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Candy by Spencer & Fleetwood

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Candy bra reviews

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15 reviews

The candy bra is not made for women of big busts. The candy bra is more of a show than it is a treat.

Definatly a sweet ending to a romantic meal. You don't even have to be a gourmet cook like me to serve up a delicious dessert they'll remember forever.

A suitable gag gift, but not a item I would consider purchasing for serious foreplay. I would personally rather put my money towards a new toy. That being said, it's cute, colorful, and great for someone with a sweet tooth. It's sure to throw a group of girls into a fit of giggles, especially if you all take turns modeling it. But for me, the poor fit and lack of sexiness causes this sweet little product to fall short for foreplay.

This piece would be a much better gag gift than an actual attempt at sexy-fun-time. It doesn't taste bad and it is rather whimsical. I definitely think it would be best for a bachelorette party or a prank on a guy.

The candy underwear is a fun idea, but it's impractical. It is to sticky for me and is bland in the taste department. I would recommend this for more of a gag gift that anything else.

This wildly sexy candy bra is a must-have sweet treat. I would recommend ordering the g-string as well. The effect is so much better as a set.

I wouldn't say that the candy bra is a must have. I think it's a great idea that falls a little short. With no concrete way to put it on and keep it on, and flimsy support, it's easier to feel goofy than like a sex goddess. For the price, I still think it's a good surprise, but it lacks ability for long term use.

I found this item to be something fun to wear for your partner and indulge if you enjoy sugary snacks! It can be used for its conventional use or given as a gag gift to a friend! I am a smaller-framed woman and this item was a bit tight on me, so I agree with the product description of "one size fits MOST," and so if you are a larger breasted woman or have a larger frame, this item may not be for you! I know my partner and I certainly did enjoy this product, though!

A great, if somewhat messy, novelty or gag gift. And sure to get the literal juices flowing (perhaps the proverbial ones, too, if you ever get around to it!).

It was certainly nice seeing her in this and a pair of jeans. While the candy tastes a lot like Pez which I don't like, this is quite unique, and in some ways, very sexy.

I personally wasn't pleased with this product as it wasn't made for my size at all. It pinched me, left welts and was overall uncomfortable, and you can't be sexy when uncomfortable.

It's really cute on you or on someone else. But it's more of a raver toy than a sex toy.

This is great item but we had a somewhat bad experience with it. But the picture on the box was very pretty.

Want a night full of fun with your partner and share a gift, this is the way to go. This delicious bra is not only sweet and tasty but can lead to many other things after your partner eats the bra!

I had no fun with this, but only because it was not designed to fit my (Natural) 34FF breasts. I think that if you have a small or average bust size, this would be a great and fun thing to wear for your guy. I'd say it's worth a try at least.

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