
    • Fetish


Actors/Actresses in this DVD are:
- Sasha Grey
- Marie Luv
- Francesca Le
- Satine Pheonix
- Adrianna Nicole
- Derrick Pierce
- Julius Ceazher Christian
- Danny Wylde
- Marco Banderas

Directed by: Tristan Taormino

Overall, I think they all did an excellent job in their acting and performances in each scene.
    • Good acting / chemistry
    • Good presentation

DVD Features

DVD features for this film:
- Shot in high definition
- Chapter search
- Previews
- DVD Rom compatible
- No regional coding
- Behind the scenes
- Cast interview

At the very beginning of this DVD, the actors/actresses are talking about what they like with rough sex and what the scenes mean and how everything they do is consentual.
    • Attractive design
    • Special features / bonus included

Personal comments

This DVD is full of rough sex scenes of several types and the great thing about this one unlike some is that the actors/actresses are REALLY into the scenes and show a lot of emotion and moaning/screaming and dirty talk. It doesn't seem like they're faking any of the scenes which is what I like in a DVD. They all have a lot of good chemistry.
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