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Good concept but it is weird

I liked the concept of spraying a little something on after sex and I'd be magically refreshed and without smells. Well it doesn't work like that, and I rather just keep the smell of sex than to use this. Even though it has natural ingredients, it smells way too bad for me. At least it's not that strong to linger on forever. So the product is a great idea but I think it could be done better in the future. It should come in different scents!
Discontinued, refreshing, natural ingredients
Bad smell, doesn't work too well
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This spray is used to remove smells from the body after sexual activities. It claimed not to suppress them but change the smell somehow. Now it's discontinued so I can't check. Anyone could use it as it doesn't have a specific smell that is often associated with a gender. I think the best use would only be when a shower is not around. Since it's 90% natural, allergic concerns to synthetic materials shouldn't be a problem. But I wouldn't spray it on wounded or already reddened skin, as it can irritate anyway. Precautions for use: Ingestion isn't a good idea and I'd avoid contact with eyes. Other than that it's safe to use. A possible use would be to take it with you hiking or camping when you don't have shower access this could help. Maybe.
    • Sex

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

It's very runny, exactly like water. It has no thickness to it whatsoever. It foams when sprayed into my palms and some droplets in the air bounce off. It doesn't feel warming nor soothing, it's like you sprayed water on yourself. It doesn't stay in place and if you sprayed too much it drips all over the place. Obviously you need to be aware of this and spread it with your hand on yourself. It's not sticky or oily, and it doesn't have a notable after effect either. It didn't make my skin any softer or sticky, it just dried up. It takes some time to dry up as there is no alcohol in it.
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

I haven't tasted it and I don't want to. I don't think it's safe to eat it! But the smell is the one thing that keeps me from giving too many stars to this one. It's a mostly citrus smell, but the first impression was: 'Whoa what the?' It's not pleasant and not sexy in my opinion. It would be so much better if it was enhanced with fragrance and they could have made 2 separate versions of the scent for both genders. I think they left the original smell of the ingredients as-is and the result is something herbal. It reminds me of weird cremes that old people buy for their veins in their legs or something. I consider it a turnoff, and I enjoy the smell of sex far better than this. The only good thing is that it fades quite fast. When it has dried on your skin it won't be like perfume, but the strength will be something like a lube or soap would leave behind.
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I haven't noticed it removing the smells. Which is a pity because that's what it's for. It has no cleaning properties so I hoped it would do at least something. It feels a bit refreshing but that's it. I think if you have a shower laying around and you don't want to smell then your best and most obvious option would be to well, take a shower. This is something like using a deodorant instead of taking a shower, it's not the same thing. While the product info said it's not masking the odors but neutralizing them or something like that, so it can't be compared to a deodorant, I wouldn't choose either option above the good old shower after sex.


The bottle is somewhat smaller than I expected. It has a blue sticker on it. The term 'sexual' is printed on it multiple times so it's not too discreet though it doesn't have any suggestive graphics. The top part has a cap over the spray to prevent accidental press. The spray mechanism feels a bit cheap, I have seen much better sprays especially on EDP's. It has a volume of 4 fluid ounces and you are not allowed to take it on a plane in the carry-on. Otherwise it's travel friendly and it doesn't leak.
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