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After Trace spray reviews

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4 reviews

Looking for something to help get rid of unwanted body odors? After Trace by After care is perfect. It sprays on clear, dries fast, and banishes all of those nasty smells like, "That Time Of The Month" or "My boyfriend smells like a barn animal!" leaving behind a fresh orange/lavender fragrance.

I liked the concept of spraying a little something on after sex and I'd be magically refreshed and without smells. Well it doesn't work like that, and I rather just keep the smell of sex than to use this. Even though it has natural ingredients, it smells way too bad for me. At least it's not that strong to linger on forever. So the product is a great idea but I think it could be done better in the future. It should come in different scents!

"Intimate odors" are a natural part of intimate activities. While they're not the worst thing in the world, they're certainly not the most pleasant. If you'd like a little freshening up afterwards, this stuff is great. Not only is it Febreeze for your genitals, but it also calms irritated skin and doesn't leave behind greasy residue. It's also 90% natural and free of all of the crap that in those drugstore "feminine deodorant sprays." Some pretty good stuff here.

This products gives the user more bang for their buck by not only neutralizing intimate bodily odors before sex, but also by calming them after the deed is done and restoring them to a balanced state. Containing over 90% organic ingredients packed in to a convenient travel-sized bottle and a gender neutral scent, this will appeal to a variety of users but especially to those who are mostly concerned with being extra fresh, sort of like chewing gum after brushing your teeth.

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