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Universal toy cleaner reviews

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28 reviews

A spray is only one of many ways to keep your toys squeaky clean, but this one is truly top notch. It keeps all of my different toys clean and odor-free, lasts a long time with plenty of usage and the bottle is sturdy and well made.

It's important to keep your toys clean. I prefer to clean before and after use with an antibacterial cleanser to ensure my toys are well-maintained, and that the places they go are safe from anything that could potentially be camping out on the toys. Though I've tried many a toy cleaner, none really have any features that set them apart.

I would suggest this for anyone who doesn't mind a bit of chemicals in their cleaning products and who is looking for a great cleaner that will last awhile and get rid of germs rather than just clean the surface of your toy. I love this cleaner and will keep using it until the end of time.

If you're looking for a toy cleaner that isn't too pricey and works well then this is for you. It smells like cleaning solution when sprayed, but after being rinsed off your toy you won't smell a thing! The anti-bacterial properties make this great, because if any of you are like me then you want to be sure those toys are extra clean after use!

For the price, I guess it's not bad. The bottle and spray top leave something to be desired. It seems to do its job, even if it smells (and tastes) awful.

For 6.99 and the million plus uses I could likely think of for this, I would not see a single reason not to purchase this toy cleaner. Way to go Cal Exotics. Two Thumbs way up.

This is a very effective product for cleaning, but many of the ingredients have allergy or health concerns, so this isn't a product you want to leave on an item that you will use on your body.

You have made an investment when you purchase an adult toy,, protect your investment with an anti-bacterial Toy Cleaner! Spray this on, rub it in and wipe it off after using your toy and wash with soap and water when it is convenient. Use of this cleaner will prevent bacteria harboring themselves in your personal toys and waiting to cause an infection. I also use this as a cleaner for cutting boards, counters and when one of us has a cold or flu to prevent the spreading of germs.

This cleaner is great for all sorts of toys. While it may not work best for your toys that need a deep cleaning, it works great if you are in a hurry and for in between cleanings.

While I would never buy this for someone as a gift, if you are not scared of chemicals nor allergic to any, this spray could be perfect for you. It is very easy to use, and even the laziest person can use this with ease.

Excellent for all types of toys and users! Easy to use and easy to store even if you accidentally store it on it's side or upside down.

While I am unsure of the necessity or even the effectiveness of Universal Toy Cleaner, I see no reason not to use it, and it is a relatively cheap 'insurance' policy against germs. While I would, and have, used only soap and water, I would NEVER use only Universal Toy Cleaner for my toys. "Insurance" and the fact that this is so similar to all the other cleaner is not enough for me to give more than 3 stars.

This toy cleaner is quick and easy, but it does not really provide any instructions or help for consumers. The lingering taste is pretty nasty. However, I doubt any toy cleaner would taste delicious. As standard toy cleaner (used in conjunction with soap and water), the spray is handy, but there's nothing special about it. Personally, I still intend to shop around for other toy cleaners to compare taste and see if any have usable directions!

Though this spray may not be for everyone (and the chemically-sensitive may really need to think hard about this one), it works great for me. I appreciate the well constructed bottle as well as the stench-free formula. It helps, alongside soap and water, to keep my toys squeaky clean and sanitary for playtime fun!

I wish I had done more research on this before purchasing. I am giving it one star for the feeling of safety it provides.

This cleaner is good for everyone and every toy. It's easy to give a quick spritz and rub, and it helps prevent the spread of bacteria when using or sharing toys.

Used properly, knowing it is not a substitute for a good cleaning with soap and water, this product can be used in the interim between sex and getting to the sink, used on anal toys before complete washing and use (because it DOES kill germs well) and it is a good product for parts of toys that never touch one's body, like the handles of wand vibrators, sex furniture and parts of regular furniture etc which may exposed to sexual fluids.

To me, this toy cleaner smells and tastes distinctly chemical. It didn't come with instructions. It doesn't wash away smells or stains on porous materials. You will need to use something else to clean more intricately detailed toys. Really, it seems more like a toy protector than a toy cleaner.

This cleaner is a great finish to your current toy-cleaning process. With a few sprays and a quick wipe your toys are clean, refreshed and ready for their next use.

The Toy Cleanser by California Exotics is a quick fix for cleaning up toys after each use, but is not a washing alternative. The cleanser comes in a 4.3 fl oz spray bottle. But beware, this cleaner provides no instructions or warnings.

I wouldn't trust just spraying a toy as a cleaning effort -- I would recommend washing an item lightly first, or at least using a clean towel to really get the spray on all parts of the toy. I can't complain though -- the spray provides peace-of-mind and had no negatives.

A great deal for a good amount of cleaner that does not leave an odor behind. My only concern is the lack of instructions on how much to apply to properly clean a toy.

It is worth buying to keep your toys clean! Perfect for killing the germs, leaving no residue on your toys--keeping them in pristine condition and keeping your private parts un-irritated :)

This product definitely appears to keep toys clean and safe for use. But, there are absolutely no instructions, so you can never really be sure if you are using it properly.

A good cleaner, especially for the price. I have used this since 2004. I've had the same bottle for over 6 months, with very frequent use.

While a good product, the lack of instructions and percentage of what ingredients are used have me concerned with its overall safety.

This toy cleaner is great at keeping my toys clean and safe. It has no bad smell or gross residue. I just wish the bottle had instructions.

I feel that This Anti-bacterial toy cleaner is a must have for anyone who wants to have two outstanding products all rolled into one. Not only are you removing the unwanted bacteria from your toy, your also protecting yourself and your partner by removing anything that could affect your health.

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