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Mmmm, Playdoh! (Chocolate Sundae)

I can't come up with a single reason why someone else should buy this product. It feels gross on your skin, has an unattractive smell and taste to it, and takes a long time to absorb into the skin. While it's great that it doesn't get sticky and looks like creamy pudding, it's far from something I will ever consider using again. Save your money and buy something else!
- Doesn't Get Sticky
- Greasy, Heavy Feeling
- Unattractive Smell/Taste
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Body Butter from Doc Johnson is a body care item that can be rubbed into your skin as you would a regular lotion or massage product, only with a twist; this product is safe to consume! You and your partner can take turns rubbing each other down, without having to worry about where you're kissing them after!

This product is only designed to be a sensual aid. If you're experiencing dry skin or are looking for a product that will keep your skin feeling soft, this isn't the best option. On your own, you can put it on before you go out for the night since it gives your skin a light fragrance, but that's about it. Using with a partner is best since it entices them and encourages them to rub you down and put their mouth all over your body.

While it's great for back rubs, foot massages, and rubbing other areas of the body, you should use caution near your genitals, especially the vagina and on the penis prior to vaginal intercourse. This isn't designed to be used as a flavored lubricant, and isn't a great choice for a jack off lube. Treat this only as a lotion or edible massage product and you'll be good!

Like any body product, check the ingredients list prior to purchasing if you have sensitive skin, and test a small area when you first receive it. It's better to have a small reaction, than to slather it all over your skin only to find out your body doesn't like it.

DI Water, Safflower oil, Cetearyl and Sorbitan Olivate, Caprylic/Capric Trglyceride, Shea butter, Cetyl and Sorbitan palmiate, Algae oil, Beeswax, Glycerin, Fructose, Jojoba oil, Cupuacu butter, Grapeseed oil, Vitamine E, Sodium PCA, Betaine, Sorbitol, Glycine, Alanine, Proline, Serine, Threonine, Arginine, Glutamic acid, Mango, Papaya, Pineapple fruit extract, Flavor, Butylene glycol, Ethanol, Benzoate Na, Sorbate K, Diazolidinyl urea, Acesulfame-K
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    • Massage
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    • After shower
    • Before shower

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This body butter has a very creamy consistency and if you didn't know better, you'd think you were putting your hand into the center of a milk chocolate pudding pie. The thickness, the texture; it's amazingly similar! It doesn't run when you put it on your skin, and doesn't come out of the jar even when you turn it totally upside down. When it's closed and you shake the container, the contents will mix and move around, but it doesn't jiggle easily from slight movement. It looks totally divine and mouthwatering, but when you start to rub it on your skin is when you stop thinking it's such a decadent treat.

On your finger tips it feels silky smooth, on your skin, it feels greasy and heavy. A little goes a long way and it takes quite a while for the butter to fully absorb into the skin. It never feels sticky or even tacky, but it's far from natural. The caked on feeling lasts for about 10 minutes after application, but the surface of your skin still feels a little greasy after that. It takes between 10 and 20 minutes for the greasy feeling to totally fade, but that will also depend on your own skin and how much you've applied. This is totally acceptable if you're using it as a massage aid since you want things to remain slick for a while, but if you're just buttering up your skin in general, it's very uncomfortable.
    • Creamy
    • Greasy
    • Thick

Taste / Aroma

Yummy desserts on the package, the body butter inside looking like deliciously creamy pudding; it looks like it's going to be the best treat you've ever put your mouth on! Upon unscrewing the cover from the container, I brought the butter up close to my face and gave it a big whiff, expecting it to smell as divine as it looked. Looks can be very deceiving, always keep that in mind! The scent I detected wasn't decadent goodness, but smelled like artificial chocolate scented Playdoh. The scent isn't overly unpleasant, a lot of people enjoy that scent; but the good ol' fashioned fun of Playdoh isn't usually mixed in with your sexy time (unless I've been missing out on something all these years!). I can't describe the scent in any other way. It doesn't smell like pudding, chocolate, or anything edible which is highly disappointing in a product that's designed to encourage your partner to put their mouth on you.

I decided to give the body butter a real shot, so I took my finger, dipped it into the creamy goodness, and gave myself a nice helping of the stuff. Big mistake! And I thought it just smelled like Playdoh! YUCK! Apart from the texture, I felt like I had just consumed an entire tube of the fun, mold-able dough. I couldn't get to a cup of water fast enough! It made me feel sick to my stomach and I felt an instant hatred for the stuff.

When it's been rubbed into the skin the taste is much lighter, but it's still exactly the same flavor. While I always enjoyed Playdoh as a child, it doesn't turn me on and isn't something I would want to taste from my lover's body.

When the butter finally absorbs into the skin and has sat there for a little while (around 30 minutes) the scent finally evens out. It's much more of the chocolatey scent I had expected in the beginning. It's not strong at all, not when you first apply it, and not after it's been absorbed. You have to put your nose directly against your skin in order to smell it.

Apart from the Chocolate Sundae, this body butter is available in three other flavors; Cherry, Peach, and Strawberry. Perhaps one of the other flavors would produce better results.
    • Bad smell
    • Bad taste
    • Light smell


Nothing about this product preformed the way I expected it to. It took far too long for the butter to absorb into the skin, the taste/scent wasn't pleasant at all, and it just felt gross on my skin in general. I was pleased that it didn't get sticky, but that was probably the only good quality about the product.

When (not if) you feel the need to clean this off, you can wash with a wipe to remove the feeling, but will want to use soap and water to help get rid of the scent. It doesn't take much to clean it up, especially before it's absorbed, but if you've covered a large area like the back, you'll probably want to take a shower.


The packaging makes this product look really appealing. It's discreet in the sense that it doesn't contain nudity, but it's obvious that this is a sensual product. The front of the cardboard features a woman's mouth with her tongue extended, having chocolate poured onto it. The top tells you the flavor, and the bottom simply says, 'Body Butter'. The package is very oddly shaped. It's pretty much a hardboard piece wrapped around the circular container. You can see a little of the plastic on either side of the front, but it doesn't look like it's going to fall out. The bottom of the package shows you the ingredients, and all the company and copyright information. If the look of the front didn't make the product sound amazing, the back of the package certainly does. It gives only very basic information and is stated in a sensual manner. The top of the package shows the company name and the sides of the box show images of dessert.

When you remove the tape and take out the container, you see on the inside that there was a piece of styrofoam cradling it in place and helping to prevent the container from falling out. The jar actually containing the butter is plastic and contains 4 ozs of the product. It's sealed with plastic straight from the package and has an expiration date on the bottom. I purchased mine at the end of last August and it's still good until November 11th of this year. The top of the container has the same information on it that the packaging has and is displayed on a brown sticker. The lid is easily unscrewed and there's a plastic piece with a little tab on it that prevent the butter from getting all over the inside of the cover.

When the butter is finished, you can clean the container and use it for something else, or you can recycle it with your plastic items. There's no need to keep the packaging so that can be disposed of as well.

The container works really well for this product and prevents the butter from leaking out and getting messy. For that reason it's pretty travel friendly, though wouldn't fit into TSA's liquid rules for flying. It's a nice looking item in general, but I can't recommend giving this product to someone unless it's as a gag gift only.
    • Does not leak
    • Easy to use / dispense


This was one of the first 'edible' products I bought for my husband and I to try out. After being so excited to give this a test, I decided I wasn't even going to waste his time with it. It's truly the worst scented/flavored thing I've ever tried and I'm embarrassed that I purchased it. I have nothing good to say about this product, and that's very unlike me since I always try to find at least some good things in everything. Don't waste your time with this one, it's truly not worth it.
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  • TJtheMadHatter
    Tell me how you really feel! lol I'm glad you went all out with this one. I'll definitely be avoiding this one. Thanks for the fabulous review and awesome pics!
  • Lildrummrgurl7
    Thanks for the review. I find that artificial chocolate flavoring is NEVER pleasant. Blech.
  • mpfm
    Thanks for the warning. Yuck.
  • MrWill
    This reminds me of some chocolate body oil an ex had... It smelled wonderful, but.... a single drop gave me instant heartburn and made me sick.
  • Ayumi
    This sounds majorly gross.
    The cake smelling body butters usually make me feel sick too! I'm sorry about your horrible experience.
  • WestTexasBarbie
    Great review! Thanks! I know to stay away from this!
  • TransMarc
    Very honest! Thanks for reviewing!
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