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Massage candle by Jimmyjane

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Afterglow reviews

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40 reviews

This gorgeously packaged candle really met my expectations and then some. Jimmy Jane delivers a high quality experience with a massage candle that doubles as a great bedroom decoration that is discreet and intimate at the same time. I had a great time letting this wax spill over my partner's back and the scent that came along with it. It was worth every penny paid for it, and I would purchase it again!

Amazing candle perfect for massages, creating the right atmosphere, or even as a stepping stone into more intense temperature or wax play. Absolutely would recommend to anyone.

Candles are the perfect way to set the mood for any romantic encounter, and the Jimmyjane Afterglow candles give the added benefit of being the perfect prelude to a sensual massage. Everyone should try this!

Jimmyjane’s Afterglow massage candles create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing massage. The scent is fantastic, and the simple, white holder blends in just about anywhere a regular candle would.

Other than the price, there's no reason to not try this lovely candle. It's smells and feels great, it's attractive, and it works great as a sensual massage oil.

This is an excellent candle for setting the mood and massages. You actually use the warm liquid oil of the candle as massage oil which feels great. The scent couldn't be any better (Dark Vanilla). I highly recommend this to anyone with a partner to massage.

This candle was an overall delight! It has a nice, relaxing scent that will help ease your body and mind. It went off perfectly and will leave you in bliss basking in an amazing afterglow.

I feel like "Musk" needs to be in the name of this scent. It has more of a musky scent than a vanilla scent, which is deceiving. If you are expecting something that smells even faintly like baked goods, this isn't it. Though it's not quite sweet smelling, it can be fairly overpowering. Otherwise a great product it seems, if not for the scent.

When you consider that this is kind of a dual purpose product and the wonderful smell of the candle, it's not hard to see why this little luxury item might be worth it for anyone who enjoys giving massages. Plus, you won't need an oil warmer anymore!

The Afteglow Candle by Jimmyjane is absolutely wonderful! It smells delightful, and feels sinfully good from the moment it hits your skin, to the moment that the last luxurious drop fades into your skin. It leaves you feeling relaxed, warm, and sexy all at the same time. Pair that with a sensual massage from your partner... and you two will feel amazingly intimate. I would recommend this product to anyone!

Afterglow massage candles are, quite simply, wonderful. They feel wonderful, look wonderful, smell wonderful, and they leave you feeling wonderful after using them.

As a massage candle, the Gingersnap Afterglow is excellent at what it does. If you like hot/warm massages and gingery, spicy, baked goods, I think you'll especially love this one. The wax/oil melts faster than the other Afterglow wax scents I've tried, and it absorbs nicely too. Though the container makes it a little messy to pour, and you have to commit to a full-size Afterglow (with its $28 price tag), it's worth trying, especially if you're a fan of the Dark Vanilla scent.

Considering how expensive massage oils, good candles, and moisturizers can be, this is a win, win, win product. Plain and simple, if you are experienced in massage, this will blow your mind. If you are starting massage play, this will blow your mind. I don't know why this isn't sold everywhere, because it's so good.

We could not be happier with our JimmyJane massage products. The Cucumber Melon Afterglow Massage Candle has a fantastic scent, melts into a luxurious massage oil, and is a thoughtful gift for anyone on you want to get your hands on. It definitely will help you rediscover the power, and eroticism, of touch.

With a warm and rich smell, this candle is sure to set the mood with a partner or even solo. The candle melts into luxurious oil that spreads well over the skin and absorbs nicely, leaving just the sexy fragrance behind.

If you like candles, things that smell nice, massages, or nice skin, you need to get this candle. There's a fragrance out there for you no matter what your tastes are. This candle not only works great for a massage oil, but it also helps to set the romantic, relaxing mood for a luxurious experience. The wax works better for massage than some of my more expensive massage oils, and it's a beautiful candle with a long life.

I love this product. I tell everyone about it. It lasts a long time and makes me feel awesome, so that's why I love it. Its a great buy and worth every penny.

This massage candle smelled amazing! It will give you a ton of use, since a little goes a long way. It is very discreet and pretty. It leaves your skin feeling nice and soft and not greasy. It even comes with a brush and matches.

These candles have been on my wishlist for so long and I'm so happy with this purchase! I want to buy the rest of them now because I'm curious about the different scents. The candle is lovely and the massage oil is slick and luxurious. It's everything that I hoped it would be and it didn't disappoint. I would highly suggest trying one of these candles!

I definitely enjoyed this JimmyJane product on the whole even though I was not a fan of this particular fragrance. I will purchase another fragrance as it feels like heaven on my skin!

JimmyJane's Afterglow in Pink Lotus smells amazing: it's delicate and fresh. It might smell a little bit too feminine for a man, but I didn't get any complaints. The wax melts into a smooth, thick massage oil. It allowed me to provide a long massage without getting sticky or drying out. It was perfectly slippery and left a nice, light scent on my skin. I will definitely be purchasing more (many more) of these massage candles.

The Jimmyjane Afterglow candles are a truly outstanding product. They would make great gifts for anyone, and should be in everyone's bedroom. They are useful for ambiance, massage, and just plain making your surroundings nicer. I will be buying and using them as long as Jimmyjane carries them.

JimmyJane's Afterglow massage candle in dark vanilla is pretty awesome. The scent, which can best be described as vanilla and coconut, is unique. The wax melts to a soft, smooth massage oil that doesn't leave skin feeling greasy or heavy. However, as great as this smells, it tastes pretty icky. The spout corner of the candle also drips a little wax when the candle is tilted to pour some out.

The JimmyJane Afterglow in Bourbon is one of my favorite scents. The candle's sort of sweet, with just the right amount of spice. The oil is thick, and can get sticky if you use too much at once, or reapply too often, but is slick and slippery when you find the happy medium. The porcelain holder is adorable. Overall, it's a pretty amazing product.

We found this to be a fantastic addition to our foreplay. It enhanced the mood and offered a unique way to bring some beauty and sensuality to our lovemaking. It is a little bit pricey, but overall, I found it to be a worthwhile investment. If you're looking for a way to bring a bit more romance into your bedroom while not taking away from the passion, this is a great way to do that.

Wonderful smelling candle. Lots of product is tucked into this delightful product. This candle is worth it's weight in gold. This would make the perfect special occasion gift. The way it leaves your skin feeling is comparable to a day at the spa, only cheaper! It's a great way to start your next romantic evening with your partner or to pamper yourself after a bath. Not used as lubrication.

I love the feel of the Afterglow candle by JimmyJane. It left my skin very soft and got rid of a lot of the dry skin that I had. The only big issue that I had was with the scent. I didn't like how masculine the bourbon scent was. I would stay away from this if you are allergic to scents because it is very strongly scented.

C'mon Baby Light My Fire...This luxurious massage candle sets the mood, fills the air with a delicious, expensive-smelling scent, and provides a warm and silky liquid to make your massages glide. Another winner from Jimmy Jane.

Jimmyjane's Afterglow Massage Candles: so famous they need their own body guards and so hyped that Beyonce's marketing team is jealous. But are they worth all the sensational reception and promotion? Yummy smelling and silky soft they are, but all that and a bucket of chicken? I think not.

Jimmyjane Afterglow candles are luxurious, elegant, and gorgeous smelling, and just the type of candle to keep around for those sensual and relaxing moments.

If you like the feel of a wax massage but don't like the hassle of trying to pour the right amount, give the Afterglow a shot. It comes with a fantastic little brush that lets you control just how much wax goes on where. Available in a whole host of fantastic scents that linger lightly on the skin for hours and don't overpower a small room.

"af·ter·glow /noun : a pleasant effect or feeling that lingers after something is done, experienced, or achieved." Perfect name for this massage oil because that's exactly what it gives! I love that the Afterglow allows me to have a nice, relaxing sensual massage and then enjoy the feel of the oil on my skin even the next day and that the scent lingers so that I am sent back to the memory of my massage each time I breathe it in.

I love the smell of this candle. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from a bourbon scented candle. I wouldn't say it smells like bourbon, exactly, but it's a sweet, smoky scent that I've grown to love. This candle melts beautifully into a slippery, luxurious massage oil that leaves no waxy residue on your skin.

This brought our sex life to a new height sensually. The massages felt great and the smell was wonderful. I highly recommend this product.

Jimmyjane Afterglow Candles set the standard in massage candles, with their fast melting, non greasy wax that leaves the skin soft and smooth and provides a long, full body massage. A little goes a long way and the applicator brush makes it easy to control both how much and where the wax is placed.

The Jimmyjane Afterglow massage candle is a wonderful treat. Just light the candle and leave it for half an hour and you have warm luxurious massage oil to use on yourself or your partner. Beautifully packaged and worth of gift giving.

The Afterglow massage candle by Jimmyjane is truly a luxurious indulgence with a practical twist. It smells wonderful, feels so sleek on the skin and leaves skin silky not greasy. It comes with everything you need in the box, and exudes quality and thoughtfulness that ensures the mood will be set once you light the candle. This would also make a lovely gift, as it's discreet and so tasteful packaged.

This rich scented candle is the perfect thing to set the mood for an evening! But since it isn't just a candle, you can surprise your lover with its warm, melted wax, as you give him/her a sensual massage. This might be the only candle that will get you laid.

this item is definitely worth it if you are wanting to set a passionate mood for a nice evening. If you have a small room I suggest leaving the doors open after you are done to let it air out a bit unless you enjoy smelling it for a while. I definitely recommend this to anyone who loves giving or receiving massages from your partner it makes a great evening even better :)

The warm oil felt great on my skin. It's not too hot, just warm enough to make your skin tingle with excitement. I found the candle to be really relaxing when poured on my back. The oil makes the skin very moist and slippery…

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