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13 reviews

I can't come up with a single reason why someone else should buy this product. It feels gross on your skin, has an unattractive smell and taste to it, and takes a long time to absorb into the skin. While it's great that it doesn't get sticky and looks like creamy pudding, it's far from something I will ever consider using again. Save your money and buy something else!

I would recommend Doc Johnson's body butter to anyone who delights in the sense of smell and taste. A chocolate lover is bound to love this as a gift, whether they use it in the bedroom or to moisturize their elbows.

This edible body butter by Doc Johnson is almost perfect in my book. It applies very nicely, leaving skin smooth and soft but not greasy feeling. The fragrance is delicious as is the taste. However, both the fragrance and taste have slight hints of unpleasantness, both of which most likely come from the extensive chemical ingredients in the body butter.

This stuff smells like chocolate and leaves your skin feeling like silk! It keeps your skin soft for hours. You don’t have to keep applying this because it lasts so long. It's not sticky! It tastes mildly sweet and leaves an aftertaste. I don’t like the taste at all! It's an amazing lotion aside from that!

We don't use this often. I prefer to use something tasty from the fridge instead but that involves going downstairs. So this is useful in a pinch. I found the taste okay but my man absolutely hated it. So I think everyone's opinion on this will vary. A little goes a long way so I think this 4oz tub will last a while. It's affordable & comes in a variety of flavors so I don't think it's a big deal to buy it & try it out for yourself. Just don't expect anything mind blowing.

The price is very cheap for a product like this and it does more than what some might think. Besides being a sweet tasting treat for someone, this lotion works well as just a lotion.

If you are looking for a low priced good quality hand lotion with a lovely scent. this may be for you. packed with Shea Butter, this body butter will leave your hands, or any body part, feeling very soft to the touch. Better for hands, this product does also work for an aroma filled back massage. It does have a slight after taste, but not one that is unbearable and unexpected with an edible lotion.

I would recommend this for you to try and add something new to your life. You might like it or try a different flavor. It was worth trying and I would use it again.

This is a great edible body butter without the bad after taste of some edible body products. There are tons of flavor options to chose from and these travel very well!

I love this as a sexy teaser for my husband. I apply after a shower or bath and let him figure out how sweet I am. The aroma and flavor are very subtle, but unlike most body lotions, it leaves a nice sweet flavor to your skin. A perfect gift item!

This body butter has a nice fragrance and flavor but that does not make up for the sticky and sandy texture.

This body butter was alright as a first try, but it's not one that I would try again. It's much too sticky. How many times do I have to say it's sticky? Sticky icky icky.

The Peaches N' Cream Body Butter by Doc Johnson is creamy but not peachy. The smell and taste are light, but it can best be described as "blah." It isn't bad as a body lotion, but it also isn't anything to get excited about.

I haven't had to do this until now. This product gets a 0/5. I can't give a product a score if it smelled and tasted so bad that I couldn't use it.

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